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USS Lawrence (DDG 4) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Lawrence (DDG 4). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 392 crew members registered for the USS Lawrence (DDG 4).

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Harrison, Benjamin "Frank" Or Pie FaceDDG1969 – 19731stHad a great time. Met a lot of great people, and would like to tell everyone hi!
Diesing, Raymond (Ray)RM31969 – 1972OC
Pilcer, Peter/tubesTM2Jan 1969 – Apr 1971AS
Weber, BillRM2Apr 1969 – Mar 1972OC2 Med cruises, 1 yard period, Cdr. Costello's parrot, glow in the dark yo-yo from the sig bridge, UNREPs & midrats, the apes on top of Gibraltar, DIW near Kithra anchorage, the Bluebird Club, Trieste with no decent radio signal for days
Hofberg, JulienFTG3Jun 1969 – Apr 19712nd2 Med Cruises, 1 Caribbean, surprise Cmd change Costello to Murphy in Civitavecchia, visits to Volos, Kusadashi. What happened to FTGs Wolfe, Cooper, Billy, Rex? Spoke to XO Poindexter recently on his boat in Annapolis.
Brown, MorrisBM-3Jun 15, 1969 – Feb 15, 19731st divvietnam 72-73, Line backer
Broy, KeithSNSep 1969 – 1972Deckchief holder bosn chief little brown
Smith Jr., RobertE-3Sep 1969 – 1973any one with information on the uss lawrence ddg4 please e-mail me.see you at the reunion
Pannachio, JoeSMSNOct 1969 – Jul 19711st then OC
Payne, Bob (Greaseball)e-4Oct 1969 – Dec 1972oiGreat experience. Farelli,Zit,Waco Snake,Donny Waters, Brinker, Fish Lips Coval,Bugs Moran, Pat Finn and the kid we gave a hard time to from Elyria Ohio.Sorry forgot your name.Hope these guys are doing well.
Stivers, DouglasCS2Oct 1, 1969 – Jan 15, 1971SupplyTransfered from the USS Northampton CC1 in October 1969 and a few days later left for Med cruise. Reported on board as a CS3 and worked for CS2 Tolley in the galley. Was known by all the crew under the nickname of "Sally".
Candelaria, VictorHT-3Oct 24, 1969 – Oct 13, 1972R DIVISIONOur Lord has guided me and blessed me for all these years. I am a minister of the Word and would love to hear from any of my old friends from the USS Lawrence DDG-4. God Bless you all!
Zuga, LenLT.Nov 1969 – Jun 1971OperationsNobody here from my era. Med cruise 1970 with Richard Murphy as CO and John Poindexter as X.O. Yes the same one! A great cruise with some great people. Leaping Larry would roll in wet grass according to the Commodore.
Poole, CraigRM31970 – 1972Radio CentralMy first ship assignment after Radioman "A" school in Bainbridge, Maryland. My first Med Cruise, Ah - smelly, raunchy Naples ! We were the last US squadron to visit Malta.
Wellman, James OakieIC31970 – 1973
Franks, KenRM11970 – 1974OCJust found this site and looking to see if there's anyone who's name I recognized.
Robberson, Dave / RobbyFTM1Jan 1, 1970 – Jul 1, 1975FoxLtcdr John Poindexter was our executive officer. He became National Security Advisor under Reagan. He was by the book when xo. I was the Senior sailor when I was transferred. 65 months on the Lawrence.
Hurlbut, Kenneth- ScuttlebuttSh3Jan 21, 1970 – Jul 3, 1973SupplyMany great memories and many great shipmates. Being part of the ship's band was great, listening to enemy shells exploding while loading a magazine for return fire was intense. I made a lot of Good friends.
Beerman, JimSHL2Apr 1970 – Jul 1971SupplyMy memories of the "Leapin' Larry" include lots of sea time..."Heavy Rolling," corkscrewing, submerged then airborne, strapped to a pole in CIC keeping surface contact charts...the Commodore's stinky, rotten cigar,,,ahh, the
Brown, MorrisBm/3Apr 14, 1970 – Feb 15, 1973Frist divisionlooking forBM/2 Jaudon, sn Rhodes
Bjur, Daryle ( B.j.)PNSNMay 15, 1970 – Aug 1, 1974Navigation/OIREFTRA GITMO, NAM cruise, missions over shit river bridge, sinking rice bags, linebacker stricks, all 11 days. Being part of the leaping Larry. DGUTS. What ever happened to LCDR Powers and his stinkin pipe?
Arndts, JimRD3Jun 1970 – May 5, 1973OIGreat group of guys, Nam cruise, Guitmo, Med Cruise, always on the go. Hell of a football team in '71, still have the squadron trophy somewhere.
Eastlack, FrankPC3Jul 1970 – Aug 1971N.Atlantic/subs great job sonar escort Naut.20ftsea toBlockIs. wentthruherinCT.2003'71Spring Board&Med.COMurphy&Comm.grPortsGuys Thanks for Great Memories
Alford, GeorgeE6Aug 10, 1970 – Aug 11, 1974RI am retired from the service with 34 years counting the Navy, Air Force Res. and Active duty, and the Air Narional Guard. I would love to hear from old buddies from the Navy.
Furino, FrankYN3Oct 29, 1970 – Aug 6, 1971operationsi worked as operation Yeoman and also the ships offe. We left for the med Cruise jan 1970.i habe a cruise book for the med cruise and moives of refueling and ship activites and ports of call.
Doyle, PaulEM4Dec 15, 1970 – Jun 10, 1971E DivisionI fully enjoyed my time aboard Lawrence during it's 71' Med Cruise. I enjoyed serving under Engineering Office Lt. Scovanner.
Abbott, John R.FTM21971 – 1975FOXWe made 2 major cruises while I was on board. One to Viet Nam and a Mid East cruise. Not everything was great, but I have more good memories than bad. If I had it to do all over again I would.
Rowley, Bob (Rock),RD3/OS31971 – 1972OIPortsmouth (the Yards), Damneck (gunfire support school, anti-sub warfare), Mayport, Panama Canal, Hawaii, Olongopo, Vietnam, etc. Remembering the old Radar Gang: Arndts, Payne, Coval, Curtis, Hanna, Greco, Lewis, and others.
Cressey, OrrinEM31971 – 1975Ehave alot of good memories of good times and good people Hong Kong, Singapore, Olongapo McComas,Parrott,Pierce,Hall get in touch okay
Borowiec, VictorET3Mar 17, 1971 – Sep 27, 1973OperationsA Med cruise and gitmo when we had Cap'n Crunch, going dead in the water passing the russians in the Med
Pieklik, MarkPC3Apr 29, 1971 – Feb 1973Served as the ships postal clerk. Now working as a electrician for a major utility in New York state.Viet Nam Gitmo and dry dock Life experience I'll never forget. Would enjoying hearing from some of the crew.
Marsh, BobSTG2May 1971 – Sep 1975SONARCaught the ship in the MED, then to the Yards in Portsmouth, then to GITMO, then to NAM, finally to the Middle East. Played on the ship football and softball teams.
Zimmerman, JohnRM2May 9, 1971 – Mar 7, 1972OCMed Cruise, Dead in water near Kithra anchorage, no radio signal for days near Trieste, port and starboard duty due to lack of personnel, Chief John Paul Mcquitty (sp), US Govt retired, 36 yrs honorable service
Loveless, MarkFTG3Jun 15, 1971 – Aug 16, 1974FoxGTMO followed by WestPac in 1972 to the cease fire in early 1973. Served with great people.
Cothern, DonaldCtrsnAug 1971 – Oct 1973OsI came onboard and found out you guys were headed for nam. I was hoping for a med cruse, had just got back from nam. Remembering Hanna banana,Greco,Monty,Derosa and all you guys in radar. Had some good times.
Crawford, Jamesrm3Sep 1971 – Feb 4, 1974ochey monty you out there
Holz, DavidQM3Sep 16, 1971 – Jun 15, 1975NavigationServed aboard the Leaping Larry Boat in Viet Nam / the Middle East. Participated in the First International Invatational Jacks Chamionship while underway in the Persian Gulf (Arabian Sea). I was GQ QM of the watch and wrote the history for four years
Ambrose, BrianRDSNOct 3, 1971 – Oct 3, 1973OINam Cruise, Monty from (Philly) if you read this send me an e-mail,
Monacella, Jim /montyRDSNOct 3, 1971 – Sep 22, 1973OILots of good times, both on the ship and off. Good friends too Orrin B. Cressey, Brian Ambrose, Dennis Metheny, Jim Arndts to name a few. Hope you guys are doing fine. Hard to believe its been so long.
Dees, LewisMM2Oct 15, 1971 – Mar 17, 1975MGreat tour
Derosa, GeepRDNov 1971 – Jul 1973OperationsMonty, Monty, Monty. Long long time. I haven't contacted anyone in all these years. I remember hanging with you, Smitty, Cressy, Collins, Hanna (banana)...... the memories come flooding back. Wish I could go back.
Finazzo, Anthony/tonyEWCNov 1, 1971 – Jun 20, 1973
McCoy, Johnny (Mac)HTFNNov 1, 1971 – May 25, 1973R
Baughman, MikeSM3Nov 10, 1971 – Nov 10, 1973OCWest Pac 72 Linebacker Hi Phong, N, Vietnam coast Christmas week 72. What a lot of noise we made! Remember SMC Snarr? Almost 40 years! Hard to beleive. Best wishes to all.
Swartz, CharlieSTG1Nov 19, 1971 – Dec 8, 1972Fox
Diesing, Joe-iBM3Dec 1971 – Nov 19731stCame aboard in the yard... Then GTMO....Then to NAM.. Yazoo the whole mountain is falling. The DGUTS Rice Patrol. Watch my Afterburner.50 Cal Machine Guns on the ASROC deck. Brother duty with RM3 Ray Diesing.Being scared Christmas week '72

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1963 | 1964 – 1968 | 1969 – 1971 | 1972 – 1974 | 1975 – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – now

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