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USS O'Brien (DD 975) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS O'Brien (DD 975). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 664 crew members registered for the USS O'Brien (DD 975).

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Harrison, Michael DFC21999 – Jun 2003
Ray, ChristopherE51999 – 2001QMWas a QM 3 on board. When term was up continued on to PH school at Fort Meade, MD
Agoodie, LisaEW3Jan 1999 – May 2002OW
Nielsen, TimET2Jan 2, 1999 – Jan 3, 2002CEI built that computer network from the ground up and I never got to see it torn down . . . That sucks.
Taylor, DawnIC2Jan 19, 1999 – Nov 2001CEI have some good and bad memories of her. I met some good people along with the bad. I even married my hommie PREBLE. We managed to stay out of trouble while on the ship, I bet you didn't see that coming. We are enjoying civi life and living rich!
Merrifield, DaveE-5/IT2Feb 1999 – Jun 2001OC
Salis, LoveyQM3/E4Feb 1999 – Sep 2003ON DivisionGood times! Great ports, great crew and great friends!
Pacardo, NelsonEMCFeb 4, 1999 – Feb 28, 20023MCI enjoy my last tour and retirement ceremony aboard Obrien. She will never be forgotten. I had her last glimpse when he was brought back in NISMO Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in preparation for sinkex.
Hurley, Lee AnneLTMar 1999 – Jan 2001Cruise Missile
Yeckley, ChristineEW2Mar 1999 – Mar 2002OWHad some good times, first ship in the Navy and glad I'm not there anymore.
Burcham, ChrissyOS2Apr 15, 1999 – Apr 2, 2002OIWoodchuck to Grey Squirrel
Grow, ThomasHTCJun 1999 – Dec 2002RLoved every minute of it.
Clark, GaryFC2Jun 18, 1999 – Aug 2004CFThe mighty OB, I wish I could see her sink along with some of my favorite people. I loved being underappreciated and overworked, those were the days. To everyone else keep fighting the good fight for Bush's bank account. We're thebest at what w
Brewer, MelissaOS2Jul 1999 – Jun 2000OIUntil I got to my next ship I didn't realize how cool the OB was! Shout out to Yeckley (my homegirl), CROCEX '99 rocked! Chuuuuchula...if you see this email me!
Brecto, JasonET3Jul 1999 – Jul 2000Electoronics
Karst, TanyaE-5/STG2Jul 31, 1999 – May 20, 2002CA Many memories were made while serving aboard the OB. I wouldn't change a thing....the places....the people.
Gallino, Ajstg3Aug 5, 1999 – Jul 5, 2001compat systemsSome of my best friends and memories were made aboard this ol gurl. Obroken forever baby .lol
Lindenbaum, EricCDRAug 10, 1999 – Apr 1, 2001Green ballcaps: got one on my desk right now.
Smith, HoseaHMC(SW/FMF)Sep 6, 1999 – Oct 8, 2002AX
Smith, StuartE-4/GSE3Oct 1999 – Jul 2002MPI don't get it, all the work we did to turn the O'Broken back into the O'Brien and then they just decom her? Oh well, lots of memories on the OB. Well if anyone one is ever in South FL, look me up. Finish your PQS, or your liberty will be
Aanensen, MichaelQMCNov 1, 1999 – Jul 1, 2002NAV/ADMINGood times even with Diaz using a toilet to rinse a mop out after midnight. I do miss Japan Shoot me a line at
Ray, ChristopherQM3/PH2Nov 17, 1999 – Oct 22, 2001ONOB was definetly an experience, thats bout all there is to say about that.....
Valdez, DennisLTJGDec 1, 1999 – Nov 20, 2001RIt was an honor serving with the fine men and women of the O'Brien. My fondest memories of the Navy are now located on an ocean floor... a sad day.
Syvertsen, JimLCDR/CDRDec 7, 1999 – Feb 18, 2001XOIt was an honor to serve with a great crew. Sad to see the ship gone after all the hard work you put in to make it a great ship, but the memories will always remain.
Davis, WalterHM2Dec 9, 1999 – Dec 12, 2002AX/MH01Time of my Life, I miss each and everyone of the men and women that served aboard this fine vessel. Fair Winds and Following Seas!
Spitsnaugle, MatthewGSMDec 27, 1999 – Jun 2004MP
Johnson, Isaac "J"FC2Dec 31, 1999 – Aug 6, 2003CFI had some really good times, saw some awesome ports, blew a few things up, and met some really cool people along the way.
Pfaff, HeatherE-32000 – 2003ODMiss the people it was a good ship though! Had fun while it lasted..OD peeps! Love and miss ya
McLaughlin, Jim "Mack"STG22000 – 2003CAO'brien was the best ship I've ever served on. The guys in CA Div were family to me. I miss you all. Hope you are all doing well.
Keith, JamesYNC(SW)Feb 15, 2000 – Jan 2, 2003AXBelieve it or not...I miss it. Contact me at
Ganschinietz, AnneLTJGFeb 15, 2000 – Mar 10, 2003OD, R!Good times!!!
Leonforte, AnthonyYN3(SW)/E-4Mar 5, 2000 – Mar 1, 2003DECK/NAV ADMINMy best memory on the OBRIEN would have to be.....the many port visits like Thailand, Singapore, India, Korea, East Timor, etc....the list goes on and on. My worst memory would have to be with Echaluse. I think I spelled his name right.
Cruz, OswaldSK2Mar 10, 2000 – Feb 5, 2003S-1
Nilsen, AntonFC3Mar 28, 2000 – Apr 14, 2003CFThank god I didn't have to spend anymore time on board this ship. Departed with a lot of friends, and a lot of enemies...
Winterfield, RodGM 3Apr 2, 2000 – Nov 16, 2000CGI had a great time on the OBrien when I was onboard. All the memories when I was on the ship will last forever. The friends I made and all the fun we had onboard and in other countries. I will never forget!
Reichenau, MacLTjgApr 5, 2000 – Oct 12, 2002CE; Nav/AdminFirst port visit in the Navy...Pattaya Beach Thailand! All down hill from there.
Aenlle, EricOS1May 1, 2000 – May 17, 2002OI
Zierler, ZeeRM1/IT1Jun 2000 – Dec 2002OCMy last command in the Navy. Retired from the Navy in Japan. Was a ship that always broke down
Darby, KurriYN3Jul 5, 2000 – Jun 18, 2003AX/ Admin
Walker, DennisFC2Jul 10, 2000 – Sep 9, 2003CF
Genito, DominicOS2 SWAug 2, 2000 – Aug 26, 2003OIi will miss her. she stands alone as the best ship and crew i have served on. i was sar, mob's were fun, go biles. to- edwards freeman tolentino carter rogers moinar schmitt i miss you all. latin nights, honch, bamian, chu-hi, ob forever!!
Rempkowski, Williame-2Aug 6, 2000 – Feb 5, 2001gsmeven though i didnt make it was something ill never forget...
Donahue, Nicole "clueE4Sep 2000 – Dec 2002S2
Sims, TimmyEW3Sep 2, 2000 – Feb 21, 2004OWDang Greenfield made 2nd,who let this happen?Besides the 6 training cycles and the liberty/buddy policy,and INSURV,having curfew in Australia, getting underway with 10 minutes notice so many times, I miss the OB. Don't know how to live stressfreel
Rooney, JasonFC2Sep 24, 2000 – Aug 10, 2004CGWouldn't let me say what I really wanted to, so I guess I will say something else. "My cats breath smells like cat food." Guess that just about says it all. Oh and I threw my green ball cap in the garbage!
Shiflett, MarkFCSN -> FC1Oct 1, 2000 – Oct 16, 2003CFProud member of the CIWS Sweathogs
Wood, TiffanyIS3/E-4Oct 4, 2000 – Sep 11, 2003OD/OW
Philogene, PhillyE5/SKNov 2000 – Feb 2001OD/S1I truly miss the O'brien, even though there were some haters the good definitely outweighed the bad. If anyone wants to get a hold of me contact me at
Olaveson, BertET2(SW)Nov 20, 2000 – Sep 11, 2004CEWas my first command and had a great time. Wish I could of stayed till the end
West, ColinSTGCDec 7, 2000 – Dec 7, 2002CA/WAMy first cmd as FCPO. I have to say the OB was the best ship of all! Learned a lot from everyone and had a lot of good times. Hands down the OB Crew was the best! I consider you all my family even today.Go STGs!
Boesch, GarrettPN1Dec 9, 2000 – Dec 13, 2003NAVADMINThe OB made more couples than Great times and people. Great OB moments: ditty bag full of dip goodbye, wogday walkoff skit with DESRON onboard, beerday in the Gulf. Thanks for the memories everybody.
Rivas, GaryEM2Dec 24, 2000 – Jun 4, 2004EE02The O'Brien was my first ship.

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