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USS Belknap (CG 26) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Belknap (CG 26). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 492 crew members registered for the USS Belknap (CG 26).

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Joiner, SerellRM31990 – 1993Deck/RadioWhat up fellows in the CG-26 class of 90.
Jacques, PaulSMC (SW)1990 – 1990CS
Brooks, CarlEW3Jan 1990 – Jan 1992OWAlmost drank myself to death in Geata, a few times. Great time, great memories. Love to talk to anyone that was onboard with me.
Crotts, KevinFC3Jan 1990 – Nov 1993WEPSBest ship on the seas. Someday I hope to be able to tell my kids the things I've seen and done.
Hall, DarrenMM3Jan 17, 1990 – Jul 30, 1993"A" GangMan. I can't believe they sunk our ship. It was historical. We were the stage from 1991 Summit off the coast of Malta where Bush Sr and Gorbachev met. It was the 1st time a US and Russian war ship had been there in 50 years. I miss Vick's Subs
McCoy, Dan (Mac)OS2Jan 19, 1990 – Sep 28, 1995OISpent many good years on the Belknap and will never forget the friends I made. Being forward-deployed to Italy was excellent! A lot of good times!
Bonderczuk, Vince (Bondo)BT!Jan 20, 1990 – Feb 2, 1993Bgood ship great homeport best three years of my entire career. she was alot of work to keep up but sure looked good at anchor from the beach.
Bonderczuk, Vince BondoBT1Jan 28, 1990 – Feb 2, 1993Bgreat three years by far the best tour of my career. miss my friends vittorio and maria. still loking for james sams. a great ship and overall great crew. plan on returning to gatea in 2012.
Haley, DarrenSEAMANFeb 1990 – Sep 28, 1991DeckI was in deck and loved all the ports and friends I made I left to IS A school and got stationed in Fallon,NV EAOS and I am now a Federal Correctional Officer at the United States Penatentary in Pineknot Ky
Rogers, Michael (Roge)RP2Mar 16, 1990 – Mar 16, 1993AdministrationOnward and upward!
Wright, Michael (Todd)ET3Mar 20, 1990 – Feb 15, 1995OPS/Electronics/RADARServed as Communications Lab. Supervisor AN/SPS-67 Tech. AN/SPS-64v9 Tech. AN/SPA-25G Tech. OE Supply Petty Officer
Tuck, MauricePCC/E-7Apr 10, 1990 – Feb 12, 1995SupplyAbsolutely the best sea going ship I had the pleasure to serve on. I really miss the wonderful times spent on it. The crew was one of a kind. You just don't find that anymore.
Girard, AlbertRMCSJun 1990 – May 1992OCLoved Gaeta and loved travelling in the Med but the Belknap had the worst XO I had in 22 years. Being ships company but working for the flag was no picninc either. Still, it was a great experience and I'm glad I did it.
Forbes, MichaelBM3Jun 1990 – Nov 1992Comsixth Fleet / 5th DivisionGreat Ship , great crew , had a great time and learned a lot. Miss the old gang and Gaeta.
Gaffney, JoeSTG2Jun 16, 1990 – Dec 21, 19913rd
Murray, CjSTG3Jun 16, 1990 – 19943Saw the World, Grew up, and had the most fun that a guy could ever have. right back going to Vic's for a 'food run'.
Parker, P FunkyOS3Dec 1990 – 1992
Parker, P FunkyOS3Dec 1990 – Mar 1992
Sowers, JohnE3Dec 20, 1990 – Feb 20, 19931st Division - DeckLoved the good ship Belknap. Besy Shipmates ever. Miss you guys. Just trying to catch up with some of my best pals.
Samuel, DerekCTM2Jan 1991 – Sep 1991
Downing, Anthony (Tony)STG3Jan 5, 1991 – Sep 12, 19933rd--SonarBest ship, best crew, best friends, best times a guy could ever want. Belknap was family, and Gaeta was home. Anyone there when I was, write me. Everyone should be as lucky as we were! Piccolo Alley, here I come!
Lechleitner, Patrick CTO3Jan 15, 1991 – Feb 15, 1993COMSIXTHFLT - N2/N36Was on the USS Belknap/COMSIXTHFLT in Med in the early 90's. Love to connect with those I served with.
Gomez, RugelMM3Jan 17, 1991 – Feb 26, 1994M & A GangI had the best time of my life and i wish i could go back in time and do it all over again.
McIntosh, CedricBM3Jan 23, 1991 – Feb 8, 1993DECK
Thomas, RodneyBMSN/RMSNFeb 26, 1991 – Mar 26, 1993FIRSTTrying to catch up with old friends... RM1 Green where you at?
Wilske, RobertSNMay 1991 – Oct 1993Deck
Jasen, CraigQMC(SW)May 16, 1991 – Jul 10, 1994Comsixthflt Staff Asst Fleet SchedularIt was a long Med cruise.
Day, ChristopherOS2Jun 1991 – Jun 1993OILoved Gaeta and all the port visits. Great ship and the best crew and friends I made in the navy were there.
Lopez, Adalberto "Al B."OS2Jun 1991 – Jun 1993OIThe coolest crew you could ever serve with. I miss it and Italy very much.
Cassell, JoeBM2Jun 1, 1991 – Jun 1, 1994FirstI retired as a Bm1 from Recruiting Duty in My home town of Longview,Tx. This ship was the best and the crew a family. I loved every minuete of it.
Butler, ToddIS1 (AW)Jun 1, 1991 – Jun 1, 1993N2Great tour, great times and great friends. I would enjoy hearing from some of the guys that I served with.
Ruth, Kirkos3Jul 10, 1991 – Aug 20, 1994operationsThese were the proudest days of my life.
Stoll, ScottSH3Sep 1991 – Mar 1993S-3Was on deck most of my time on Belknap then struck Shipserviceman. Discharged after leaving Belknap. Interested in talking with past shipmates.
Tinney, MarkDC3Dec 18, 1991 – Jan 3, 1994DC3How the years have gone by. Miss the Belknap and all that I learned in Italy. Like so many others I wish I could turn back time.
Norman, DavidCTO1 (SW/PJ)Jan 17, 1992 – May 30, 1995Comsixthflt Staff (Intel)
McCartney, ShawnCTO2Feb 3, 1992 – Feb 23, 1994N2 C6fltBest Ship I rode on. miss Gaeta.
Baldwin, JeremyDCFNFeb 13, 1992 – Oct 25, 1993R
Zalewski, GeoffreyEW2Mar 1, 1992 – Feb 15, 1995OPS
Hardin, MikeFNApr 1, 1992 – Jan 1, 1994A GANGBest ship and crew
Mabry, BriceET2May 1992 – May 1994OE
Hardin, MichaelFNMay 1, 1992 – Jan 1, 1994A GangBelknap is my best command. Met alot of good friends there.
Williamson, BrianOSSA - OS3May 4, 1992 – Apr 1994OIWe had a great crew. I'll never forget my time in Gaeta. Been back twice; Leia was still there in 2001! Recognized a few people in the pix on the wall at 8 1/2's.
Duren, Jim (Doc)OSCS(sw)Jun 1992 – Dec 1994OI
Duren, DocOSCS(SW)Jun 1992 – Jan 1995OIOn 6 ships in my career. She was my favorite!
Derr, KevinET2Jul 1, 1992 – Feb 15, 1995OEGood times and bad times...
Krawczyk, Jerzye4/btJul 24, 1992 – Sep 24, 1994bbest time of my military career.great crew
Feather, WilliamMM1Aug 1992 – Nov 19931 Engine
Valdez, GregOS1(SW)Aug 1992 – Oct 1995OIMy all time favorite duty station in my navy career. Excellent ports of call and the tightest crew ever! I still communicate with several shipmates from OI division and always will.
Mitchell, JeremyDC3Sep 3, 1992 – Jan 10, 1995rmitch da bitch
Martinez, JoeE-4Oct 1992 – May 1994ComsixthfltI miss the great friends I made. I had the best times of my life stationed in Gaeta. I miss everything and one day I hope to return with my wife and kids to see the beauty of Gaeta.
Fields, Richard A.E-3/SN - E-4/YN3Oct 6, 1992 – Dec 15, 19941stLoved being onboard, plus all the interesting ports visited.
Crawford, PeteHMCOct 6, 1992 – Jan 4, 1995Medical
Simpson, MichaelOSSN-OS3Nov 1992 – May 1995OIBest ship ever, best crew ever, best port calls ever. OI division was the best. Hope to go back to Gaeta someday. Miss those days a lot.
Mader, MatthewOSSN/OS3Dec 1992 – Dec 1994Comsixthflt Staff (Operations)I loved that ship and the crew. I was there when the Lasalle replaced her, it just wasn't the same. I also left shortly after that. Loved Gaeta, great little town, I hope to return someday.
Antle, William GMM1(SW)Dec 1992 – Feb 1995WEPSGaeta was a great place to live - Now living in Ohio. Looking to reconnect with fellow shipmates. Email me or find me on Facebook. 50th Anniversary Reunion in Oct 2014 - see for details.
Granger, DeltonOS1Dec 10, 1992 – Jul 6, 1996OIAn awsome tour loved Geata. Saw so much of the world on that tour-The crew was great and loved the travel.

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