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USS Deyo (DD 989) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Deyo (DD 989). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 636 crew members registered for the USS Deyo (DD 989).

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Jones, BillyDS#1994 – 1996CEmy first and only ship.... Great experience, great people, and great times...
Duerr, DamonET2(SW)Jan 1994 – Mar 1998CEHow sad she's gone. The best experience in my life, hands down. The best people, the best ship, the worst food. I miss the real ocean, 3000 miles out where most people never see. I miss my shipmates. Godspeed to everyone.
Lata, DavidE-3/SIGNALMANJan 1, 1994 – Aug 22, 1997OperationsStill think about my Deyo days after all these years. Someone should put together a reunion! Deyo soccer team was the best especially drinking after games. "We should have one that night game against USS Stump!" Hello Signal Gang!!!!!
Lemon, HowardOS3Jan 4, 1994 – Mar 1, 1997OII had a great time on Deyo. We had quite the crew then. OSCS Masters and OSC Bronson, you guys were the best thanks for keeping it real. Dan, Mike C, Paul D, Blank, Hart, Kirkman, Pfunk, Riley, thanks for the years. It was crazy.
Robertson, CharlesETC (SW)Mar 1, 1994 – Mar 3, 1997CEGreat folks, Good ship
Hix, DominicQM1Mar 4, 1994 – May 3, 1996Nav/AdminThis is the ship what drove me back out of the Navy!
Hix, DominicQM1Mar 9, 1994 – May 9, 1996NavigationThat ship caused the back of my head to go bald and drove me out of the Navy!
Wilson, DarrenE-4 / RM3Mar 13, 1994 – Dec 20, 1996COMMUNICATIONHAD A GREAT TIME
Buck, JeffreyYN3Apr 1994 – Oct 1997NXHate to see the ship have that fate. Miss most of you guys. Don't miss some, though.
Johnson, Jeff/liljE-5Apr 10, 1994 – Sep 10, 1998OCOC Div. ruled:Leonard Powell, Ron Burns, Ben Phinazee, Terrance Threat, Raymond Rice, Dennis Bowles, Darren Wilson, Steve Downs, Mark White, Greg Adams, Rodney Nutter, Heeter, Richard Johnson, EMAIL ME GUYS:
Hoyt, DonaldEN3May 21, 1994 – Feb 17, 1996A-Ganghi all.. had a great time on deyo, sad to see it is gone.she was my last command. i now live back in hornell, n.y. my e-mal is for those who want to get in touch with me.
Lipsit, WilliamSTG2Jul 1994 – Dec 7, 1997CA
Harper, RichardE5/OS2Jul 1, 1994 – Apr 1, 1998OIHello all, Think of my shipmates often, would enjoy re-connecting! Hope to hear from you soon, Harps
Seymore, JessET2Jul 20, 1994 – Jul 22, 1999CEGreat ship, better crew. Shaped me as a Sailor and led me to levels of debauchery I have not again achieved! I miss everybody from the crew!
Boyer, ChristopherE-4Aug 16, 1994 – May 12, 1997DeckThe sunk it!! I just want to know where. I don't know why I want to know, I just want to know. Feel free to get in touch or share sea stories. Living in North Carolina now. Miss the open sea from the flight deck.
Hunt, LeithSTG2Sep 1994 – Jul 1999Great crew, and great memories.
Sherick, PhillipDECK SEAMAN/TM3Sep 1994 – Jun 1997Deck/CSHad fun while I served my time. I was young (17) when I joined, so I got my early adult years out of the way on the Deyo. I grew up a lot in those 3 years. Shocked to read that they sunk my ship. Bastards!!! I hope the CO was aboard!!!
Trimble, MarkFC2(SW)Oct 1994 – Aug 1996CGIn time all of the BS fades away. I just recently found out she was decomm'd have to admit I felt bad. Deyo was a great time in my life, Would love to hear from some of my fellow shipmates.
Caldwell, KevinSNOct 1994 – Nov 1997DeckWas the best ship in the Navy if you ask me. Lots of good times.
Garcia, FernandoSNOct 16, 1994 – Jul 20, 1997deckgentleman its been a long time since I've been on his boat and I truly miss it my only regret is leaving the boat back in 1997
Hill, Wes 'Weazel'GSM 3Nov 1994 – Aug 6, 1997M DivsionLearned alot end made friends i will never forget
Miller, Brian KIT1 (SW)Nov 15, 1994 – May 5, 2003OC/ADPLoved the ship, best command I have been to. Sad to see her go..GREAT crew would love to hear from old shipmates
Payad, MelnerSNNov 17, 1994 – May 1997OD/ Deck Div. / MedicalI had good /bad times,but the good times with the crew personnel were the best.Got to the drive expensive ship!How often you do that in your life or navy career?Struck DT & got "C" school DT Biomed Repair,got out in 2004
Torres, Chris E-3Dec 1994 – Aug 1998Deck
Antuna, Aurelio/litoTM3Dec 18, 1994 – Dec 18, 1998CAI met good friends on that ship, if it wasn't for them, it would have made my stay alot worse. I wish them all good luck and fair winds in following seas. I wonder what they did with that door to Repair 8? TunaMan ROX!
Milligan, KelvinSK 3Dec 18, 1994 – Jun 30, 1996SupplyOne of the greatest ships I have ever served on.
Hatcher, RonFC31995 – 1997I had some good times, and the bad times weren't as bad as I thought.
Badger, OlanzaCTM1(SW)1995 – 1999OT01My best days in the Navy were on-board the USS DEYO! Nothing but good memories!
Weekley, Chad M.SM2(SW)Jan 1995 – Jun 2000NavagationThis was the best crew ever! We where always on the ball. Signal Bridge was the best! Miss the ship very much and the crew. Would love to go back.
Apelt, C. Rocco OS2Jan 1, 1995 – Jun 5, 1999Operations
Mallet, CedricOS2 (SW)Jan 8, 1995 – Dec 1998OIGreat times esp Med '98, made great friends that will be there for life wouldn't change anything. Drop me a line some time.
Faulkner, KevinE-4 OR E-5Mar 1, 1995 – Jan 1, 2000SS02SAD TO SEE HER GO. HAD A WONDERFUL CREW. W.W.MATHIS
Day, ChristopherOSCApr 27, 1995 – Jan 8, 1998OIGreat crew and great ship. Lots of incidents in my time, but made me a better persion.
Trevino, LinoGM2Jun 1995 – Sep 1998We all made it the best we could. Had alot of fun, I wish that I would have stayed in touch with all the friends I made, I say friends, they where more like a good family. I only wish you guys would not have made me drink so much, just joking.
Connor, LawrenceFC2Jun 15, 1995 – Jan 15, 1998CFLive in Hampton Roads Virginia.
Morgan, StephenGM2Jul 1995 – Jul 1998CGI sure had a good time on that old boat. Met some great friends. I even miss it a little, especially being underway.
Nelson, Chief profile iconFCCSep 30, 1995 – Sep 30, 2000CFFirst Destroyer. Great ship!
Rech Os2, BryanOS2Dec 29, 1995 – Aug 26, 1999O IWas sad to here about the sinking of my old ship. Had a great time on Med 98' . Miss all the great times.
Toscano, RayQm31996 – 1998Nav/AdminWow!how did i stumble on to this website. Well i had a pretty good time when i was there met alot of good people. I cant believe it has been 11 yrs that I have been out. Nice to see some familiar names.
Scott, RandyEM31996 – 2000E
Valiente, BernardoGM21996 – 2000CM
Weekley, ChadSM3/ SM2/ NOW MA1Jan 1, 1996 – Jun 14, 2001NX01Hey fellow shipmates, had a great time and wish we where back together. Signalbridge was off the hook with Ol school Hammons, Whicker, and Lata.Then the new school Fewell, Big Hogue, and Babs (my bro from Peru). Never could of asked of greater ppl.
Apelt, Christian "rocky"OS2Jan 1, 1996 – Jul 5, 1999ops
Jones, MichaelEN3Jan 2, 1996 – Mar 1998A-GangHey everybody hope your all doing well. If you want get in touch I'm on FB or will get me on email.
Pack, TyangusQM 3Jan 6, 1996 – Apr 1, 2000NX01What a great ship. I had fun. I do miss all my old shipmates. Supply berthing rules!!! I left the navy back in 2004. I now live in North Carolina, USA
Boyette, WesleyGSE3Jan 11, 1996 – Feb 20, 1999M-Where are my boys at? b-rock, Josh, La-flamer, Allison, Herc.CHEIF Greenfield. I miss all of ya.the 98'cruise was what it was all about. I'll never forget it. good times good times. Too bad for the ship though, I hate to see it go down like tha
Feser, ChuckE-4Mar 6, 1996 – Jul 14, 1997RepairJust taking a moment to recall the good times and good people...and wonder if Sr Chief Little ever got what he deserved...
Wong, Heston (Trini)SK1 (SW)Apr 5, 1996 – Apr 7, 2000S-1Truely the best ship and crew to serve with pride and honor in the U.S. Navy. We worked hard and played hard. Long live the surface warriors of the USS DEYO, BRAVE & PROUD. We have moved on to be Officers, Chiefs, 1st Class P.O.'s and CEO's.
Patterson, William James (Bill)FC1May 3, 1996 – Apr 1, 2001CFThere were some good times along with the bad. But what an awesome group of guys. Y'all made everything worth while and bearable.
Pierce, KeithIC1 (SW)Jun 1996 – May 2000
Nelms, Chrise-1, e-2, e-3, back to e-1 repair shopJun 1996 – Sep 1999damage control i had a blast, got to meet some interesting people, see some pretty cool places, and i have stories to tell that are unlike most you would here sitting around a campfire contact me at
Maylin, AbeTM3Jun 1996 – Oct 1999CSHey guys! Hope everyone is doing well. Thank you to every man that I met during those years. My Navy years were memorable times in my life. We were a crazy bunch! I enjoy telling our glorious stories. DEYO!! DEYO!!
Perry, MichaelGSE3Jun 10, 1996 – Jun 10, 2000MIt was a great experience, I have some great stories. Hello to all my friends, MR2 Thomas, GSE shop Dunkley, B-Rock, Wes, Vasquez, Follman, Mitchell,Chief Greenfield and to Herc (john), Cooke, DCC Atkinson, Rogers, Webb, EM3 Scott
Ashman, MarcET2Jul 1996 – Dec 23, 2000CEDaylight come and me wan' go home. Best ship in the fleet. Wish I could go back and relive some of those days.
Brock, ShannonGSE2Sep 1996 – May 2000MWhere to start, Josh you and Wes where my boys love you guys.I enjoyed most of the time on the ship. Med cruise of 1998 was off the hook would love to do it again with the same crew. Jim Greenfield thank you for everything you taught me.
Willis, MalvernCTR2Sep 1996 – Aug 1999OTIf I had it all to do over again, I would do it exactly the same. Made some life long friends. MED 98 was the best.
Morgan, Andrew (Drew)EN2(SW)Sep 21, 1996 – Nov 3, 2000EA04 (A-Gang) / EB14 (Oil Lab)Good times and bad ... good shipmates and bad. My time on board included a bit of everything. I'll remember a lot of it for the rest of my life I'm sure.
Ortiz De Alba, HeribertoSeamanSep 26, 1996 – Jun 8, 1998DeckDidn't like it. At that time No opportunity to move up specially for Hispanic sailors like me. It was a nice experience.
Paul, DennisHMC(SW/AW)Oct 4, 1996 – Oct 15, 1999Medical/NXHad a really good time on the Deyo. Jed and Brandon(HM3 and HM2) were great to work with we had a really good time.
Frye, Clarence "Frenchie"FCCMDec 13, 1996 – Dec 29, 1999CMCMy first CMC tour. Great Crew and the DEYO Family Association loved to visit when they could. SNFM 98 was great!

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