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USS Koelsch (DE 1049) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Koelsch (DE 1049). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 228 crew members registered for the USS Koelsch (DE 1049).

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Cookson, RobertOTMC1984 – 1985TassServed under Capt. Parker one of the best C.O.'s of my Career. Retired STGCS
Hattaway, MasonGMG3Jan 1984 – Aug 1987FOX
Biscotti, DavidSTG2Feb 22, 1984 – Jul 20, 1987WEPS/2nd DivReported aboard Feb 84 to GTMO made one Med Cruise. Made 2nd class re-enlisted for C school and left July 1987 for 53B C school.
Burton, EarnieOTA1Mar 1, 1984 – Apr 1, 1985OperationsReported aboard in Naples, Italy, mid way through 84-85 Med Cruise. GREAT OT and STG crew, and we PROVED it by winning the 6th Fleet "Hook Em" ASW award!
Weisensel, CSKSNJun 11, 1984 – Jul 18, 1986supply
Lavelle, JohnFC#Jul 1984 – Oct 29, 1987WeaponsAwesome chief, Joe scanlon....Back when the navy was fun. Good CO's and overall good command.
Olivier, Pierre "Pete"ET1Nov 1984 – May 2, 1986OE01
Lott, Walter "slim"SM2Nov 1984 – Apr 1988OCI reported onboard at Triste, Italy. Served with Ski, Terry, Knox, and SMC Rouse. Went through the canal, And steered the ship arriving to Portland, ME.
Grubb, DavidSTGSN1985 – 1987Wepons
Saenz, JesusCS21985 – 1989Food ServiceGreat times onboard and great crew. Retired in 2006, working at Naval Medical Center Porstmouth.
Burke, TomOTA11985 –T.A.S.S.I enjoyed working with Chief Cookson and Ernie - the only other crew members in our division who logged on. I agree with the Chief - we had a wonderful C.O.
Argyelean, ThomOTA1 (IUSS)1985 – 1985T.A.S.S.I was only on the ship a short time before the TASS tail was taken off but had some friends I would like to reunite with.
Hoel, MichaelIC11985 – 1987E DivisionNever forget the Space Shuttle going down and picking up her remains.
Coleman, Keith Aka Boo Boobm3Jan 1, 1985 – Oct 10, 1988weapsboats was the best deck ape 4 life
Graff, MarkSNJan 19, 1985 – Apr 1, 1986DeckThe worst 2 years of my 22 year Naval career. Not bcause the awsome shipmates on board but the fact I was a deck seaman having to needle gun red lead 24-7. I moved on to be an EOD Tech and reitired as an EODC.
King, TerrySTGSNApr 22, 1985 – Sep 24, 1988weaponsWent to gitmo, Key West,Bermuda(great time there with stg3 Steve Erwin who died in the USS Stark attack) also served with STGC Daniel Wood STG3 Mask. Remember Panama Canal with GMG3 Jerry Casey, Lots of fun in Guatamala.
Mann, WilliamMMCJul 1985 – May 1989A-GangMostly good times and memories. Anybody remember the guy that ran through the mess decks and jumped through the hatch during GITMO? Didn't clear the top. Out like a light! Had a heart attack in 91. Retired in 93. Hi to all.
Mendoza, Loreto profile iconPNCJul 31, 1985 – Jun 30, 1989NAVWk in Pers Off. Outstanding Shipmates, Great Capt's, Gr. XO's. Learn to appr warm weather after Maine. Great fishing in ME, SC, and FL. Still order Maine Lobs on Spec Occ. Had to convince dau's ME not best place to retire. Mbr decom crew
Spicer, TimE-4 GMGSep 1, 1985 – Sep 1, 1989WeaponsServed on the USS Koelsch and the USS Paul. If you remember me stop by and yell at a brother.
Ventura, GusCDRSep 1, 1985 – Dec 15, 1989Gunnery and Damage ControlSome exceptional memories. Perhaps my best time in the Navy. Great Crew, great Skippers, and wonderful shipmates. Retired on 01 NOV 08 after 20+ years.
Hoang, ThanhMM3Nov 11, 1985 – May 23, 1989A-DIV.To all my fellows shipmate hope you have a good life after the Koelsch especially the A-Gang. Give me a line if you served with me from 1985 to 1989 at
Barajas, JeffBMSN1986 – 1988
Wallen, Davidms-31986 – 1988supplyGood old days
Callahan, Robert profile iconEN21986 – May 1988A-GangThis was my favorite command of the 3 ships I was attached to.
Jeane, RandyBM31986 –Deck
Suiter, Davidgmm3Jan 17, 1986 – Feb 14, 1989weaponsAsroc launcher was a trick piece of equipment for its day 20yrs prior, I wanted to move the command module to the 21st century with overriding digital, over the old synchro -servo. 220voltage , to 24vdc inputs and output
Ross, William ToddFC3May 1986 – Apr 1, 1988WEPI reported on station shortly after the crew picked up the pices of the Space Shuttle. I was on board until I was discharded in April of 1988 in Portland Main. Enjoyed LEO ops, Getmo, crossing the Ditch and the west cost of Souh America.
Hall, TonyOS2May 1986 – Mar 1988OI DivisionDid a lot of drug interdiction, made an East-Pac. Went to BIW in Portland, ME. I started having a lot of pain in my eye, so instead of fixing it, I was given a medical.
Motter, JerryFC3May 18, 1986 – Jun 18, 1988WEPS
Baekey, RichardETC(SW)May 24, 1986 – May 31, 1989OEEnjoyed CENTAM cruise GITMO REFTRA followed by a 12 month yard period in Portland, ME. Will never forget the decommissioning on 31 May1989...continued my Navy career for 27 years and retired as a Master Chief in 2002.Currently live in London, England
Wyatt, RichardDK3Jun 7, 1986 – Mar 6, 1989My first ship and the crew made it the best.
Parks, James ET1Jul 1986 – May 1989OE
Hicks, LarryQM2Aug 1986 – May 1989I served on board the USS Koelsch during the last years of her life. I made a Central American deployment on board the Koelsch. I was completed an overhaul in Portland, Maine and decommissioning in Charleston, SC
German, MikeMM2Nov 1, 1986 – May 31, 1989Eng Department,M-DivisionF
Cirillo, JoeE3Dec 1986 – Jul 1988Hospital corpmanI was in beat the captain race and one in rosevelt rhoades naval base it was a great time. I also learned how to scuba dive on this ship
Walters, JohnGMM3Dec 15, 1986 – 1988WSO3
Casey, Jerry1987 – 1990
Alexander, GregoryOS#1987 – May 31, 1989OperationsI remember coming aboard in Panama, drydock in Portland, ME and decommissioning in Charleston. Had the greatest of times although not the most successful of times, lol. Wish I could get in tough with some of the guys.
Carthan, WillisSK2Jul 20, 1987 – Aug 10, 1988Supply DeptIt was my first and last ship. I had some good time onboard, from the crew to leadership help me be who I am today.
Appelman, MauriceMM3Aug 1987 – Jun 1989EngineeringA great two years I enjoyed the time in dry dock in Maine.
Voll, BenjaminSTG2Sep 1987 – May 1989CA
Edington, RogerFC3Oct 1987 – Mar 1989FoxI was DCPO for Fox Division when we went to Bath Iron Works in Portland, Maine. We did a lot of paint removal during that time. I remember when we pulled into Portland. We had ice all over the ship - it was January!
Way, MatthewMS3Oct 13, 1987 – May 31, 1989FOOD SERVICE S-2The Maine days in the yards were the best. Hate that we decom in Charleston. Was the start of a good career.
Malaki, DanielE6/SK11988 – 1989S-1I was only on USS Koelsch for a short while. I joined in Portland, Maine and sailed it to Virginia where we decommisioned her. She was sold to the Pakistani Navy. I worked with SKC David and SK1 Buenaflor. I was only a SK3 at the time.
Casey, JerryGMM31988 – 19902nd
Williams, GeorgeSMSA-SMSNJun 1988 – May 31, 1989OCFirst ship, was only on her for her last year, but it was great to have served on her!!
Oliver, RobertET3Jul 1988 – May 31, 1989OEDecommissioning crew, left Navy in 1993, now living in Norfolk
Callahan, Robert profile iconEN2Nov 1988 – Jun 1989A GangCame back after TAD to the Inflict in the Gulf as part of Operation Earnest Will. Stayed on after decomm to train the Pakistani's.
Schumacher, DavidSNDec 1988 – May 1989FirstI was only assigned to Koelsch for her last several months. My first assignment. Learned a lot. Left active duty in 1990 after completing my 2-year sea-college stint. Now working in Cincinnati.

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