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USS Semmes (DDG 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Semmes (DDG 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 280 crew members registered for the USS Semmes (DDG 18).

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Hunter, KeithMM11985 – 1989AuxilliaryIt had to end!
Kuzma, GrzegorzBTFN1985 – 19871 FireroomSometimes I regret That I didn't get back....Good friends and good times....
Palmer, LinOSSN1985 – 1986OII had a great time on the ocean. I'll tell you what though, the hull of that ship seemed mighty thin! That ship would Shake when we fired off those 5 inch 50's. I met some great friends but I just didn't keep in touch.
Landers, JohnET21985 – Aug 1987OE
Shelton, MackSTGSNJan 15, 1985 – Jan 15, 1989ASWYeah, it was bad at times, but there are a lot of GREAT memories, great guys, and great times.
Erway, MarcE-5/BTDec 5, 1985 – Jun 23, 1989BSome of the best years of my life were spent onboard the Semmes
Kent, GregENCFeb 3, 1986 – Oct 25, 1990A GangWorked for and with wounderful people. Have many fond memories and good friends from my time. Will miss her after they scrap this year.
Lujan, LazaroFC3Apr 18, 1986 – Sep 1991MIMiss that ship and crew.
Demedicis, RichardMM2Jun 1986 – Oct 1987AHated to leave but it was Medical issues
Hancock, RandyMMFN-MM2Aug 18, 1986 – Apr 27, 1990MMER#2 ALL THE WAY. THE GREATEST
Theberge, BobEMC(SW)Oct 1986 – Apr 30, 1991EI retired on the Semmes ... lots of fond memories. Looking back, I had the time of my life! Please feel free to email me if you want.
Sepulveda, Gus (Gustavo)E-3 BTOct 5, 1986 – Mar 13, 1988B Aft Boiler room
Ide, MarkFC31987 – 1991MI
Smith, RichardSK31987 – 1991SUPPLYto those that come across this, i was onboard the USS SEMMES DDG18 from 87-91, too all that was onboard while i was there, hope everyone is doing well, where ever you may be, im in Clarksville,TN
Hapak, WaltSNJan 1987 – Dec 1988Deckmy only regret, in the Navy, was leaving the Semmes to go to PC school. should have become a BM instead. good times with Stiles, Johnston, Wilson, McLachlan, Matthias, Rollins, and Scotty D. there was a lot of booze consumed in those days.
Williams, TonyOS3Mar 15, 1987 – Sep 9, 1990OIThey were the worst of times, they were the best of times, OI div were the brothers I never had, here's to the demon seamen
Derks, KennethMM3Apr 1, 1987 – Mar 31, 1989M Div. and A GangWhere's the Liquid Lunch Krewe?
Baez, Jaime JrBM1Jul 1987 – Jun 19891STLPO
Rose, ThomasMM2Sep 1987 – Dec 1989M
Anderson, John/andeE-3/TM3Nov 1987 – Jan 19901stSince serving on the Semmes, I have seen several sister ships around the world. I still am looking for some of the guys I served with. If anyone knows Chip Smith or Ski from 1st div, send them my way.
Thompson, ChristianOS2Nov 5, 1987 – Jun 4, 1989OISeeing familar names brings back alot of great memories. Gotta luv that o'l bucket of bolts!
Heyde, Karl Von DerOSSNNov 9, 1987 – Aug 16, 1991OI/01All I wanted was to get off that boat. Now all I want is to see it again!
Feulner, Ron1988 – 1991Deck
Terronez, Tom "wahoo"OSSA1988 – 1989OPS
Mauldin, MikeMMC[SW]Jan 1988 – 1992Mtime of my life! looking for roger brock
Nigg, Thomas (Total Package)E-5/SM2Feb 1988 – Nov 1991OPSHad a ton of fun on the Semmes. The memories that I have of the Semmes will last forever. Couldn't of asked for a better bunch of sailors. I have been working for the DOJ since 95, and pull up the Semmes now and then for good memories.
Shelton, PhillipSNFeb 7, 1988 – Jun 21, 1991Deck
Smith, ChipE-3Mar 1, 1988 – Apr 1, 1990DECKMany great memories aboard SEMMES
Kilpela, GaryE3Jul 1, 1988 – Mar 28, 1990Deck
Usry, MickeyBT1Aug 1988 – Aug 1992E-6
Moore, DaveE-1 TO BM3Sep 1988 – Sep 1991DeckWas my first ship lots of hard work, learned how to be a real sailor on her...SM3 Joyce, BM2 Fuelner or anyone that was in Deck hit me up on my e-mail....
Gaither, J.p.SM1989 – 1991
Jones, GregMM21989 – 1991M
Keating, PaulBT21989 – 1991Bhad some good times with the rest of b division
Crocker, Crock Dogmm31989 – 1991mHad alot of good times and left some of my best friends some im still incontact with today from partying hard to liquid lunches you all know who you are but we always worked hard i spent 12 years in byfarmybest command
Attanasio, RussellET31989 – 1991OperationsCorrections Officer for last 19 yrs I miss them days now, didn't know it then. I sure do now. Paul Joyce, Kenneth Earl Kahn,Sm1 Tabson, Jenkins…..I could go on and on…great memories
Ford, JeffreyET31989 – 1991OE
Colley, DavidOS2Jan 1, 1989 – Jul 1, 1991Great ship, even greater crew. had fun and grew up a lot. hope all is well with all other grew amtes.
Miller, RandyFC3Jan 13, 1989 – Sep 12, 1991
Drake, RobertLT -LCDRFeb 1, 1989 – Sep 13, 1991WEPSAfter 26 Years in the Navy this was my Best ship with the Best Crew with the Best Officers and the Best Camaraderie with the Best CO I've ever served with. Retires as CDR in 2000 in San Diego.
Shenk, BradFC2/FC1Feb 10, 1989 – Sep 1, 1991G
Hodges, Neil (Booboo)OssnOct 15, 1989 – Aug 6, 1990Operations
Farmer Jr., Geroge D.OSSNNov 1989 – Mar 1991O1
Joyce, PaulSMSR - SM3Nov 9, 1989 – Sep 21, 1991Operations/Communications (OC)I am now a Navy pilot flying EP-3's but my fondest memories were on the mighty Semmes. I did a lot of growing up there and learned a lot from Chief Berry, SM1 Tabson, SM2 Brown, SM2 Gaither and SM2 Nigg. Sure would like to see more people on her
Bridges, GregEN1Nov 26, 1989 – Aug 24, 1991AWhat a rust bucket
Proulx, MarcOS3Dec 3, 1989 – 1991OIMiss the ship, great lines.
Wydra, MartyFNDec 12, 1989 – Jul 29, 1991Engine Room 1
Shields, MarkE3/BTFeb 11, 1990 – Jul 28, 1991B
Lemmon, Craig (Lem)OSSNMar 1990 – Sep 12, 1991OISeasick City
George, KaseemEW3Mar 5, 1990 – Sep 13, 1991OWI enjoyed the Semmes my first ship. I'm a CTT1 now in Japan.
Booker, GregE 3Jul 27, 1990 – Sep 15, 1991deckI really learned alot on this boat. A very distinguishing crew. I had alot of fun and met great people. My experience carries me today with my business and everyday life. Hats off to you all for being a chapter in my life.
Ezop, Jeffrey FEM3Oct 1990 – 1991engeneeringwas stationed on her until it was decomissioned had some great memories and friends. (DARE TO EXCEL)
Hays, MichaelMM3Oct 12, 1990 – Jul 13, 1991M I had a great time, I learned alot about my rate and what water hours was all about. By far the best crew I ever served with.
Borowski, ChadICFRMar 17, 1991 – Sep 23, 1991ee
Fischer, JeffreyGM1May 9, 1991 – Sep 1993ASI was the Leading Asrocer and served as CMAA until decomissioning. Lot's of good memories.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1962 | 1963 – 1967 | 1968 – 1973 | 1974 – 1978 | 1979 – 1984 | 1985 – now

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