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USS Biddle (CG 34) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Biddle (CG 34). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 536 crew members registered for the USS Biddle (CG 34).

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Stump, JohnOS11970 – 1973OSCatch up w/ Biddle in Gulf of Tonkin, Served as Comabt Air Controller of Navy and Air Force strikes over the North. Still have the print of our famous air attack in which Captain Carter go the ship credit for shooting dowm MIG aircraft.
Jones, E.c, "charley"STG 21970 – 1972FourthHi all!
Tanner, RonGMG31970 – 1972WeaponsI will never forget the "Night of the Migs" July 19,1972 and the best gun crew on board the Hard Charger.
Auld, Johnos31970 – Apr 1, 1974oiLooking for ray clark and ralph bowman
Skudlarek, JohnDS21970 – 1974OE
Fogarty, MarkBM31970 – 19721st
Edney, CjBM31970 – 19721STWould like to contact old friends I served with. .email:
Beaty, JenningsFTM1Jan 1970 – Oct 1970GM
Withrow, RonST1Jan 1970 – 1976Deck Division Sonar
Tanneberger, WilliamFTM2Jan 1970 – Jun 1974Second Div. / Weapon's Missile Div.
Graziani, PhilipRD2Jan 1970 – Sep 1971Combat Operations Center - RadarmanReported aboard soon after the ship returned from a Nam tour. Served during shipyard retrofit and shakedown cruise. Tons of good memories.
Davis, GeneRM3Jan 1, 1970 – Aug 31, 1972operationswas the best ship in the fleet. would like to contact some of my shipmates...
Whitaker, WayneTM-2Feb 1970 – Jun 19734TH divisionHello John Pizzuto, Ron Withrow, Warren Witham, Weldon Parker, Mchale, J. Dazey. I am still living in L.A calif. What a rockin crew. The Biddle was a great
Brown, RichardOS 3Feb 1, 1970 – Feb 1, 1974operationsGreat memorys working as PIRAZ controller in Nam. Would love to find some of brothers that I was stationed with. Was aboard for VN tour and remember well the first shake down trip out of dry docks.
Dulitz, MarkRadarmanFeb 7, 1970 – May 10, 1973OSIt will always be on my many good guys... Still remember how I felt the nite we were attacked.. ....which I would have kept on touch...retired now owned an Auto Dealership.....
Pappe, HerbertSENIOR CHIEFMar 1970 – May 1972B
Schaible, PeterMM2Mar 6, 1970 – Nov 6, 1972M Div.duty station was the fwd #1 engine room
Straight, RonaldGMG2May 25, 1970 – May 25, 1976ThirdServed aboard the USS Biddle during active duty. One tour of West PAC (Vietnam) from March 1972 - October 1972). Many from the same division still get together every five to ten years.
Gadomski, Ray (Ski) profile iconCS3Jun 1970 – Apr 1972Commissary CookI might have made your eggs or steak just the way you wanted it, or didn't want it! Shakedown to Gitmo & R&R in Caribbean. Norfolk D&S. Great bunch of guys! Left just before return to Nam '72.
Eder, Fred (Fuzzy)RM3Jun 7, 1970 – Nov 12, 1973CR/CSProudly served with my brother OS2 Larry Eder during the MIG attack. Heard the whole battle unfold while at battle stations in Radio Central. Left Navy in late 1973 and joined USNR in 1985. Retired as a Senior Chief in 2002.
Kuykendall, MelvinEW1 EWCJun 15, 1970 – Jan 11, 1973OEHey Tony Emplton and i tought it was Templton it has been a long time how have you been, i stoped drinking in1991 and smoking in 1993.we are living in Bryan tx.if you get achange email or call. 979-268-7841.
Henderson, DavidEW1 EWCJun 15, 1970 – Jan 30, 1973OEI have fond memories of the Biddle and Vietnam. Looking for any people from the Short Stop gang
Parker, WeldonSTG3Oct 1970 – Jan 1973Weapons-SonarMade the WestPac cruise in '72. Wonderful ship. Saw quite a bit of the world on her.
Hopperton, Chester profile iconSNOct 1970 – Sep 19721stI would like to get in contact with some of my old shipmates.Been thinking about some of the good times we had.Remembering loading 3" 50 gun on july 19,1972.
McHale, MichaelST1 (SS) (DV)Oct 10, 1970 – Jul 19, 19734th Division
Trimbur, Charlesgmm3Dec 1970 – Mar 1, 1974weaponsI remember the command to load the launcher on the 19th of july like yesterday. Great to have found this site. Hope the agent orange is not affecting you like it is me.We are blue water vets,and to have served.
Daniel, SpikeAT11971 – 1972helo detBest shiipboard tour in my 25 years. Exciting times, great people
Andreas, WayneST11971 – 19723RD
Morrison, DannyRD3Jan 1, 1971 – Dec 10, 1972CIC
Binkowski, Mark (Ski)FTG2Apr 15, 1971 – Sep 5, 19743rdProud to be a part of the crew on 7/19/72. Friends for life.
Crowley, JackLTJun 9, 1971 – Aug 24, 1973COMMO-1st LTFighting ship and top gun crew. OoooRaaa.
Munn, VicFTM2Aug 1971 – Dec 5, 19722ndWas aboard during the Vietnam "Hardcharger" incident!
Dassing, RickeySTG/SNAug 1971 – Mar 1976SONARHey WAYNE WITTAKER, Was on board for the action in the TONKIN GULF Lotta respect for my shipmates in some CRAZY way miss those days and you guys ROBERT SHULL,BRUCE REYNOLDS,DENNIS SULLIVAN,just to name a few,cheers2u
Lafleur, Doug PO 3rd classAug 13, 1971 – Mar 18, 1975s1during my time onboard I probably washed your clothes, cut your hair, or sold you something from the ships store. battle sta. was mount 32 3"/50. stay in touch with stew speight, paul marias, carl orth, tom morehead.
Hibbs, Mike (Jake)Sk3Sep 1971 – Feb 1975S-1 DivSupply Receiving is where I hung out
Miksell, RichRM2Oct 1971 – Oct 1973COMMSLooking for shipmates that were onboard during the Vietnam deployment. Several of us get together each year in Ohio for a reunion.
Powell, DavidE8Oct 13, 1971 – Jul 29, 1977M div
Lawson, GaryMM31972 – 1976M divisionserved in #1 engine room. Great experience and a lot of good memories. Good to see some names of old friends on this list.
Nitschke, Randy STG21972 – 1973SonarI need help: contact your state legislators to advocate for the USS Biddle DLG-34 to receive the Combat Action Badge for the battle with the MIGS on July 19, 1972. STG2 Randy Nitschke (Wild Man of the Biddle)
Childress, Davide5Feb 14, 1972 – Nov 27, 1975boatsmanthis is david lee chidress im looing to find some of my friends
Butler, JonathanE3Mar 1972 – Apr 1973FirstI came aboard for the 1972 westpac, joining in Nam in a helo transfer from the USS Mars that I caught a ride in from Subic. I will never forget 7-19, as I was actually on the bridge when the missles fired, although I was supposed to be in the missle
Crescenzi, Anthony "Chip"OS2Apr 1972 – Dec 28, 1972CICI was the PIRAZ operator while in the Golf of Tonkin
Bowman, Ralphos2Apr 11, 1972 – Mar 6, 1974oi divWould like to contact any one who remembers me on the USS Biddle?
Butler, Jonathan profile iconBMMay 1, 1972 – Jul 1973DeckWas on the bridge as the Night of the MIGS began, although I was assigned to another GQ station. Relieved late and proceeded to that station. Remember the bridge window left open as the 1st missles were fired? Hot times
Iberg, Kenneth profile iconpc3May 5, 1972 – Oct 1, 1972post officeI am the spouse of deceased veteran Kenneth Iberg, he was on the Biddle dlg 34 from may to oct 1972 and exposed to agent orange and died from soft tissues sarcoma after suffering for 14 years with Nasal pharangeal cancer
Keiper, JimAW3May 8, 1972 – Sep 17, 1972Air DetAircrewman on "Hardcharger 57." "Wonderful" experience getting shot at in the helo and being attacked by 3 or so Migs while on the Ship. Great liberty stops, but most of all, served with outstanding people!
Prisk, Joseph W.CT/PNSNMay 10, 1972 – May 10, 1973AdminFolks who worked in personnel office
Wilson, DennisYN3Jun 1972 – May 1974NX
Hensley, LarryCTRSNJun 1972 – Sep 1972TAD CryptologistI was TAD out of Taipei to Subic Bay where we embarked USS Biddle. We were part of a special intelligence mission and were onboard July 19th when the MIGs attacked. Captain Carter called us foggy bottom. What a tour.
Tharp, EdwinETN3Jun 20, 1972 – Apr 1976OperationsReported aboard the Biddle during the West Pack Cruise, reported while ship was at sea July 20 1972 the day after the 3 Migs attacked Biddle also during the event on September 8, 1974 TWA Flight 841 disasteThe National Transportation Board later attribut
Stovall, ThomasCTR3Jul 10, 1972 – Aug 12, 1972Naval Security GroupI was put on board to track migs. We found them that night of the Battle of Piraz.
Andrews, WayneBT-2Jul 18, 1972 – Dec 19, 1973B
Small, StevenFTGSNSep 1972 – Apr 10, 1974Weapons 3rd Div.Lot of good times with a lot of great guys. I remember "Ski". Still looking for Frank Kerins . Hey Perry Sisti how you doin? O3 Level and the 3"50s Remember Yosemite Sam!!!
Moore, SteveBM3Sep 17, 1972 – Mar 23, 1975BMGreat times and good friends,does anyone remember the crash of flight 841 sept. 8 1974 and the SAR mission . I was the BM3 on one of the first boats to hit the water that night.
Jenkins, JerryCAPTNov 1972 – Aug 1975Deck/Gunnery
Godfrey, SamMM2Nov 1972 – Jun 1, 1976M DIVISIONAssigned to Eng, Room 1 Main Control worked with a great bunch of guys. It would be great to know how life turned out for everyone. We were all so young,where has the time gone?
Fermil, James MichaelBMSNNov 1972 – Mar 19731st DivisionGreat time in my life GQ stations were Captains messenger (Captain Carter) and Missile room.
Cherry, RonPN3Dec 1972 – Sep 1975Personnel OFfice
Kreifels, Robert (Bob) JrSmsaDec 10, 1972 – Mar 27, 1974SignalmanIt was an experience being in the Navy and on this ship. I met a lot of good guys and had some good, memorable times along with some gut wrenching close calls while on board, but am glad to be called a Vietnam vet.

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