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USS Waddell (DDG 24) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Waddell (DDG 24). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 235 crew members registered for the USS Waddell (DDG 24).

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McClure, JerryBT31967 – 1970B
Auriemma, JoeRM31967 – Dec 1968DDG-24Looking for Smitty ET? and Jambetta RM3
Howard, DonFTM2Mar 1967 – Apr 1971WM Div.I remember the hard work and long hours, but we had some great liberty. I will always look back on this time with great pride.
Clampit, Bob (Jed)RD1Jun 1967 – May 1968OI DivisionI left the ship to commission the USS O'Callahan DE-1051 where I made RDC. After shore duty at Glakes I was assigned to USS Trenton LPD-14. I retired OSCS 16 August 1978. One hell of a ride.
Esqueda, Carlos (Chuck)MM3Jun 20, 1967 – Dec 20, 1970EngineringI will never forget the Waddell, on my service in the Navy.
Huff, MichaelRadarman 2nd ClassApr 1968 – May 1970OI
Everett, DanielBT2Jun 1, 1968 – Jun 8, 1970BOne of the best group of men that I have worked with
Gelke, John J.LCDRJul 1968 – Jan 1970Executive OfficerServed as XO during the shift of home ports from Long Beach, CA to Yokosuka, Japan. We ever hardly missed a month of combat pay since we were regularly in the combat zones of Vietnam. We had a great, hard working crew!
Jones, RandyMM2Aug 1968 – Aug 1971A Gang and Main ControlShe was a great ship with a fantastic Captain and crew. I can still hear those turbines sing.
Ciappetta, JohnSHL3Oct 15, 1968 – Dec 23, 1970S-2Happily married 40 yrs w/3 grown & successful kids & 1 g-daughter w/blackbelt in Taekwondo. My wife & I have traveled around the world together. She's my best friend! I've published 2 novels using name, John Thomas.
Trahan, John/ PanchoPC31969 – Feb 1972personelWhile I had the Privilege of serving on board the USS Waddell ,I feel like it was definitely a highlight of my youth. I was also the boxing coach while I was aboard.
Lilly, MichaelCAPTAINFeb 26, 1969 – Dec 1, 1969OIWas OI Division Officer; left in November to become Flag Lt. Com7thFleet. Retired as Reserve Captain.
Rinock, JackRD2Apr 18, 1969 – Aug 13, 1970OITransfered from the USS Reeves DLG-24, anyone have info on her?
Burton, JamesE-3Apr 30, 1969 – May 5, 1970DeckWhat an education this was. Hard work and a lot of fun during underway refuel. Excelent shipmates and command
Hailey, JimTM2Jun 1969 – May 1970ASWReplaced Roger (?) from Wyoming also a TM2. Was best friends with Vince Lombardo GMM2 while onboard. Had lots of work restoring both sets of Mk32 tubes to functional working order. Competent crew. Good ship.
Launius, RobertBT-1Jun 9, 1969 – 1970B
Monteiro, Theodore Nickname MontyMechinist mateAug 1969 – Jan 1973snipe
Biddix, Arnold (Arnie) profile iconETR3Dec 1969 – Jul 1972OEGreat ship and shipmates. Japan homeport, several viet nam tours, crossed indian ocean to red sea and back via sri lanka and singapore. Accidental discharge of mount 51. Shadowed soviets over 60 days at sea.
Brown, TimHM31970 – 1972NavExcellent photos of th Wadoo Maru. Have many fond memories of those days.
Gomes, GerryRD3Jan 1970 – Nov 1970OI
Penczek, PaulSMC(E-7)Jan 1, 1970 – Nov 1, 1970OC
Liesch, WilliamGMT2Jul 1, 1970 – Aug 31, 1973Weapons-ASW
Case, Richard/rickE5/HT2Jul 25, 1970 –RWorked with one of the finest destroyer crews on the Pacific Ocean. Had a great time and our Captian always brought us home without a scratch.
Laukat, JamesSTG2Sep 1, 1970 – Sep 1, 1973Weapons - ASWLooking for other shipmates for 1970 thru 1973.
Dwight, MichaelRM2Sep 11, 1970 – Nov 12, 1973OCI was a radioman and was on board for over 3 years. This was the bulk of my active duty. We went to Westpac 2 times, NGFS. We got the NUC and CAR for NGFS.
Fernandez, RichardE-4 BM3Oct 1, 1970 – May 1, 1972WD div.the waddell was many my 3rd ship I served on, had many good times on this ship and our west pac tour from nov. i971 to until I got off on may 1972
Brengolini, DonaldBT3Dec 10, 1970 – Nov 21, 1971Served in forward fire room. Remember Ed Lyons of Senora, CA. Great crew.
Salazar, DavidOS2Jan 1971 – Jan 7, 1974O.I.
Lemmen, RichardBT 2Aug 12, 1971 – Dec 14, 1973# 1 Boiler RoomI hated everyday except liberty
Lester, Painter DicksonE 5 2nd Class Petty OffcerAug 15, 1971 – Jul 1, 1974Electrical Power PlantI Proudly served my Country 3 tours Vietnam on Board the USS WADDELL I was on the Special Drill Team that met King HALIE SALASSIE in Massawa Ethiopia 1972. We mined the Hiaphong Harbor under NIXON's orders. Great Ship!
Case, Richard/rickHT2Sep 1971 – Jul 1975RI served aboard the Waddell during its finest hours in & out without a scratch. Serving aboard the Waddel was great for me, I saw my dad in Vietnam more than state side. I served with a great & professional crew. I also used to care for ships logo
Vegazo, ClarkBT3Oct 1971 – Aug 16, 1972BThe Cruise book used a dozen of my pictures, like "The Hole" with Horsma & Loga, inside the Steam Drum on page #8. P#72 Ethiopian bar with Murfin, Horsma, Firth, Fred, Googin, Clem, Miller, & Sanchez. 1st-cl Reynolds was on my case!
Ortega, Raul - El Vato profile iconRM2Oct 1971 – Jul 1972CommunicationsLooking to touch base with Comms/Radio crew on board the Waddell during the 1971/1972 WestPac Cruise
Smith, Jim (Smitty)MM2Nov 1971 – Apr 1975Engineering Aft EngineroomGreat times Great friends Great Memories
Steinly, William F (Guns)GMG2/E5Nov 1971 – Apr 1974Gunnersmate
McHugh, JimIC3Nov 1, 1971 – Aug 19, 19737 FleetThe USS Waddell was always going some where due to the GOLD E.
Perkins, VictorE-1Feb 11, 1972 – Feb 11, 1974cook/deck handlooking for crew members that was with me on the USS Wadell
Williams, RogerETN3Jul 1972 – Mar 1974OE
Lauderback, Ed (Doc)  NEWHM3Jan 1, 1973 – Apr 12, 1974MHDoes anyone know where Jimmie Ray (Jake) Jacobson may be? And what was the name of the 1MC announcer? He had the perfect destroyermans voice full of cigarettes and liquor lol.
Giglio, Raymond profile iconBTFNMar 15, 1973 – Dec 31, 1973BGREAT SHIP AND SHIPMATES
Brown, LaryMM3Apr 1973 – Aug 1973MI served on the Waddell only for part of one WESTPAC cruise. I was a temporary assignment and never a regular part of the crew, but it was my first ship and my first trip outside the US. Very special memories.
Brooks, Melbm3Apr 16, 1973 – Sep 19, 19771st divjeff whitebook i hope u write back
Burger, FrankETR2May 19, 1973 – Aug 31, 1978OE3 westpacs and a yard period
Lucka, LawrenceGMG-3Sep 4, 1973 – Jun 6, 1976WeaponsJust want to say hi to all my buddies thst i served with from 1973 to 1976. 40 knots no smoke that was our motto and we had Gold E's on the whole ship when i was there. We worked hard to get them.

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