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USS Buchanan (DDG 14) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Buchanan (DDG 14). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 209 crew members registered for the USS Buchanan (DDG 14).

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George, DavidPN3 (SW)Jan 3, 1901 – Nov 7, 1901AdminWorked for PNCS Given in the Personnel office. Was on the decommissioning crew, last firewatch crew, and literally the last official Buchanan member to step off her brow. I took the quarter deck bell - and saved it!
Lynch, VincentETR2Aug 3, 1960 – Aug 3, 1963OperationsI am a plank owner from when the ship was commissoned at Bremerton, WA in 1961. I served for one year on the Buchanan . I was assigned to the Electronics Technician-Radar group.
Mezori, GeorgeE51961 – 1965M DivisionGreat growing experience for a myself and a recommend experience for most. See the recruiter !
Fend, Eugene A. "Tony"RD2-RD1Aug 1961 – Nov 1965OIPlankowner...The best ride in my 20 years of service. My heart broke and I cried when I saw photos of her sinking. She will always be a part of me. Would love to hear from any crew members of that era.
Sneade, Dave (Sam To Some) profile iconET2Sep 1961 – Jun 1963OPSReported as ETSN; Left as ETR2; Plankowner; Chief Tossel and Lt. Amaya were in charge. Captain was David Webster. Good Ship!
Bergum, DaveMT2Sep 1961 – Aug 1964WeaponsPlankowner, Just now back across the Equator the first time since 1963. Not even mentioned on Airlines now. Glad they got rid of 1200 psi steam.
Budde, PaulSOG 3Feb 1962 – Jul 1964A/SPlankowner
Woodruff, Layton ( Woody)IC3Mar 1, 1962 – Nov 10, 1964E
Scott, Michael "scotty"FTG-3May 1962 – Mar 1964FoxBoarded in Bremerton as FTGSN. Going to Melbourne became a Golden Shellback. I remember Jack French... and the monster wave below the line during the storm and the great Aussie beer.
Marr, WarrenMM2May 1962 – Sep 10, 1965M After engine roomCame Aboard 17 yrs old Youngest man aboard 2 west Pacs + Vietnam , Australia, miss it now 50 years later
Legare, LarryIC2Jul 1962 – Mar 21, 1966R
Nordmann, LarrySEAMANJul 1962 – Jul 1964Assistant cook and plank owner in 1962. I was a golden shellback crossing the equator. Ship was called "Pukee Buch" because we were all boots and got seasick. Everybody had a bucket on watch. Still friends with Jack French and Lloyd Jones (
Jeffries, FrankE3Oct 23, 1962 – Jun 8, 1965
Edie, ThomasFTM31963 – Jul 19652nd division, fox
Ridley, RayETR3Jan 1963 – Jun 1965OIBest ship, had a great 2 years, Shellback, Great friends and liberty, saw all of WestPAC and Australia.
Borns, John/jack profile iconRD-21964 – Feb 1966OII had the good fortune to serve on 2 DDG's. DDG-14 & DDG-16. I have fond memories of both ships and their crews. I retired as CWO-3 because of the spirit and closeness of the crews. Would love to hear from you guys.
Stone, Robert (Bob)ETR-2Feb 1964 – Jun 1966OIOperation Market Time. Had to go to Subic to add .50 Cal M2's. Could not get near junks with just 5" guns and missiles.
Irwin, John D.BM3Jun 1964 – Feb 19661st.
Eddy, ElmerMM1Aug 1964 – Jan 1965M
Carson, DelfinoBOILERMAN 3RD CLASSSep 15, 1964 – Aug 30, 1967Firemen
Kvintus, Michael / MikeBM3Dec 1964 – Jul 21, 19671st
Hartnett, RogerSTG2Dec 28, 1964 – Aug 29, 1967ASW
Fitzroy, JohnFN 1Fire roomAug 23, 1965 – Aug 1967M Div
Parker, KennethSNNov 1965 – 1966firstmy first command after boot time was serving as mess cook in the chiefs mess with Bill, who played the song "BILL" as though it was written for him, we also got to eat the best food prepared by the best cook
Aylsworth, LesTM 31966 – Jun 1968ASW
Findley, DonaldEM21966 – 1967EngineeringAfter spending 3 years on a carrier (USS Midway CVA 41), and making two Westpac cruises on her, one pre Viet Nam and one during, I had the fortune to go aboard the Buchanan just in time to make one more VN cruise in 66
Ayers, RichardRM3Feb 1966 – Jun 1967OC
Berry, Willie R profile iconRMSN/RM3Apr 7, 1966 – Aug 25, 1967OC01First Command out of RM A School
Williams, Norton (Willie)FTM2Jun 1966 – Feb 1971TartarStill harbor fond memories of my time on the Buchanan. A few scary moments, but none I wouldn't relive. Sad to know she is no longer with us.
Mason, RonaldSTG-31967 – Jun 20, 1969SonarLooking back, it was such a great experience serving aboard the U.S.S. Buchanan. I sometimes miss the friends I had aboard her and would love to hear from them again, especially Jim Hilbish, Joe Skinner, John Roby, Rick McCann and James Almond.
Kogelschatz, VernGMG3May 1967 – Apr 19682ND
Sample, EricETN4Oct 18, 1967 – Dec 14, 1968Electronics (Communications) RepairWhile I wasn't on the Buchanan for a long time I enjoyed being on the ship. The ET division had great guys. While in Vietnam the ship shook so bad on shore bomb that we had a hard time keeping the radios working.IEIJTS
Gerrard, GeraldEM-21968 – 1971RI would'nt give up the time I spent aboard the Buchanan for anything.She had a gallant death!!!
Marshall, LeonardQMSN1968 – 1970Nav
Hanson, GregFTG21968 – 19702nd Division
Brannock, ButchCS-2Jan 10, 1968 – May 8, 1970SUPPLYLooking back what a great time in my life. Out to sea just riden along. Great workouts re-arming, and havn' good times "on-the-beach", playn' TONK, Spades. watchen' movies on the mess-decks, and drinkn' nickel cokes.
Schorey, DougE4Jun 1968 – Feb 1971EngineeringAft Engine Room-Singapore in 1970 was awesome-retired rocket engineer
Kelly, RonnieBM3Dec 1968 – Apr 1972!st
Ball, DarrellRMSA1969 – 1970OC
Clark, Lawson (Sonny)mmcm1969 – 1972uss buchananwant to find everyone 940-781-0973
Falkenhan, MarcRD2Jan 1969 – Jan 1972OIThree WestPac cruises, 69, 70, & 72. Many great memories.
Nightingale, TimCS3Apr 1969 – May 1971Supply
Shumate, John Lawrance "shue"SEAMANJun 1969 – Jun 19727th Fleet
Brower, DavidCYN3Jul 10, 1969 – May 8, 1971Operational CommunicationsAnyone aboard the USS Buchanan DDG14 during 1969 to 1971, please call me at 480-510-6818 or E-mail me at Great ship, great crew!
Anvik, Rollynn (Rolly)GMG3Sep 1969 – Jul 1971ASIt was an incredible time of my life. 17 yrs old, and not yet wet behind the ears. Thanks to F Wild III,J Cordes,G Hummel,R Hollenbroeck,D Beard,S Rehberg,D Malinoff,M Hendrix,C Long and others it was an amazing experience.Thanks & where RU
Nugent, PaulSM2Nov 1969 – Jul 1971OCServed on the Buc westpac June till dec.We were on port and starboard watch and got very little sleep while on gun line and on plane gaurd.Cmdr Greff was co .Fellow sigs Berry.andAppleyard.Good ole ship.Nugent.
Berry, DuaneSignalman 3rd class ( SM3 )Nov 1969 – Jun 1973Operations Communications ( OC Division )HI fellow Navymen. I am on a mission, & that is trying to find a good friend/shipmate that I served with from approximately '70 to '73. His name is Joe Aguilar, he was a Radioman, & he served on the USS Buchanan,thanks !
Wild, FrederickSTG3Nov 15, 1969 – Aug 20, 1971SonarBiggest adventure of my young life. Included time in San Diego, West PAC cruise w/gunline & plane guarding in Viet Namese waters, visits to Hong Kong and Singapore, shellback ceremony. Worked with Dan Beard and Roland Anvic. Great memories.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1969 | 1970 – 1976 | 1977 – 1981 | 1982 – 1986 | 1987 – now

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