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USS Bainbridge (CGN 25) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bainbridge (CGN 25). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 685 crew members registered for the USS Bainbridge (CGN 25).

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Epley, JohnHM3 [RETIRED AS HMC(SS)]1979 – 1980HMMy second surface ship and by far, the best one. An amazing WestPac...144 days straight at sea.
Eichenlaub, Richard (Ike)STGC1979 – 1983Combat Systems DepartmentFinally made it to Australia and treated like a King ashore.
Lally, ChrisBM31979 – 19831stBest days of my life
Dodson, DaveE51979 – 1981Engineering M2I am so proud and appreciative of the mates I served with. All aboard ALWAYS had my back and greatly contributed to my personal growth and fortitude. Good grief... What a bunch of talented, skilled and soulful people!
Hill, RichardbmsnJan 1979 – Oct 19811rst
Lake, RobertHT 3Feb 1979 – Jun 1981A-gangGonzo Station,,,103 days at sea,,great for a teenager.look back at it now.Glad I did it.seen the world,Crossing the line,,what a initiation.I still have the scars.
Marsh, Joseph Aka "Chewy"OS3Feb 7, 1979 – Jun 24, 1982OIMiss everybody in OI, miss life at sea.
Gary Smith, SmittysnApr 25, 1979 – Apr 25, 19821st boatswainsmategreat time want to see if there is anybody from 1st divison is on here
Liechty, RonEM1May 12, 1979 – May 16, 1982REO1Great Tour - Enjoyed the many positive experiences
Adams, ScotFTM3Jun 1979 – Aug 1980WeaponsGonzo Station,96 dayz at sea,seemed like more. PaulMarkey I know u,.Long live the memory of the Willy B. USS Braindamage (I still glow in the dark) Best Ship and Crew. 40+Knots and NO SMOKE!
Brennan, PeteBM1 (SW)Aug 8, 1979 – Sep 8, 1982DECK (WD)To this day the Bainbridge is the best ship and crew I have served with. I'm still serving in over 29 now and still ticking.
Acosta, CarlosSK2Aug 10, 1979 – Jan 9, 1981SupplyRandy, Frank Fields, Tom Baker, Chief Center, miss you guys! Miss the Westpac. Reservist now, SKC will retire Dec 2003, 27 years.
Williams, Anthony (Tony)DS2Aug 16, 1979 – Apr 8, 1982CD
Barnes, BobLTJGAug 19, 1979 – Mar 1980Communications
Doherty, MichaelGMM21980 – 1985GI think the Old Gray Ghost was the best ship in the fleet. Wes-pac 81 good memories there. How i do miss the sea.
Taylor, Jr., Jim U.PN21980 – 1983
Baker, MichaelIC-11980 – 1988CD and EAbsolutely the best ship I served on. The west pacs were the best. Miss you all.
Keller, GregMM11980 – 1983M2Did two WestPacs - 81 and 82/83. Most good memories are from the first cruise. Went to instruct at D1G then got out. Still in nuclear industry. For those that don't know Frank Farrell is no longer with us.
Hilton, MarkET-11980 – 1983CE LPOBest ship i've ever seen and looking back one of the best experiences of my life. As LPO of CE division i had the best bunch of people that have ever worked for me.
Plummer, DonaldHTFN-E31980 – 1982RDoes anyone remember Stuart Fields Who lost his life in the AC room,taking readings????
Boehm, HolgerMM21980 – 1985M2Deceased April 5, 2011 - wife Karen would like to hear from you at
Shaw, JackCaptain1980 – 1983COMy dad loved this ship, command, and crew.
Tyson, Eric (Ty) profile iconRM31980 – 1982OCI served under Capt Shaw and it's fine crew. The deployments and the adventures are forever implanted in my mind. I am a Quality Assurance Engineering Technician for medical devices. Reach out and touch with a click.
Durbin, DaleMM1Jan 1, 1980 – Jan 1, 1984A-GangWould like to hear from old friends....
Ripley, David BMMC (SW)Jan 4, 1980 – Aug 16, 1983RLLELT, EWS, EDPO, Command Career Counselor (Interim) Made WESPAC tours in 80, and 82-83...Great ship, good people
Eckley, JimFNJan 29, 1980 – Jul 15, 1981Engineman MMLokking for Anyone who remembers me, Mem's not too good any more, still can draw the BB by heart though, inside and out.Lost BB Lighter for 81WP. Subic was wild and hot,water ws warm, Girls too. Sure miss My freinds If there were any.
Riness, MikeMR2Mar 1980 – Aug 1983A-GANGI probably engraved your lighter
Vaughan, RonMM!/ELTMar 1980 – Sep 1, 1982RLRipley was trying to get me to ship over, had the rest of my career planned out. John Gaffney said, "You don't want to do that." He was right. Great times on the Billy B though. WestPac 81 was tops.
Weber, Gary (Spider)EM1(SW)Mar 1, 1980 – Mar 15, 1984 REO2Proud to have served on Bainbridge. I will never forget the good and bad times with the guys I served with. The stress of ORSE, Sitting up all night to rewind a motor, all night movie marathons, Subic! Australia!
Ross, ChristopherBM 2Apr 1980 – Jan 19841st DivisionIt was an honor to be part of the Billy B and serving with a great group of Sailors. Willie Nelsons “On the Road Again” will always bring back memories.
Figley, MichaelBM2Apr 15, 1980 – May 15, 19851STLooking for old Shipmates
Cole, Steven profile iconENFNMay 5, 1980 – Apr 10, 1982AI was proud to serve under Capt. Shaw, even though the XO was a total nut case! Many fond memories of my time in service to our country. I welcome contact from anyone who served with me during this time!
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Teague, RobertOS2Jul 1980 – Apr 1984OIMy first ship, and most memorable. Looking back on my time there, I have to say it was one heck of a ride. My hat is off to all of my fello shipmates for making my first tour a great one. But, I hated those midwatches.
De Lung, Rick, "Radar"OS2Jul 1980 – Feb 1985OIThe Billy-B was my only command. 2 West-Pacs - 80 & 82. Spent way too many hours in CIC practicing coin sleight-of-hand moves. Still working as Professional Magician now! Favorite ports: Perth, Hong Kong and Pusan.
Marshall, StevePN3Aug 1, 1980 – Mar 3, 1982xGreat crew and lovely ship, had a lot of fun
Worster, Roland (Ron)FTCSSep 1980 – Oct 1981Lead Chief Firecontrol Technician.
De Lung, Richard "radar"OS2Sep 10, 1980 – Jan 18, 1985OI2 Westpacs. Known for performing sleight of hand magic for the crew, as well as a number of "special" events. Loved visiting all the countries except for the 27 returns to Subic. Still in contact with some crew members.
Decker, TroyOS2Oct 1, 1980 – Jun 16, 1985OIWelcome any contacts from former shipmates
Sheldon, DaveET2Nov 1980 – Jun 1984RC
Boehm, HolgerMM2Nov 1980 – Mar 11, 1985M2I remember losing 5 crewmates, 3 died in 1AC forward from freon, Greg Locke murdered in Nat'l City, and ET2 O'Connell's motorcycle crash in mexico. 2 westpacs & 1 COH. I got out before the shakedown, THANK GOD!!
Mincey, EugeneYN2Nov 1, 1980 – Jun 1, 1983XGreat Ship
Franco, RoyE3Nov 4, 1980 – Mar 1981DECKhEY GUYS HOW YOU ALL DOING ?
Miller, DanEM2Nov 15, 1980 – Dec 1, 1983REO-2Long nights in the IO with no a/c., jellyfish, refuges, midrats, late night movies, crossing the equator, ORSE, steaks on the fantail, and great port visits (at least what I remember of them).
Gray, Joseph (Joe)RM1Nov 20, 1980 – Jan 25, 1985Operations OCGreat ship, Crew even better. Lots of good memories, some not so. Invite contacts.
Hatch, MarkDS3Dec 1980 – Nov 1983Westpac 1981 was the best. Kind of miss those days, Great crew.
Vervaeke, Alan (Varmint)ET3Dec 1980 – Sep 1983CE2 WestPacs. Fixing the URD-4 top the aft mast with no harness. "Do not ratate or rodiate". CIC @2am talking to "Radar" DeLung. Loved midwatch. I have CMC's "GUEST" mug from the CPO Mess.
Vervaeke, AlanET3Dec 1980 – Sep 1983CE1981 and 1982/1983 WestPACs with Capt. Shaw.
Whisman, John profile iconEM1Dec 1980 – Feb 1985EM2Lots of good memories- happy to reconnect with others!
Preuss, John "Mr. P"ENS/LTJGDec 6, 1980 – Jan 13, 1983Supply

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