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USS Barry (DDG 52) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Barry (DDG 52). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 180 crew members registered for the USS Barry (DDG 52).

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Shingleton, Daniel, "Shingy"OS2 (SW)Jan 23, 2000 – Oct 1, 2004OIMcCails Navy revisited. Serving with the crew of Team Barry had it's ups and downs, but we stuck it out. And I made it!
Wilson, Tamara J.PO2Jan 26, 2000 – Jan 29, 2002iopplooking for someold friends
Amos, WayneEM2Apr 15, 2000 – Jan 2, 2003Electricail Division
Prescott, NickIT2 (SW)May 1, 2000 – Oct 1, 2004OC2 sets of work ups, 2 deployments, 4 and a half years onboard. Over 22 months spent at sea. But meeting the people I have and seen the places I've been to made it all priceless.
Prescott, NickIT2 SWMay 1, 2000 – Sep 15, 2004OperationsSome of the best and worst memories of my life happened on this ship.
Bishop, ThomasSNMay 27, 2000 – Feb 2002Best Command I was ever with.
Deleon, Michael (Mike D)E5 / STG2Oct 2000 – Jan 2006CA
Deleon, Mike D/deez NutsSTG2 (SW)Nov 2000 – Jan 2005CA/Carne Asada Ese'The Barry was "Jurasic Park" when I reported, then the expertise of myself made the ship shine like 'DeeZ'. I had a good time with the crew. Awesome crew...BentDiesel, Buckles, WayakiTalki,Arm Pitt, Dubbs, Diarrea, and the rest of D&#
Dennis, DaveGSE2(SW)2001 – 2002EMO4Great Ship, Great Crew, hey guys that little injury ended up being serious it turns out I accually had broken my neck! 3 surgeries so far and Retired at 70%, I miss you all.
Lewis, PeterET32001 – 2003CEMade alot of memories, some good, some bad. Oh well making alot more money out in the real world, but kinda miss seeing the world.Email....
Legere, ThomasBM2Jan 4, 2001 – May 28, 2004OD-01Thank you to everybody for the fantastic memories! not a day goes by I don't think of that ship and the wonderful people on it. Ed Kelly, Will Parker, Fred Bliss, Luis Silverio, John Bulger, Jamie Andrews, Will Adams, Mick Tyrrell, thanks!
Lewetzki (Now Flanagan), LizFC2(SW)Jan 14, 2001 – May 18, 2004CF & CXBARELY FLOATIN'! Definitely an experience that I will not forget. Hi to everyone! Married to DC1 (now DCC) Flanagan. Didn't see that one coming. Out of the Navy on disability. e-mail:
Emmart, FredCS2/E-5Jan 15, 2001 – Jan 1, 2003s-2/s-5was on the Barry for my first time remember all the good times and things.. met a lot of very nicer personnell..and had many great memoriers... Then i came back to the Barry for another term again after Dalhgren VA...
Carter, JasonHM3Sep 12, 2001 – Mar 15, 2003Deck
Jimenez, RobertoSK2(SW)Sep 21, 2001 – Nov 8, 2005S-1Stationed there for too long, but it was ok, made some friends, some enemies, and the rest i just didn't mind. Now stationed in Key West, making some friends, some enemies, and the rest we'll see.
Johnson, JimLT2002 – 2004MP
Hayton, StevenIT2Feb 14, 2002 – Jan 6, 2006OCPerhaps one of the best ships in the fleet best of luck to you all
Pittenger, BenjaminSTG2Mar 2002 – Apr 2006CAHad some great times and not great times, but overall awesome experience. MET SOME GREAT FOLKS! MIKE D WHY IS EVERYBODY IN CA ALL TIED UP....
Roberts, John (Bob)ET2/E5Jun 2002 – Jun 2006CEBob here. I'm still in and will retire in about 12+ years. Teaching Link at Dam Neck and loving it. Enjoyed my time on the Barry sometimes. Even the bad times were not so bad looking back.
Halderson, PaulSNJul 26, 2002 – Jun 28, 20041stBMC Jones best chief I ever had. Of course 1st ship. I hope I learn from this ship and never forget what it taught me.
Lachat, TonySK2Nov 17, 2002 – Aug 8, 2006S-1You will all be missed
Gutknecht, KlausEWC(SW)May 2003 – Apr 2006OW
Whitesell, GrantCTT1(SW)Jun 2003 – Jan 2008OTI will always be proud of the people I served with on that clunker, and what we were able to accomplish together. I wouldn't trade a single moment, good or bad. Fair winds and following seas.
Perdew, JonathanFC3Jun 2003 – Sep 2005CFGood enlisted and lower officers. CO was good when I arrived, but new CO was not.
Meimaroglou, Christos / M11FC2Jun 25, 2003 – Aug 7, 2007CFLooking back, I wouldn't have wanted to serve our nation and see the world any other way than with the crew of BARRY.
McNamara, PaulGSM2Nov 2003 – Mar 4, 2008MPWell while on board I had good times and really bad times but the best part about it was the friends I made. When I first made it to the boat it was great but when I left it was horrable and I hear it is getting worse.
Walston, OliviaGSM3Nov 18, 2003 – Sep 23, 2005MP
Belay, AdamE5/QMMar 24, 2004 – Oct 31, 2006NXI wish I could say my time onboard Barry was a great one but that wasn't the case at all. The enlisted crew was great but the upper chain of command was the worse I have ever worked under. The QM gang was the best I worked with.
Shayler II, HowardITSNJan 18, 2005 – Jan 18, 2008OC01As my first ship it seems nice and most people on board are really dedicated to their jobs. To note I hear some of the best CS's are stationed on board.
Teoli, AaronGSM3Mar 7, 2005 – Sep 20, 2008MP
Allred, DanielleET3Aug 24, 2005 – Sep 9, 2009CEIf you are just talking about enlisted people we all get along and work well together, then you throw the upper chain in the mix and it all goes to hell...we are in luck though change of command soon!
Kelley, MarkET3Sep 19, 2005 –CEThis is my first ship and everyone here seems to be pretty cool so far.
Addair, DavidDCFNSep 28, 2005 –Well when i first got here R-div was alright, now it has become a bunch of whiney, back stabbing homos. Outside of the division the ship is shaping up a lot of good people coming in.
Ellis, MeganE4Dec 3, 2005 – Jul 1, 2006
McKnight, MariaFCApr 20, 2006 – Apr 2009
Bates, WilliamSTG3May 14, 2006 – Nov 15, 2006CAFirst cruise, 2008 will be better, world tour sounds good
Russell, GregCSSNJun 1, 2006 – Nov 16, 2007SUPPLY/S-2The ship has a great crew but terrible leaders...very selfish and unreliable often using the navy as a scapegoat rather than for pride. Terrible Drill scedule Tuesday and Friday first thing in the morning!. But the CS's made it all worth i
Kihlmire, BryanDC2Aug 8, 2007 – Jun 8, 2008ERI... I dont know what to do with my hands....
McIntosh, AppleOS3Feb 25, 2008 – Jul 26, 2011OIThere were good times and bad ones. I really like the Navy, It was fun but it is time to move on in my life, it isn't for everyone.
Walston, JasonLTOct 1, 2012 –CE

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