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USS Arkansas (CGN 41) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Arkansas (CGN 41). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 724 crew members registered for the USS Arkansas (CGN 41).

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Gray, DerekMM21992 – Apr 1996I still call pepsi's "clarks".
Spearman, FredEN31992 – 1994A GangGreat for my first Command out of boot camp.
Simpson, JeffMMC(SW)1992 – 1994RL, RT
Bell, EricRM31992 – 1996OC01Can you believe it? The Westpac '94 wog pig made it to IT1(SW) and retired! Being a stay at home dad now. Just chillin. Lenny, remember jamming out in the T-hawk FC room? Also OC01 guys are the greatest!
Ake, CharlesMM11992 – 1994M1Living in Hawaii and Seattle for for now, working at T-mobile on the switch network equipment that controls the cell towers. It is nice seeing so many familiar names
Butler, ChrisRM31992 – 1994OC
Laird, ThomasEM11992 – 1994RERetired in 2004 and living in Idaho now, would love to hear from any of the nukes and hear the sucess stories!
Knight, KirkHT31992 – May 1995RGreat time, miss the good ol days
Morrison, SteveMM1Jan 1992 – Aug 1993RL DivI was the one that had a siezure during a drill and had to be Evac-ed to San Diego. Living in Flagstaff as Mechanical Eng now.
Ingram, Mike / SnapperE-5 / DSJan 21, 1992 – Jan 24, 1996CSHaze blue and underway all the freaken time! But had some kickass times.. Hoss, Bock, Lou "Otis", Baldwin, and all you other dudes. Cheers
Aslesen, Bryan profile iconSTG2(SW)Feb 1992 – Dec 1997CAGreat memories, stories, experiences and most of great people to work with! Company I work for is looking for Field Service Engineers. Check out Email me Nukes encouraged to apply.
Cuellar, Angel (Q)E4-BM3Mar 1992 – May 1994Deck Dept.Had a good tour on the Ark meet some good friends in Deck Dept. Cheif Pavae,BM1 Roth,Bm1 Willams, Ratford,Gandie,Moscon,SA Arron,Emily,Gunthur,T-bit,George Lopez,Shaw. OS3 Acuna and the guys that made it to my wedding
Warsalla, PatrickFC1 (SW) NOW FCC(SW)RETMar 5, 1992 – Nov 9, 1994Fire ControlHad some good times and some not so good times. Heck of ship if you liked underway time. And NCC thanks for sending me to push boots Aaaargghhhhh!!! Now at PSNS shipyard as nuclear electrician, lots of travel but get paid BETTER!!!!
Arevalo, Menard "Gary/pez"MM2Apr 16, 1992 – May 27, 1996M-2I'll never forget painting over the writing behind all the label plates in the ERs because the ORSE team was "shocked" to find grafiti under anything held down with a screw.
Baysingar, JamesGMCApr 22, 1992 – Oct 1, 1995Great Chief's mess with David Chute, Lou Kirk, Scott Pavelec, Bobby Sanchez, Bill Parmer, Ken Hamilton, and a host of others too long to mention.
Dickerson, LarryE-5/MM2Apr 23, 1992 – Mar 3, 1995M2Didn't quite finish that tour onboard the in Las Vegas now!
Culver, RobbieFC2May 1992 – 1993Looking for Todd Schroeder!!
Davis, JeffET2May 1992 – Jan 1996RCI miss the good times, don't worry about the bad times. There were plenty of both. WestPac '94 was a blast - I only wish I could enjoy such travels after getting out.
Colborn, VicE5/MM2May 5, 1992 – Jul 23, 1996EM01/EM03Pez, I remember you writing that grafitti under those damn label plates! Long since left the NAV, released for time served aboard the ARK. Tough love, lots of personal growth, lost friends abound. Live in SF now.
Hale, DennisFC3May 10, 1992 – Sep 24, 1994CFI had a great time. It ended too soon. Hey Fish are you out there anywhere? I've gotten so old I look more like J.T. now.
Travis Megee, GeekerET2May 29, 1992 – Apr 12, 1996RCStill remembering all the good times and bad. I miss all you guys I served with. Sending my son to school with the '94 rudder for show and tell... god I'm getting old. Still an ART member.
Megee, Travis (Geeker)ET2May 29, 1992 – Apr 12, 1996RC
West, Brian "Phantom"CTR2Jul 15, 1992 – Jun 15, 1996OECrypto/Intel guy. Served a Crac-Pac and two WestPacs. Loved the crew and Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore. Hated the Gulf but proud to be there. Too bad the "Hog" was decommed. Yes, I was the ship phantom!
Santiago Jr., Hector M.FC3Jul 31, 1992 – Jan 30, 1995Fire Control DivisionHad a great time onboard the ship and would like to keep in touch with fellow shipmates. Please feel free to email me.
Baker, MikeMM2Aug 1992 – Sep 1996M1Just ran across this looking for something else. WOW ... Awesome to see some of the names here. I actually LOL reading this board. Hope all is well with everyone!
Carter, RobertMM1/E-6Aug 1, 1992 – Jul 28, 1994M-2can you believe I wooda retired this I'm glad I got out!!
Sanchez, AlexEM2Sep 1992 – Apr 1994Playing euchre down in berthing, drawing caricatures of crewmates, hating the XO 'Mister Rogers', qualifying for watch stations. My time as a nuke on the Arkansas was short but memorable. Cheers to my fellow wire-biters!
Joyce, RonSNSep 1992 – Jun 1994
Davis, ShawnE6/MM1Sep 28, 1992 – Dec 28, 1993M1Out and about in the world now. Living and working in Washington state. Live in Longview, Wa.
Chesney, MarkMM1(SW)Oct 14, 1992 – Aug 8, 1998RLLooking back had some great times with some great people
McGinnis, JohnET1Nov 1992 – Jan 1996CEFun working on the 49 radar, but DCPO sucked!
Tracey, WilliamSNNov 1, 1992 – Jun 10, 1994OD01It's was a blast.. I havn't forgot about you BM3 THOMPSON. everyone can reach me at
Herczeg, Steve (Pete)PO3/BMDec 7, 1992 – Sep 22, 1996DECKEnjoyed the years stationed onboard the Ark.Sometimes I wish it did'nt end good people and great friends hope everyone is doing well.
Shaffer, PaulET2Dec 25, 1992 – Nov 13, 1998RCI spent way too much time on this ship. Decom was a nice time, though. I hope everyone's life has lead to bigger and better things.
Stewart, Vincent / MikeMM3Jan 1993 – Sep 1994
Gonzalez, Carlos (Aka Nick)MM3Jan 1, 1993 – Jun 1, 1993ERSend me a message.
Miller, T.c.MM-1Jan 4, 1993 – May 1998M-1/M-2
Miller, TcE6/MM-1Feb 1993 – Jan 1997M1/M2
Eagles, MarcusSH3Feb 3, 1993 – Nov 11, 1996S-3
White, Robert A.HM3/HM2Mar 1, 1993 – Mar 3, 1996H/MedicalHad a good time, and made some great friends that I still keep in touch with.
Trujillo, Steve (Truj)EM2Apr 1993 – Mar 1997RE / Tech LibrarySome great memories of life on the Ark and met some amazing friends!
Tulloch, WestonEM1Apr 1, 1993 – Dec 24, 1997REHey Matt, still alive. Say hi to Hoke for me, lifer.
Hirschfield, EricEM2May 1993 – Jul 15, 1997RE#2 Plant RE Div. Sup.
English, Craig "Gunner"ARKANSASMay 1993 – Sep 1997cg combat systemshad a great time on the 1994 and 1996 deployments. sure miss the friends i made. im a sgt. and squad leader inthe army now. been to iraq and will continue on serving for another 10 yrs
Hirschfield, EricEM2May 1993 – Jul 15, 1997REROOK, Lets do this. I will bring my walker. Dont forget to bring Kid T, G and Big Country along too.
Risely, DavidQM1May 15, 1993 – Jun 15, 1997ONI had fun aboard the Ark. I enjoyed the speed we went everywhere.
Hoholek, MatthewMM2May 21, 1993 – Jun 17, 1997M-1Married. 3 kids, Hobbs,NM (for now). I would like to hear from some of you on how things have been since the NAV. Email me at when you get a chance.
Martinez, EdwardPN3Jun 1993 – Jun 1996Admin
Hirn, BryanSR - BM2Jun 2, 1993 – Feb 15, 1998!st / DeckServed 5 yrs onboard, transfered to Pearl Harbor as an Admiral's Coxswain (3 yrs). Then switched over to the Coast Guard.
James, RobertBM3Jul 1993 – Sep 19981st/Deck/Small boatsGood to see y'all here...Gandee "Copenhagen" Sarracino part of the original gang ( Hertzeg, Banner, Hooker, you, me and many more. English "gunner" you crazy coot, good times in mnt 51. No command ever like the Ark.
Johnson, TomMM1Jul 5, 1993 – Aug 1998M2
Hughes, AaronMM3Jul 10, 1993 – Sep 22, 1996EA04Hey all hawg's. Great to see some names I remember from the pig. Wish I could hace stayed to take her apart.
Deuninck, Andy profile iconSTG3Jul 16, 1993 – May 13, 1996CA2Looking for other shipmates around this time Please e-mail
Davison, PhilipGMM1Jul 19, 1993 – Jan 31, 1996CM
Peterson, Alex 'Pete'E-5/ET2Aug 1993 – Jun 1996CCHey. Where you guys at? Catch me on Linked In too.
Chang, DerekEM1Aug 10, 1993 – Aug 7, 1998Logroom
Strader, RandyAug 11, 1993 – Aug 11, 1997RE-2
Garcia, TimEM2Aug 20, 1993 – Jul 15, 1996RE01Glad I found this site its cool to see some of the old names and it sure brings back memories. The 4 horseman of RE-Div. Jamming out in the RT office with Pez and Bud. Gald I'm out but miss some the good times and good friends I had. ema
Severn, StephenLTAug 31, 1993 – May 10, 1996R / DCA
Rezentes, MichaelOS 2Sep 13, 1993 – Feb 28, 1997OperationsUnforgetable four years. Love the civilian life but miss the SEA.
Foy, AndrewICFNOct 1993 – May 1996CC/Combat SystemGreat time, only made 1 westpac, broke my ankle 3 days before leaving on the second trip in 1996. Sure do miss it.....
Flores, RomanSH3/Oct 20, 1993 – Sep 24, 1996S-3Whats up everyone. It's Flo- the ships barber/shpstore operator. Living in Las Vegas working as a Chef. Far catch from cutting hair. Drop a E-mail
Fowler, Andy E.CTR1(SW/AW/NAC)Nov 20, 1993 – Nov 3, 1996OE
Ortiz, GenoENC (SW)Nov 24, 1993 – Oct 25, 1997A gangbest ship in the fleet>>>
Ortiz, Eugenio EN3Nov 24, 1993 – Sep 1, 1996EA01
Forrest, MichaelE-6/FC1(SW)Dec 1993 – Nov 1998CMI am now the TLAM Supervisor and 1332 onboard the USS Shoup. Going to Security Duty in Okla. City next. If you remember me, drop me a line.
Tackett, JeffEM2Dec 1993 – Feb 1996
Tackett, JeffEM3/2Dec 1993 – Feb 19, 1996E-DivOne of my best commands. Made EM2 aboard thanks to my shipmates in the division. Still tell people stories from the Ark.
Dacanay, RonCTR2Dec 18, 1993 – Oct 27, 1996OEgreat to see so many shipmates here...lots of good times I remember now that I'm not on the hog anymore. So I finally know who the phantom of the sea of japan is! way to go "shiphead" and look at all the "pins" you got andy......N

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1979 | 1980 | 1981 – 1982 | 1983 | 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 | 1990 | 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 | 1995 – now

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