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USS Arneb (AKA 56) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Arneb (AKA 56). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 26 crew members registered for the USS Arneb (AKA 56).

Hebbe, JohnRMN3Feb 18, 1952 – Oct 22, 1953Communications Communications were in Morse Code. Bell-bottomed dress blues, pea-coats and flat hats were the stuff memories were made of. RMN, QMQ and QMS strikers then. No more right arm shoulder stripes for Seamen/Firemen.
Ed Francischelli, Skelly36RM31956 – 1958OperationsThe playing of my 4000 feet of film taken during the cruise brings back fond memories.
Fischer, ArthurQM3Sep 1959 – Sep 1, 1961NavagationWonder how Ronald Schneider from Niles ,Ohio is doing. I was on board for Deep Freeze 60 & 1961 Had a bad storm coming out of Antartica around Feb. I was on watch and we rolled to one degree of capsizing in 40 ft. seas
Sander, SkipLTJG1961 – 1961OIPutting a reunion together! Send email for info.
Nichols, Wayne profile iconBT21961 – 1962BMy Dad, Wayne A Nichols, was on board 1961-1962.
Silvis, Earl RedBT 3Aug 2, 1961 – Jul 28, 1964B DivisonOld Arneb ship mates I would like to hear from you. ROUNDS if you are out there give me a shout.
Snipes, William ( Bill )ENMay 10, 1965 – Jun 6, 1966A DivisionI sure remember all the hot steamy nights aboard the relic.
Kovar, Russcyn3Sep 11, 1965 – Sep 23, 1965rmMet many good friends as a deck hand and working with the radio crew
Crosier, CroRM3Oct 5, 1965 – Nov 5, 1967OperationsWould like to hear from other Ops personnel
Reynolds, HaroldSM4Oct 7, 1965 – Feb 1, 1967
Andryusky, BillETN21966 – 1967Operations
Trousdale, Gavin "Gabby"RD3May 12, 1967 – Dec 1967OperationsWent to Getmo for fleet training . Got me orders after return to states.
Broad, RobertE-2Sep 1967 – May 19686th fleetlooking for that crew esp. Willie Audifre
Mongillo, LincolnSN3Nov 15, 1967 – Aug 14, 1968DeckWorked as deck crew struck as RD
Hoelck, Charles profile iconGMG3Jan 1968 – Jun 19714thI went on 4 Med cruises, Caribbean cruise and the Apollo 7 weekend in Bermuda. Many good memories.
Morse, JoeRMOct 17, 1968 – Jan 17, 1970Operations Radio
Daum, WesleyBT21969 – 1971Engineering
Weirich, Stevemm3Jan 1969 – Sep 30, 1971machinist mateit was a real experience serving on this old ship-saw alot of things-did alot of things-went to alot of countries,ports,cities-met alot of good men. god bless you all.
Correll, WayneQMSNAug 1969 – 1971navigationA heavy old boat that did her job and I was a 17 year old kid
Lowman, LarryIC2Oct 1969 – Aug 15, 1971E DivisionWas IC2 for last two Med cruises on ther Arneb
Teters, GaryETN 2May 10, 1970 – May 1971OELooking for a couple of shipmates
Bertsch, RonSK2May 25, 1970 – Aug 12, 1971Supply DeptWorked in the supply office as the OPTAR records keeper, ordered Ship's supplies, managed ship's budget. If you wanted something ordered you had to come to me. Steve Whynot worked in this office when he wasn't seasick :)
Whynot, StephenSKSNAug 30, 1970 – Aug 29, 1971SupplyCommissary Records Keeper during my year aboard. Phone Talker on Hatch #4. Looking for those who served on the final Med Cruise of LKA-56.. Where are you?? Would like to see pictures - obtain address' of former crew...
Hake, DaveQM3Sep 1970 – Aug 1971navigationThe wandering Arneb, great ole lady. Made the last Med cruise she ever did. Stayed with her right to the end at Little Creek Decom time. Bruce Groneman, Chief Whitley,Ted Brown, Wayne Correll, Hardy Lord. Learned a lot!
Ryan, KevinbtfnOct 1970 – Aug 1971b divisioncould not believe was going to the same ship that was on the wall of the mess deck at Great Lakes ROTC, Feel like i became a part of her history ,her last and final cruise to the med.

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