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USS Barney (DDG 6) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Barney (DDG 6). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 160 crew members registered for the USS Barney (DDG 6).

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Hamilton, RonYN31962 – 1966Plankowner.
Ondre, CyIC31962 – 1963
Rone, Robert (Bob) profile iconMT21962 – 1963weaponsI was part of the original crew that put the barney in commission. About 1962. We made several shakedown cruses to the Caribbean and wound up in the Cuban mess. I worked with the guided missiles. Interesting times.
Baisler, ThomasRM3Feb 1962 – Aug 1963Plank Owner
Schultz, Eugene ( Gene)bmsnMar 1962 – Jul 19631st divisionMy memories on the barney will last my lifetime.
Pinkerton, Charles "Pinky"BM3Apr 30, 1962 – May 4, 19661st Division, Deck ForceThese were some very exciting times in my life. Made some friends, and enemies. Enjoyed being Captains Gig Coswain.
Scheifele, DennisSEAMANFeb 1963 – Feb 1965FirstServed as a Deckape for 2 years
Kammerer, RobertRD3Jun 10, 1963 – May 20, 1965Radar
Worley, James H profile iconE3 GMGJul 12, 1963 – Oct 196323rdI remember Captain Doak well, and respected him as my commander.
Williams, MikeSN/BMFeb 1964 – Sep 1965DeckFirst sea assignment which I enjoyed
Padgen, MichaelBT 2Mar 1964 – Oct 20, 1967Aft Fireroom
Nida, JamesSKCAug 31, 1964 – Feb 28, 1965SUPPLY
Thompson, Rich (Thom)IC 2Nov 1964 – Jun 1966E
Baker, LouisBT3Nov 18, 1964 – Nov 5, 1967M
Felsinger, Arthur(Art) profile iconRM31965 – 1967RMWestpac
Sudler, Howard "Skip"MM3Jan 1965 – Apr 1967M
Weidel, BobQM 3Jan 1967 – May 1969XNStill have vivid memories of the 1967 WESPAC Cruise. Being aboard Barney for that cruise was a great place for a nineteen year-old to be.
Zacherl, Charles profile iconSTG3Jan 30, 1967 – Sep 10, 19684thAny one else who served on the West Pack Cruise reach me here. Vietnam West-pack Cruise 1967,crossed the date line, kissed the baby swam in trash; Blue Nose cruise 1968 hunting Russian subs between the Ice-burgs then Med
Short, RonFTM-2Sep 1967 – May 1970G
Blackmon, FrankETR3Mar 11, 1968 – Mar 1969ETWas on board for the 1968 med cruise. Was in Barcelona when R Kennedy was shot. Went on liberty with sailors from the USS Scorpion. Upon return to Norfolk, helped search for evidence from Scorpion loss.
Milam, RobertFTM2Apr 16, 1968 – Aug 16, 19693RDFirst ship after A school and C school. Got to see the northern lights above the Arctic Circle and a couple of Med cruises. Part of a NATO exercise and review by the Queen of England. Great shipmates.
Coyne, JoeMMFNDec 22, 1968 – Aug 10, 1970M&B
Daniels, FredETN2/ET11969 – 1971OE
Graham, MichaelRM3Jan 1969 – Mar 1970OC
Strassburg, JimGMM2Mar 9, 1969 – Oct 19733rdI left the Barney over 45 years ago but I still have over a dozen shipmates I still keep in contact with. Good friends good beer nothing better
Champ, WilliamSHSNAug 3, 1969 – Feb 2, 1971Ship Servicemen
Wasser, RobertBT-3Sep 19, 1969 – Nov 1971b divisionHad some good times on the Barney,especially in Palma. Hello to Whelan,tutzoon farino,todd
Rawlins, JimMM3Oct 10, 1969 – Sep 23, 1971Engineering
Schoenack, MikeRD2Oct 30, 1969 – Dec 26, 1972OITin cans are still the best duty in the USN. Great memories, saw a lot of the world no other source would offer. Best memory 1972 Monte Carlo Gran Prix in Monaco.
Capobianco, 'Cap'DDG-6Dec 1969 –2nd
O'Shea, PatrickQM31970 – 1974
Cummings, JohnEM2Jan 1970 – Dec 1970R
Hensley, Bill HensleyFTM1Jan 15, 1970 – Sep 30, 1974ThirdAN/SPS 39 3-D radar. 2 Med cruises, 1 North Atlantic with NATO Squadron, Gitmo, etc. Memory is kind: I remember the many good times, like Christmas in Rome in 1971, Mama Louisa's in Naples, and the red wine there from a 55 gallon drum in back.
Van Dusen, JohnIC3Feb 5, 1970 – May 12, 1973Repair
Cecil, RobertHT3Feb 28, 1970 – Jan 24, 1972R
Stebbins, MikeSTG3Aug 1970 – Nov 19734TH
Culpepper, NeilMM31971 – 1972M
Davis, GeorgeFTG-3Jan 1971 – May 24, 19742nd
Luckette, JohnJun 25, 1971 – Jan 26, 1973SK3

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1971 | 1972 – 1980 | 1981 – 1985 | 1986 – now

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