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USS Mahan (DDG 72) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mahan (DDG 72). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 102 crew members registered for the USS Mahan (DDG 72).

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Voge, LeeRM21986 –OCWow...interesting to see so many shippies who did time aboard the Mahan...
Dillon, JeffEM2Mar 1988 – Mar 1991E DivisionHad a great experience onboard Mahan. A lot of life lessons learned in such a short period of time. Allen, Adkins, Pridgeon, Stahl, Tripp hope life has been good to you. It has been excellent for me, Thompson Still F
Frost, PaulFC1Jun 18, 1996 – 1998CIWSRetired from the Navy. This was my last ship. It was a difficult time for me as I had been through a lot on the USS Iowa Turret explosion in 1989. I am a futures trader in Tennessee.
Stieger-walden, ZoieFC1(AW)Sep 1996 – Mar 1998CF01Miss you guys so much. I got my sea service from Med cruise on another DDG, but Mahan was & is always "my ship." Working together to build the crew and man the ship was one of the best times of my live!
Venn, Albert, Al, "3mc"ENCOct 14, 1996 – Sep 1, 2000EXE/NAV/3MCGreat crew great ship, did another precom because the Mahan was so much fun. Best maiden voyage I've ever been on. Can't wait for the reunion!!
Loss, Charles (Chuck)SMCDec 1996 – Aug 1999NAVGreat ship and crew! My first tour as a CPO. Best bunch of Chiefs there ever will be.
Bachhuber, AjFC31997 –Combat
Melendez, LissetEM3 - SH3Jan 1, 1997 – Aug 1, 1999ElectricalPlankowner. Being a crewmember on the Mahan was at once an empowering and humbling experience. There were some things I would do different if I could turn back time, but I feel honored to have served onboard the Mahan and miss the Navy.
Bleiler, ThomasDKC(SW)Jan 4, 1997 – Feb 20, 2001S-4 DisbursingPRECOMM-the most rewarding duty aqssignment in the Navy. Thanks for all the great memories.
Schoeck, GeneEW2Jan 19, 1997 – Mar 1, 2000OT01I was the Lead EW Tech. Pre-commed Mahan. We had one hell of a tight crew. Best Crew I've worked with yet.
Williams, JordanDC2Feb 1997 – Nov 2000ENG/RPlankowner! Reported as FA Williams, Rang ashore as DC2. Had a great time on the first deployment. Great memories, of the crew and friends i made and still have. Changed my life.
Lambiris, Andre (Andreas)STG1Feb 1997 – Jan 2002CA"PLANK OWNER" Best wishes to all who served and serve on the MAHAN. God bless us and our country! Keep us all healthy and strong.
Alexander, An"Drew"FC1(SW)Feb 7, 1997 – Jul 27, 2001COThis was my first ship and my best ship. Us Plankowners were the bomb! Med-cruise was awesome. 17 port visits with only 4 working,awesome! Pink Palace, Palma, and Ibiza rule! Captain James and Yohe were great COs.This ship is the reason I stayed in.
Clarke, ChrisGMM1Mar 1997 – Jul 2000CX/CM/CFPLANKOWNER
Cox, JohnSTG1(SW)Mar 1997 – Feb 2001CAMahan was by far the best ship I was on during my career and is the reason I was able to pick up Chief. I still have fond memories of my time aboard, and hope the crews who follow will take care of her as we did.
Williams, JordanFN-DC2Mar 1997 – Nov 2000RepairPlankowner on board. Made first deployment as DC2 Ships Firemarshall. Keeping in touch with all my Plankowner Shipmates. There needs to be a Mahan renuion for us!!
Hornberger, ChrisBM2 (SW)Mar 1, 1997 – Oct 15, 1999OD01I was the "Boats with the Most." I am not too sure where that came from but if you are a Plankowner, I was the guy who Officially Piped you aboard the ship in Tampa. I have also remained Best of Friends with BM3 Jerde aka Short Chub.
Steuernagel, CristianBM 3Mar 10, 1997 – Oct 11, 1999OD01
Hernandez, Frederick "Cheech"HT1 (SW)Mar 20, 1997 – Apr 22, 2001ENG/RPlankowner. First command.Great memories, awesome crew. Proud to have served on a great ship. Made its first Med-Cruise. "Don't give up the ship".
Archie, BrandieSH3Mar 23, 1997 – Sep 20, 1999OD1I Was the Arch deluxe I enjoyed the ship and everyone there
Quick, CherryFC2Apr 7, 1997 – Jul 30, 2001Combat Systems CF01As a plankowner, being a crew member on board the Mahan was a great and memorable experience. I learned a lot about the Navy and myself.
Childers, ScottFC1(SW)May 1997 – Sep 1999
Saylor, MatthewSK2May 1997 – Sep 22, 2000S1 - Supply SupportLoved this command and the Sailor's I served with!
Sporer, Clintone1May 1, 1997 – Sep 19, 1997en
Ross, RobinBMCMay 26, 1997 – Aug 24, 1999Deck
O'Connor, Stephen (Pete)PNCS(SW/AW)Jun 1997 – Feb 2001XPLANKOWNER! I commissioned her. What a great tour of duty! What an experience. Made many great friends in MAHAN; boy what a crew we had!
Collins, JasonOS 1 (SW)Jun 15, 1997 – Aug 28, 1999OperationsI came back and did a second tour. 2004 - 2007, in which time I servered an I.A. in Iraq
Restivo, AnthonyFC2 (SW)Aug 1997 – Dec 2001CF
McGuire, MikeGSM2(SW)Aug 10, 1997 – Feb 1, 2000MP MER 2Member of the commision crew and Mer 2. Who else onboard made second, busted to E-3, 5 months later made JSOQ, capped back to third, recived my EOOW qualification( first E-6 and below),made second class, then medically retired from the navy
Lane, MarvinOS2/OS1Aug 12, 1997 – Jun 21, 2002OIPlankOwner
Butcher, RobertGAS TURBINE SYSTEM TECH. MECH 1ST CLASSAug 25, 1997 – Apr 18, 2003Main Propulsion MER 2 LPOServing on the MAHAN was the best part of my career. I consider it the best ship in the fleet. After leaving her I often wondered how MY engine room was doing. All the best to the sailors who serve on her now! GSMC(ret) Rob Butcher
Watters, Danny (Ricky)STG2Sep 1997 – Jan 2002CAThis is easily the best ship and crew I have ever served with! I had a lot of good times and will never top Med cruise 2000! I owe all you STG's for where I am now.
Rogers, James /jim/ RogFCSN - FC2(SW)Sep 29, 1997 – Mar 2, 2002CGPLANKOWNER!!! The best ship in the fleet. Made a lot of life long friends.
Hudson, Michael (Hud)STG1(SW)Oct 17, 1997 – Feb 22, 2001CAAs a Plankowner I learned some valuable lessons and worked with a great bunch of guys. STGCM you taught me allot even though I hate to admit it. Shout out to Cox, Lambo, Jake, Darren, Rob, Bean, Vaughn, Henry, Bernice, Sean, DC2 and all my B-7 peeps.
Minamyer, KarlCTR1(SW)Nov 1997 – Jul 3, 2001OT02Made Maiden Med Cruise in 2000, along with many work ups and exercises. Currently in Arlington VA at Joint Task Force Global Network Operations after a tour in Hawaii. Mahan was the best tour I have had.
Barnes, JenFC2Nov 1997 – Oct 1998CF02Wasn't there for all that long... due to some unfortunate circumstances... BUT - while I was there, I had the time of my life! Best job I ever had...
Burrell III, Reginald "b-mo"QM3(SW)Nov 4, 1997 – Sep 11, 2000NXFact : First black QM. That should be a trivia question (lol). I was probably the most troublesome one of the the original crew but I came around. shout outs to SMC LOSS and my main man ENC VENN. wouldn't have made it. Hornberger... wow lo
Cruse, CorbettFC21998 – 2002I had a great time on this ship especially for the first cruise. That cruise goes down in history for me. Like they say though "We'll miss the people not the ship" Im counting the days until get out so wish me luck.
Worrell, EddieE61998 – 2000CS
Heffernan, BillSTG2Jan 5, 1998 – Nov 20, 2001CAPlankowner. I feel that serving on the MAHAN is the reason that I made E-6. I miss the crew and my experience on the MAHAN is the reason that I am doing another Pre-COMM (USS KIDD DDG-100)
Scott, JamesGSM2Mar 29, 1998 – Apr 5, 2002MPGood ship and crew. Did my first MED Cruise on here in 2000. I saw 4 different CO's and 4 different XO's.
Adair, RungthipPS3Jun 28, 1998 – Aug 8, 2001ADMIN DIVISIONi MISS ALL YOU GUYS!!!
Hanson, MarkOS2(SW)Dec 7, 1998 – Feb 23, 2003OIOverall a great ship despite a few things...The good outweighs the bad. The two med cruises were great!

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