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USS Arkansas (CGN 41) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Arkansas (CGN 41). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 750 crew members registered for the USS Arkansas (CGN 41).

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Williams, RyanET31995 – 1998RCSome of the best times of my life on this ship. It was the best mistake I ever made joining the Navy, but I have no regrets to joining, or to serving on the Arkansas!! I'm still telling people stories about experiences
Holtz, John profile iconMM 11995 – 1998RT Exec
Thompson, WesleyMM2Jan 20, 1995 – Jul 7, 1998M-2I sure do miss hanging out at the #2 DU Diner.
Armstrong, GaryYN1(SW)Mar 8, 1995 – Mar 10, 1998ADMINThe ARK was the best ship I have ever been aboard. She set my career and my professionlism. Could not have asked for a better crew or CO in Capt Keithly. Shipmates, take good care and keep in touch.YNCS(SW), Naval Coastal Warfare Gorup TWO.
Coonfield, EricET2Mar 15, 1995 – Sep 21, 1998RCIt sucked, but glad I did it. Decommissioning crew, one of the very last ones, early separation :)
Ingram, JeffreyE5/OS-2Mar 28, 1995 – Nov 11, 1997Operations
Lane, RandyMMC(SW)Apr 1995 – Oct 1998M-2De-comm crew
Lipscomb, ChrisEM2Apr 1995 – Mar 1996RT
Simon, CraigGMM3Apr 10, 1995 – Oct 17, 1997CMGreatest ship in the fleet.
Brasel, Mike (Rook)EM2Apr 21, 1995 – Oct 6, 1998RETook her to Decom and thought I would never get back to the the Nuke side. Now I'm PM removing spent fuel for commerical reactor. What a world. Hirsch when we going to play some one one one again? 5 bucks says I can take you old man!
Keys, ChadMM2May 1995 – Sep 1998M-2Had a good time. I was THE LAST WATCH onboard the Arkansas after decom.
Mayo, James (Tackleberry)GM3Jun 1995 – Oct 1996CGGreat Crew!! Miss all of you and hope to serve with you guys again!
Drew, Gregory profile iconCTR1(SW)Jun 1995 – Jul 1998OEOne of the best commands I had in my 21 years of service. Not a bad word to say about my experiences on board the "Ark". Congrats on everything Andy and Ron!
Antos, PaulE-3 / MSSNJun 1995 – Jun 1997S-2Loved the ship.
Thorsen, ChrisEWC (SW)Jun 18, 1995 – Oct 7, 1998OTI'll never forget the 'ole "Razorbacks" of the best commands I've ever served!
Elder, Ryansh3Jul 1995 – Mar 3, 1997s-3im also on facebook and myspace
Waggoner, JackMM2Jul 1, 1995 – Sep 1, 1998RL
Swanson, HeathMM1Jul 10, 1995 – Jul 12, 1998M-1
Lemon, ScottRM3Jul 13, 1995 – Nov 22, 1997OCBest years of my life! Who but us could have a blast in the Gulf??
Strain, FredFCC(SW)Aug 1995 – Jul 8, 1998Combat SystemsThe best ship I have served on in my 21 years in the Navy. Decommissioning these ships was a mistake. Thank You CAPT Keithly and USS Arkansas for helping me make LDO. If you were there when I was email me:
Andersen, JeffSTGCM(SW)Aug 1995 – Jul 1997X3M Coordinator. Great bunch of men to serve with.
Coleman, BoydMM2Aug 1995 – Aug 1997
Johnston, ChrisOS2Aug 5, 1995 – Oct 17, 1997OperationsSo many memories.I am so glad I served on the Arkansas. Such a great group of men to serve with.
Steinman, MatthewE-4/OS3Aug 20, 1995 – Oct 1, 1997OIWas a good command. I enjoyed some of the port visits that we went to (especially Anchorage).
Cuong, TruongEM3Sep 1995 – May 1996RT
Dan, GalloOS2Sep 1, 1995 – Jul 3, 1997OI
Mitchell, Gregory / MitchE5/CTO2Sep 1, 1995 – Oct 15, 1997OE
Haapala, AlecGMC(SW)Sep 28, 1995 – Feb 1996CMToo short of time onboard to make a lot of friends, or enemies. Salute to Capt. Keithly.
Wildman, JeremySNDec 30, 1995 – Nov 1, 19971st DivisionI just want to thank all of you for a great time. I went on to Corps school and became a Third Class PO then i got out and now work for the Navy.
Welch, RichEM31996 – 1998Reactor ElectricalDrop me a line if you served with me!
Wooldridge, GregorySH21996 – 1997S-3
Hilton, ShawnIT31996 – 1997Radio
Gilbert, CharlesIC21996 – 1998CE
Sim, RobLTJan 1996 – Jun 1998M-1/A/Decom
Reeves, SamuelET2Jan 3, 1996 – Jun 28, 1998RCNo regrets at all, except for transferring to a CVN. Best crew I ever served with. Wouldn't trade the experiences for anything in the world. Not even the bad ones.
Vaughan, WayneBMCFeb 1996 – Sep 1998DeckEnjoyed the tour & the last PAC was something else with a Deck Division that was 90% undermanned. Scheduled to retire in June of 06 with 24 yrs. If anyone wants a copy of the last crew picture on the foc'sle ( Gods Country ) email me & I wil
Grim, JasonE-6/ET1Feb 10, 1996 – Jan 31, 1998CE
McRae, Rob "Gonzo"CTACS(SW)Feb 11, 1996 – Jan 10, 1998OE02What a ride! Still have pix hanging on my office walls and have young Sailors asking about these great ships. What a waste!!
Ray, DaleET2Mar 1996 – Apr 1998RC
Rohwer, JamesSK2Mar 7, 1996 – Jan 15, 1998S-1 DivisionI admired SK1 Mulliken (LPO) who had about four NAM's, & he stated I'd probably have more than him before I retired. Beyond belief, I acquired 6 NAM's & a Navy Commendation Medal too! I'll never forget the "Ark!"
Acevedo, MatthewEM3/2Mar 22, 1996 – Aug 2, 1998REMike Crowley, Mike Miller, Steve are you out there?
Gutierrez, SamuelE-5/ OS2Mar 30, 1996 – Jan 31, 1998OpsJust got together with OS Bobby Vetter in New York and started To go back on memories of the Arkansas crew, The best ship and crew in the fleet, To my OS brothers I live in Los Angeles contact me via my email
Wooldridge, GregorySH2Apr 1996 – Oct 1997S-2One of the finest ships built. Navy should have built more nuke ships than get rid of them.
Christian, JasonMMFN/3Apr 1996 – Apr 1998A-gangEnjoyed my time there!
Eakins, WilliamGM2May 1, 1996 – Sep 1, 1997CG
Thomas, DaneRMCS(SW)Jul 1996 – Aug 1998Ops/CommsDecomm Crew. One the last to go. A mighty warship down to razor blades. What a shame. Good times. Interesting ports. Golden Shellbacks Rock!
Overton, JamesET2Jul 7, 1996 – Aug 1, 1998Reactor Controls
Elliott, WilliamFC1Jul 10, 1996 – Nov 11, 1999CFDecomm is a B@#ch
Holt, GeraldOS 3Jul 29, 1996 – Dec 14, 1997ops
Clemens, ChrisEN2Aug 1996 – Dec 1998A Gang
Anderson, Kene2Aug 15, 1996 – May 25, 1997a ganghey any 1 that remembers me write me
Lambert, Seth CTRSNSep 4, 1996 – Nov 29, 1997OE02My first ship in the Navy, had a blast.
Hatchett, DarrylFC1Oct 1996 – Jul 1998CS 3What a ship, what a crew! It was very disappointing to see her succumb to the tourches and sawsalls that created such a fine masterpiece. No question she was a fine ship who served her crews with great honor!
Durand, KevinE-3Dec 29, 1996 – Oct 1997DeckThanks for all of the good times I would not trade it for anything
Dorsman, PatrickMSSNJul 1997 – Jul 1998S2I only regret that It was decomed a year after I got there.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1979 | 1980 | 1981 – 1982 | 1983 | 1984 | 1985 | 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 | 1990 | 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 | 1995 – now

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