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USS Hayler (DD 997) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hayler (DD 997). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 501 crew members registered for the USS Hayler (DD 997).

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Houck, Daniel/danimalET2(SW)1988 – 1993CESometimes I miss the sailors and sea. Shoot me an email and say hi. I often fish at sea and it reminds me every time of the days in the Navy.
Owens, AnthonyYN3Jan 1988 – Dec 1989Admin
Cobb, Joseph (Joe)RM2Jan 1, 1988 – Jul 15, 1991OCGreat ship
Hancock, MarkBM2SWFeb 16, 1988 – Feb 16, 19911STFlightquarters Flightquarters
Newman, Raymond A.k.a. WildcatOS3Mar 16, 1988 – Feb 22, 1991OIIt was a good ship. I was on board the night we got hit by the German oiler, HMS Rhon. Glad everyone survived that one.
Buckner, DavidBM2Mar 17, 1988 – Apr 1, 1992Deck/1stGood ship, good times. Sad to hear was sunk as a target fall of 04
Deavila, Rodolfo "cheech"QM2May 5, 1988 – Jun 7, 1990
Scheuring, JohnAE2Jun 1988 – Jul 1988Helo Detwas in HS-3 helo det in 1988. could not believe we had our SH-3H helicopter on board. It was fun being on a destroyer instead of aircraft carrier. I had to leave ship when we hit port at Narvik Norway due to father's death.
Loshaw, JeffreyPH2Jun 1, 1988 – Dec 15, 1988Stanavforlant/Independent dutyHey all, I was that crazy PH that was 10 feet from the collision of the Rhoen (listening to the Pete Townsend song 'Somebody Saved Me' at the moment of impact) when Capt. Crunch came down and assesed the!!!
Pendris, ThomasGSESep 13, 1988 –Machinery divisionWho could ever forget playing tag with the german oiler!
Abraham, TerryAD2 (AW)Sep 16, 1988 – Mar 5, 1989Air
Constable, JamesSTG1Oct 1988 – Nov 1991CAAny one remember STGC McNulty?
Cox, RickFC2(SW)Oct 1988 – Nov 1992CSG3Will never forget the TeamWreck '88 and UNITAS '90 and Mad Dog. What a Skipper! Was saddened to her she's with Davey Jones.
Norgren, RichardTM3Dec 1988 – May 1989CSSNewest ship I got to serve on, only made one cruise before my shoulder blew out.
Valdez, MichaelYNC1989 – 1991OX
Ortiz, AngelFN1989 – 1993M
King, KeleyRM2Jan 1989 – Jun 1993OCLoved that ship, great experience, I can't believe they sunk her!
Morris, John BMsnMar 17, 1989 – Jun 7, 1992OperationsRemember Coleman, Wiatre, ,Robinson, Harris,Clay, Davidson, Goodman, Patrick, and many others from UNITAS XXXI
Manifold, SonnyBM3Aug 1989 – Nov 19921st DivHad some great times with the crew!
McMillan, RichardOS2Aug 14, 1989 – Jan 19, 1993OI Div.Some of the best times of my life. I served with some of the best guys on the planet. I hope all of you during the day are doing well in life. Feel free to contact me anytime.
Oneal, BillFC2Aug 22, 1989 – Aug 22, 1995FC
Cooper, Terrencerm3Sep 1, 1989 – Nov 20, 1992oc
Stokes, TimBMSNOct 17, 1989 – Apr 19, 1993!st deck dogGreat times on the ship. Lots of at sea time. Good friends made.
McGovern, H. KennedyGSENov 1989 – Oct 4, 1992Remember the Green House!!
McGovern, H. KennedyGSENov 1989 – Oct 1992MIgnore previous entry for me. I put my info in years ago, back in college, and none of the contact info is valid anymore. In fact, I don't even remember the e-mail address and password to change it...had to do this 2nd entry.
Spires, JesseSNDec 9, 1989 –SeamanHad a great career and fun Unitas deployment was great really enjoyed the crew and made friends....great ship.
Spires, JesseSMDec 20, 1989 – Feb 3, 19931ST DIVISIONTo the fun times we had on UNITAS-To drydock in Maine I had a good time and made lots of friends.A salute to everyone who served on this great ship....Jesse Spires
Card, JeffOS2SWDec 26, 1989 – Mar 23, 1993OPSGreat memories and good times on-board. Lots of crazy times South America.
Matlock, TobyRM2\IT1Dec 31, 1989 – Dec 31, 1993OC
Toliver, Terry "Tee"SH31990 – 1992
Pierce, PaulSM31990 – Apr 1994OPSBest time of my life. Fond memories far outweigh the bad. Saw the world, made many friends, a few enemies( What was the name of that TOOL MAC? Jeez that guy was a clown). MS3 Ditmeyer from Haagerstown where are you man?
Owens, Michael profile iconE4/EM3Jan 1990 – Apr 1993Engineering
Goodman, RicoSNJan 1, 1990 – Jun 1, 1992
Hamby, Chris / HamboneGSM3Jan 15, 1990 – Feb 1, 1991EMy family for a while. I miss all you guys. Betts, you and Elrod trained me well. Times I will never forget. Clean the white paint off the LOCOP Perkins.
Robinson, MichaelBM3May 1, 1990 – May 1, 1993Deck DivisionFlashback!
Davison, BradyATANJun 1990 – Dec 1990Target Drone Detachment VC-6Aboard during Unitas XXXI 1990
Huff, TracyOS2(SW)Jul 1990 – May 1994Operations I had a blast in the fours years and two deployments on the best ship in the Navy. Alot of memories. I was sad to hear that she was decommissioned and sunk as a target. Not the best way for a great ship like her to go.
Hendricks, ChrisCTT1 (THEN SK2)Oct 1990 – Feb 1994SupplyMany fond memories of crew and being onboard Hayler. Loved VBSS Ops and being a SAR swimmer. "Mad Dog" Fred Bertsch was the best skipper I ever had.
Mathias, MichaelFC3Oct 7, 1990 – Jun 23, 1992CMChecked onboard during UNITAS-90. Then took her to Portland, Maine
Tiernan, Bernard "Beeno"ISC(SW)Nov 1990 – Feb 1993OW/OIBack then I was EW2(SW). Great crew and ship. Learned alot and have great memories.
Burch, JohnSN/QM3Nov 1990 – Jul 1993Deck/NAV/AdminGreat times with friends. I was really blessed to served on this great ship with my cousin Derrick Dix who represented the engineering dept. He was an electrician.
Thompson, ShannonFC2(SW)Dec 1990 – Dec 1995CM/CG

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