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USS Randolph (CVS 15) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Randolph (CVS 15). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 483 crew members registered for the USS Randolph (CVS 15).

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Loughrey, MarkTM31966 – 1968WGreat Ship
Siano, AnthonyCORPMAN1966 – Jul 1971Medical
Byrd, VictorAC-21966 – 1968CATCC (Carrier Air Traffic Control Center)
Anderson, BillATR21966 – May 1967V6
Reigle, JimAX 31966 –Flight Deck
Lebeduik, Joseph M.ETR 11966 –E T
Termini, SamEM31966 – 1967maintenancei am the son of EM3 Samuel R Termini. i was a result of the Northern European tour with my father meeting my mother in Oslo and then again in Portsmouth UK. i would love to hear from anyone that served with my father
Smith, RobertEM31966 – 1968EI am looking for EM3 Robert Roy Huff.
Levstik, FrankEM2Jan 1966 – 1968Electrical
Ironside, DonSNJan 3, 1966 – Feb 16, 1967ENG Log ROOMEnjoyed the North Atlantic Cruise Lots of Fun!!!
Perkins, SkipETN3Jan 10, 1966 – Sep 29, 1968Electronics TechinicianResponsible for SRN 9, Loran, Omega navigations, and UHF
Lamorte, BobDC3Feb 1966 – Dec 23, 1967R
Barnhill, SamAO3Feb 1966 – Dec 1967GVGreat cruises- Nothern Europe 1966 , Mediterranean 1967, Ft. Lauderdale Fla. during college Spring Break 1967 (whose idea was THAT?)
Jones, Harold JEM3Feb 16, 1966 – Jul 5, 1968E div.I LOVED THAT SHIP. WAS SAD AS I SAW IT BEING SCRAPED IN S. KARNEY N.J.
Deroche, Terry3RD CLASS SONARMar 17, 1966 – Sep 28, 1967Sonar
Willoughby, Terry, BougalouABE2Apr 1966 – Feb 1969V2Many great times on this ship and as many great crusies. North Atlantic some of the best, also can't forget the Rio trip. Worked Topside Cats great bunch of men.
Korr, John profile iconABE3Apr 1966 – Dec 1967V2Great time aboard this ship and the North Atlantic & Mediterranean cruise's while on board. Often wonder what happened to old friends over the years.
Kurth, Robert profile iconENS to LTJGApr 1, 1966 – Jun 30, 19681ST and GCongress might have given me a commission, however, BM1 HULL made me an officer. He taught me more than books ever could.
Bobb, GeorgeAN-AO3Apr 5, 1966 – Jan 9, 1969GVHad a great time. Harold Turner Olk. City were are you.
Epstein, EdwardDK3May 1966 – Feb 1969S-4
Giachetti, RayRD 2May 1, 1966 – Feb 1969OI
Pratt, Floyd C.smJun 1966 – 1967deck 3rd div
Soto, Leo (Suds)DC 3Jun 5, 1966 – May 30, 1968
Kofroth, RogerSNJul 1966 – Aug 19683 rd
Kofroth, RogerAug 1966 – Sep 19683rd
Kutz, LeroyDC3Sep 2, 1966 – Jul 5, 1968RENJOYED MY TIME ON THE RANDOLPH
Moreno, FrankYN2Sep 14, 1966 – Sep 3, 1968A then OPWorked for 2 Dep't Heads who were complete opposites: CDR Bill Dixon (Eng), big, gruff and intimidating, and CDR Dick Schnorf (Ops), a real gentleman (passed away in 2005). Retired in 1996 as a CWO4.
Fowler, Thomas (Tom)STG-2Sep 15, 1966 – Feb 12, 1969SonarI enjoyed my time on the Randolph. Cruises to the Med with stops at Rota, Naples and Barcelona; the Caribbean stops at Barbados, St. Thomas and Rio de Janeiro. With honor decommissioning the Randolph on 9 Feb. 1969.
Oswinkle, GeorgeQM3Sep 30, 1966 – Sep 3, 1968N Div.I had a great two years, traveled to the Med. the Caribean and to South America, Boston, Key West, Ft Lauderdale, learned a lot and grew up. I stayed in the reserves and retired as CWO4.
Riquier, Bob (Ricker)SEAMANOct 1966 – Oct 19683 rd.
Cutright, DavidSNOct 2, 1966 – Oct 1, 1968Navigation
Cox, MikeAX3Nov 1, 1966 – Nov 4, 1968HS-3/CAG-56I was part of the air group flight deck crew and flew as a helicopter aircrewman. I would like to hear from any other HS-3 shipmates.
Elavsky, LarryBT3Nov 10, 1966 – Oct 12, 1968B Glad I was there but would never go again
Hutchison, Paul (Hutch)SPF 3Dec 1966 – Sep 3, 1968RMed cruise to Rio and many ports in between
Klaudi, KarlFN1967 –BWorked as an oil & water king under BT1 Frank Kleinsorgen until the ship was decommisioned in Boston
Sauvie, Ronaldsn1967 – 1968G
Leo, Robert B. (Brian)LT (deceased '67)1967 –CAG 56 CVS-15 VS 27Father, LT Robert Louis Leo, killed 6 Jul 67 in midair of two S-2Es off USS Randolph, off Elizabeth City NC/Cape Hatteras. Looking for friends/info on him, his tours, or the accident itself. Robert B. Leo, USAF (ret)
Brandon, BarrySF31967 – 1968R
Abel P Garza, AbelAbel P Garza BM31967 – 19683rdI was Navy Reserve with 2 years active duty. Two really great years. Any guys from 3rd division message.
Letizia, ChuckETN2Jan 1967 – Oct 1968OEWas a Communication ET with special assignment to run the ship Television Station and Radio Studio. Used to hang out in the ET Shack with Larry Mussman.
Sears, BillLTJGJan 1, 1967 – Nov 30, 1968Airwing/CAG-56/HS-3Came aboard with HS-3 for my first operational duty. Flew the SH-3D helicopter.
Scarbrough, William D (Billy)GMG3Jan 29, 1967 – Aug 2, 1968GMG
Keller, RobertPN2Mar 23, 1967 – Oct 11, 1968AdminWorked in the Personnel Office. Worked with a great bunch of guys. Made a cruise to the Med and to South America. Got off the ship before it headed to Boston for Decom.
Fickes, PaulDC3Mar 23, 1967 – Jun 30, 1967damage control
Montee, DaveBT3Apr 1967 – 1968BStationed on Randolph from April or May of 1967 until sometime during Decommishening at Boston Naval Shipyards when I was transferred to the Shangri La. Worked in #3 Fireroom.
Haakonson, BobADR3Apr 1967 – Dec 1968AIMDFrom boot camp to the Randolph to Boston for Decommissioning, left went to A school Chg rate ASM and was then assigned to VF-41 in Oceana.
Kilgore, WayneRD2Apr 1967 – Feb 1969OIMed cruise decommissioning FEB 69 Boston, MA
Ingram, ThomasEM1Apr 1967 – Jul 16, 1968E
Martin Jr, Carroll ( Sonny )ABH E-3 Apr 1967 – Jan 1969V-1Enjoyed my time on Randolph , up there on the flight deck , lots of action and a crew of men that stood together like family. If I could turn back the hands of time , I'd do it all over again !
Landon, Michael S. (Mike)ETN3Apr 1, 1967 – Dec 31, 1967OE
Esposito, GerardAE3Jun 1967 – Sep 1968I served with the air wing VS24 under the command of CDR J O'Brien and CDR B Shrine
Mathias, Leerm3Jul 1967 – Jul 1968cr
Brown, Ronald (Brownie)E-3Aug 1967 – Nov 1, 1968G
Richards, Nelson (Chip)PH2Aug 1967 – Feb 1969OPI was serving on USS Wright in '67. I hated it. Found a shmuck on the Randolph who didn't want to go to the Med. We swapped, I loved the Randolph. Hated to have to decommission her in '69.
Watrous, Gordon H. JrMs2Sep 1967 – Jul 1978cookEnjoyed my time on the Randolph,and flying with CDR Erricson,on the Helos,during my down time,I was the Ships baker,under Mscs Richardson.Went to sub school and spent the rest of my career on the SSN's.
Lacentra, Robert (Bob)TM2Sep 16, 1967 – Aug 22, 1968W-1I helped Decommission her. I loved that ship, left and went to the USS Essex CVS9 six months later she met the same fate as her sister ship.
Lanigan, CraigFNOct 1967 – Dec 1968B div
Strickling, John profile iconRadioman 2ndOct 1967 – Feb 1969CR Division
MacY, JohnYNSNNov 17, 1967 – Feb 13, 19691st, XCPO Mess Cook, 1st Div, Weps Office, YN "A" School, X Div, Management Inactivation Office
Tirico, FrankABE1968 – 1968V2Building 15 at pier 12 till I came aboard. Crossed the equator on August 7, 1968. We were taking Randy apart when I received orders for the Kennedy. Bow cats was a scary place to work.
Madlom, Joseph/joeET31968 – 1969
Arcaro, JamesHm1 (E6)1968 – 1969H Div MedicalMed cruise to Barcelona and Naples Became a Shellback on southern cruise, St Thomas, Barbados, and Rio de Janerio
Huffman, MarshallMM2Feb 6, 1968 – May 10, 1968Engine Room
Bonelli, StephenE-3/ANMar 29, 1968 – Dec 31, 1968AZI was assigned as an Aviation Maintenance Control Tech. for Air Squadron VS-27.
Nanna, KirbyASM 3Mar 29, 1968 – Jan 14, 1969AIMD IM 2After 1year at Norfolk NAS ( Crash Crew ), 6 months "A" school in Memphis, TN., then assigned to CVS 15. Great times to Virgin Islands, Barbados, and others. Helped to decommission at Boston, MA. then on to USS Yorktown.
Mangus, Wayne "Gunner"GMMCAug 1, 1968 – Feb 28, 1969Gunnery/DeckMaster Chief Gunner in charge at the time of decommisioning of the Randoo, no pomp or flare was afforded this old lady, berthed & stripped of its armor and flags @ Philadelphia navy Yard she was scrapped sans ceremonies a few years later.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1944 | 1945 – 1953 | 1954 – 1956 | 1957 – 1958 | 1959 – 1960 | 1961 – 1962 | 1963 – 1965 | 1966 – now

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