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USS Deyo (DD 989) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Deyo (DD 989). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 636 crew members registered for the USS Deyo (DD 989).

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Masters, BruceOSCS1992 – 1995OIWhat a great group of guys, I will never forget the time we had in Kiel. Sorry to hear she's gone. Does anyone "really" remember Amsterdam?
Bechtol, BrianSN1992 – 1993
Pickett, MarkSN1992 – 1995
Meyers, ShaneSTG21992 – 1996CASad to see her go. Lots of memories with a bunch of you. Anyone wants to catch up email me or look me up on Facebook. I'm trying to catch up with STG Allen (Frank) Ward, any info please contact me. God Bless!
Larsen, DavidFC11992 – 1996CFI remember all the good times fishing from the fan tail and during anchor. Sorry to see her used as a target. Any one who remembers me send a an email. I would love to catch up with my old shipmates
Barker, DwayneGES2(SW)1992 – 1994Engineering
Horn, Joeen11992 – 1994a gang
Dennis, ChristopherOS2Jan 1992 – Feb 1993OI
Martin, DanielGSE3Feb 20, 1992 – Feb 18, 19941Learned alot
Dawkinsll, James/shakeSNMar 1992 – May 1994DeckWhat's up shipmates, Cant forget about all the good times we had on board! I had a lot of life lesson experiences. Still feel the bond with you guys,I cant believe a part of us was sunken. P.S Looking for Michael Carson, what's up boy!!
Woodside, Sean (Woody)CTO1(SW) & CTOC(SW)Mar 1, 1992 – Nov 1, 1995OTLots of fond memories of the ship and crew. Certainly the most rewarding of my career. Let us never forget two fallen shipmates - SK1(SW) Williams who died on our Med cruise and EW2(SW) Kevin Rux who was killed onboard USS Cole. God be with them.
Holbrook, DonaldET3Mar 6, 1992 – Aug 28, 1995CEJust wanted to say hello to anyone in CE division, Curious how everything turned out for everyone.
Donald, HolbrookET3Mar 12, 1992 – Aug 28, 1995CEI'll never forget the times I spent on board and the Deyo song.
Wiggins, ShawnACCMar 25, 1992 – Aug 23, 1994DeckI will always remember the fun times with th emany great friends I made aboard the USS Deyo. Nothing but great memories for me! Great introduction to the US Navy. Made me appreciate where I am today!
Craig, JonGMC(SW)Apr 13, 1992 – Jul 5, 1995CGIt was a great time. I did some of my best steaming aboard the Deyo. Made some life long shipmates aboard her and got to serve with some outstanding gunners ( even you hughes). Best of luck to all. Will thanks for the heads up.
Frisoni, FrankQM3Jun 22, 1992 – Jun 22, 1996Quarter Master
Phillips, KennSNJul 1, 1992 – Mar 22, 1994DeckGood times.
Roberson, BenHM2 (SW/FMF)Jul 7, 1992 – Aug 9, 1995Medical /Nav/AdminBoy we had some great times on this ship !!!
Parkhurst, PaulGMM3Aug 15, 1992 – May 15, 1994ASWell was checking on the deyo and found out she is Decommed. What a shame had a great time on her and still remember most of my shipmates. Take care you all we'll have to have a reunion some time.
Henard, DanielGSM 3Aug 15, 1992 – Nov 20, 1993AFT ENGINE ROOMI HAD A GREAT TIME AND LEARNED ALOT
Heidkamp, MikeFC2Sep 1992 – Apr 1997cg
Prisley, FredLCDRSep 1992 – Feb 1994XO
Johnson, ShannonTM3Oct 1992 – Jul 1995CAPlenty of great memories, miss my shipmates and hope all are doing well. For those that wonder what became of me: went to school in Atlanta, got hired on with Intel Corp and been living/working in Albuquerque for the last 10+ years . now U?
Kositchek, DavidEM2Dec 29, 1992 – Jun 10, 1996No way! Scheduled for target practice? I think a piece of my soul died when I read that. I did a lot of growing up on the Deyo. She was my home from ages 18 to 22, what a ride!
Reynolds, Patrick L.STG31993 – 1995CA
Monroe, John Johny UtahMR31993 – Jun 1995RLooking for Eric Soneral
Taylor, MauriceYN3(SW) / HM3(SW)1993 – 1995I have so many memories onboard this ship in which I have learned so much. Oh memories.....
Edmondson, JimFC21993 – 1996CSUsed for target practice huh. Who knew. Life long experience gained from my time there.
Beeker, JamesLT/O-31993 – 1995OI
Lamb, JadeeRM31993 – 1994OP
Jackson, RobertCTR 3Jan 1993 – Nov 1, 1993OTGood times and bad. Chief Johnson (BOA) and all of the guys in Outboard. Looking for CTRCM (SW) Dan Garrity
Treccani, JohnDECK SEAMAN - POSTAL CLERK SEAMANJan 1, 1993 – Jul 3, 1996Deck / supplyThe time spent on that ship was definitely an experience. As time rolls on you forget about the bad and just remember the good times. Kinda sucks that the Navy decomed the ship and is using it for target practice.
Jackson, RobertCTR3Jan 2, 1993 – Nov 1, 1993OT
Gopp, AllenLTJan 27, 1993 – Jun 5, 1995EngineeringI will always remember the crew and experiences of the DEYO. Sort of sad she sits on the bottom of the ocean. My best to all.
Willman, KarlEN3Mar 1993 – Dec 1994A- GANGHad some great times and some bad. Thankfully the first out numbered the second. Sorry to hear she's gone. She was a great ship. Possible resting place is 34 degree 56' 24"N by72degree 38' 47" W. The only info I have heard of
McCollum, MichaelMar 7, 1993 – Mar 3, 1997cmMiss you all very much. Would love to hear from you some time.
Soneral, EricHTFNJun 1993 – Jun 1995R
Monroe, John "johny Utah"MR3Jun 1993 – Jun 1995Deck/RepairI am looking for anyone who has pictures from Med Cruise 94. I will trade some of my pics and I also have been working on a DVD with the few hours of video I took. Email me and we can work something out.
Carson, MichaelOS3Jun 1, 1993 – Dec 15, 1996OperationsMan, time flies. We had some good times! Amazing that she's now gone!
Hawkins, JasonSNJun 1, 1993 – Jan 1, 1995I just thought I would put my name out here. Sometimes I look thru photos or tell a story and I wonder what some of you are doing? Where is Vern Riddle, Pratt, Kaye and the rest of you monkeys?
Sonalan, AlexPN3Jul 1, 1993 – Jan 4, 1997AdminGood ship. Great shipmates. One of the best 4 years of my life and proud to be one of her crew.
Tonies, RyanRYAN TONIESJul 10, 1993 – Dec 22, 1994SUPGood times had by all! Who could forget BMC Farrell and all of his antics and drunken nights on the 1994 Med Cruise?! Kaye, Soneral, Sonalan, Hawkins, Cola, Stecher, Bratt, Johnny T., Reynolds, Hamm-Bone. Drop a line sometime............
Rountree, DonEWC(SW)Jul 21, 1993 – Nov 12, 1996OT
Dejonge, DanielOS2Aug 1993 – Dec 1996OPS/OIGreat Ship. Sad to see her go.
Carson, Michael (Cobra)OSN ->OS2Aug 1993 – Dec 1996OpsWasn't always fun but made lifelong friends. Will remember the experience as one of the major highlights of my life.
Tiefel, TedSTG1Aug 15, 1993 – May 31, 1995CEShe will be missed. I have some great memories.
Griffiths, JasonGSMFNSep 10, 1993 – May 20, 1995mthe guys in m div were the best in the world. med cruise '94 - what a time!! chief little (goddammit!), jones "no air", gonzo, you guys were cool cats. farewell to a great ship but not the memories.
Kaye, JasonBM3Oct 1993 – Jun 1997deckgreat 4 four years miss all you guys. cola catfish toscano hoerning bratt bmc ferrell. sad to hear shes gone
Longworth, JamesOS3Oct 1993 – Jul 1997OI
Meyer, SkipOS3Oct 1, 1993 – Sep 1, 1995OSWhat's up knuckleheads? Where's all my OS crew? email me
Akers, JohnGSMFNOct 3, 1993 – Mar 15, 1999MP DivisionWhat a great place to start off my naval career. I did 2 deployments on her and left a legacy behind when I transfered. Lots of memories good and bad.
Colagiovanni, JasonDC2Nov 1993 – Mar 1997RLets get beligerant boys!!!
Olvera, CarlosEM3Nov 1993 – Apr 1997ENGINEERINGBest time of my life made a bunch of friends and the soccer team was the BEST!!! Would like to run into some of the old crew
Hunt, JamesGSE2Dec 26, 1993 – Feb 26, 1997MPFirst and best ship I've been a crewmember of.

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