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USS John Hancock (DD 981) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John Hancock (DD 981). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 507 crew members registered for the USS John Hancock (DD 981).

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McGlynn, Patrick1982 – 1984
Widener, LeslieEMC (SW)1982 – 1984AdminGreat ship, have a lot of fond memories, even lerned some banjo while aboard, played music with the Doc and Wayne Carr
Mahaffey, Bobynsn1982 – 1984ship's officemade some great friends on the Hancock. what a great ship
Baird, Mike profile iconRM1Jan 1982 – Sep 1988OC DivHey anyone near Fort Walton Beach these days? I have been retired for 15 years and have lived in FWB for the past 21 years. Give me a hollar if you are around and we'll have a beer on the (barge) deck and the home.
Kruse, David STGSNJan 1982 – May 1985SonarAh, the memories. The ups & downs... tales told again & again. I wonder if I kept the record for most extra-duty?
Clark (wes), MiltonPN1(SW)Jan 3, 1982 – Dec 15, 1984XI made PNC first time up after serving aboard the "Johnny H".
Crawford, Marvin "Bud"BM 3Feb 1982 – Oct 19841stThe John Hancock was my last ship, and my favorite. I hate that she was scraped! I would love to sail her one more time with my son! I have a lot of great memories of the John Hancock and her crew.
Quinn, ChuckRM2Feb 10, 1982 – Dec 1, 1985OC012 gulf cruises, shellback, MOH Pascagoula, GTMO, and a top notch crew who were all the best friends. Thanks for the memories.... Retired from Naval Reserves RM1 fy99. Farewinds to all.
St Laurent, FrechieBM/GMGFeb 11, 1982 – Feb 25, 1986GMG
Crawford, Marvin (Bud)BM3Apr 1982 – Oct 4, 1984Deck
Pacheco, Edwin Zippye-3Apr 1982 – Feb 20, 1985DeckMiss the John Hancock hate to see her go. I do miss alot of you guys. I live in Colorado now. drop me a line .
Evans, Michaelht3Apr 1982 – Aug 1983repair
Vogt, RobertEN2Apr 10, 1982 – Sep 14, 1984A-GangHad some great times on this ship. Loved being in Pascagoula for those 9 months. Hey Scott S, Hope all is well.
Hall, RalphETCJun 1982 – Jan 1986CSENothing like drinking beer on a garbage barge. Good times . . .???? What happened to Ben Dellucci????
Ellis, DanaENS-LTJul 1982 – Jul 1985ENG,G,FIRSTMy first ship. Great Memories as AUXO, MPA, Gunnery, & First LT. I learned a lot from everyone!
Cucchiara, Andy CucchOSSR OS1Aug 2, 1982 – Jun 12, 1992OIGreat times, fun people and many, many great memories and stories.
Conrad, MarkGSM2Sep 1982 – Aug 1985MPLearned alot during my time onboard. Many Thanks to Chief (Bud) Linderman and Chief (Puff) Puffenburger. Served with a lot of good guys hope you are all doing well. I see the ship was scrapped last year wow do I feel old
Cena, WillieDS1(SW)Oct 1982 – Jun 1986OEI had a great time on board. I was lucky to have a bunch of outstanding technicians working for me. I miss the ship and the friendships in OE division.
Clevenger, GlennOS2 (SW)Oct 20, 1982 – Jun 3, 1986Ops/OITruly a memeorable Time aboard the Johnny H. My Buds were Jimmy Ferrell,Kirk gibson aka the Crab James Huggy Carnley Paul(Pugs)Doyle and many more to numerous to mention> Was happy to serve even happier i got out.
Birnbaum, MikeQM1Nov 1982 – Jun 1987NavigationLoved the Hancock she will be missed
Curry, BobET2(SW)Dec 1, 1982 – Dec 1985CSEcan not believe what Reben Colon did
Noble, GaryTM1(SW)Dec 5, 1982 – Aug 1, 1987I loved her. The finest command I ever served at. I'll miss her all the days of my life
Holt, DavidSK2Dec 5, 1982 – Mar 10, 1985SupplyWhy is there no history of the ship through the 80's? As far as I know its first WestPac was 84/85, and Saddam's orders to fire an Exocet at her Feb of 85. Can we get the page updated somehow?
Holt, David DSK2Dec 5, 1982 – Mar 1, 1985SupplyIt was an honor to serve on the old 'Hancock' Ship was berthed at NAS Charleston, S.C. Made 1 Carribean cruise and 1 EastPac to Persian Gulf. Saddam tried to sink us using an exocett missile.He missed, killed a tug boat
Szymanski, ScottEN21983 – 1985A-GANGI came aboard in Pasgagoula Mississippi during overhaul and got out at the end of the Persian Gulf cruise. Any more A-Gangers out there?
Plichta, CurtSN1983 – 1985
Davis, JohnRMSN1983 – 1985OPSLooking to connect with old shipmates.
Harris, CharlesSksn1983 – 1985s1Started n deck stuck sk
Riegle, TimothyMS21983 – 1986SupplyCame onboard right out of MS A-School. Reported to the ship when it was going through overhaul in Mississippi. Only surface ship I was on, went submarines after shore duty. I retired after 20 years on 30 Nov. 02.
Brawner, Sammy TEN 3Jan 1983 – Sep 1986A-GANGThrough good times and bad, some of the best friends I ever had. Thanks for the memories guys.
Campanile, Raymond (Campy)ENFNJan 1983 – Sep 2, 1985A-GANGUnforgettable memories on the ole Johnny H!! Great friends and great times! Good to see some familiar names from the past. I felt really old when I heard she was scrapped! Indian Ocean cruise 84'-85'!! "THE DUCK IS DOWN"?!!
Pauley, KevinGSE1Mar 1983 – Dec 1987MPYou know you're getting old when they decommision your ship...Is it in a museum some where? I'd like to see it, so I can kick a chair through CCS one more time..
Doyle, PugsOS3Mar 1983 – Jun 1986OIYou can take the man out of the Navy, but you can't take the Navy out of the man.
Eime,, RichGSE-2Apr 1, 1983 – Jun 6, 1986MPIt was a truly fine experience aboard the John Hancock. I remember when TM-2 (at the time) Noble punched out the CHENG of USS LaSalle on the bus in Bahrain. Kevin Pauley, remember me? Are you back in NJ? I'm in East PA.
Lainhart, JeffEN2May 1983 – 1984A Gang
Gordon, Timothy/flashSTG3Jun 3, 1983 – Dec 27, 1985CSA
Walker, Ernest/buddyYNCS(SW)Jun 5, 1983 – Jul 10, 1986NavigationHi, Remember STAYNAVFORLANT, Persian Gulf, GITMO. Beer on the barge.
Barrett, JeffFC1(SW)Jun 9, 1983 – Jun 9, 1987FoxStarted in Pascagoula , and ended up leaving in Charleston.Crazy days at Gitmo,Persian Gulf sucked ,NATO cruise was a once in a lifetime ride. Great crew of loonies and drunks---any memories of Amsterdam?
Mundell, Jeff "Doc"HMC(SW/AW)Jun 15, 1983 – Aug 1, 1986MedicalHey guys it is great there is a site for the ship. I have memories of DD 981 I will never forget. Persian Gulf to the NATO cruise. Good Luck!
Krabbe, KirkOS3(SW)Aug 1983 – Mar 1986OPS/OIGreat memories/friends,Clem,Pugs,MelloMan.Goula,Jamaica,Malaga,milk on da pier,dirty 30,no mo bullets for Seacrest,Haley still UA,ding ding Iowa arriving,Iraqi missles,what fun we had.DD981 mothballed in Philly,proud of my time onboard...fair winds.
Keith, Thomasms2Sep 1, 1983 – Aug 15, 1987s2still cooking. Miss the Johnny H. The day I walked down the brow for the last time, I actually teared up. Rest in Peace Mr Prasad. May your slumber be blessed.
McDaniel, JamieOS2Oct 1983 – Apr 11, 1987OI
Roberson, ChrisTM2Dec 1983 – Jul 1987Combat SystemsMade some life-long friends, went places that I never would have went on my own, and have more good stories to tell than most people my age.
Hish, BradleyGSMCDec 1, 1983 – Dec 31, 1985MP

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