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USS Spruance (DD 963) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Spruance (DD 963). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 638 crew members registered for the USS Spruance (DD 963).

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Devine, DennisBMC (SW)2000 – 2002OD01Remembering a great crew and time in my life.
Howard, DannyIT22000 – 2002OPSLooking for friends from the SpruCan...Worked in
Trent, GaryE32000 – 2003Bo
Stathas, Harley D.TMSAJan 2000 – Apr 2001CAwasnt that bad while i was there
Persick, BiggunzGMCJan 2000 – Feb 2002ORDI retired from this ship and I had the best Gunners in the Fleet, They made my job easy.
Attwill, SeanAW2(SW/NAC)Jan 17, 2000 – May 29, 2003NavigationGreat crew! There's a lot of people that I would mention as a good friend but I don't think that it would fit in this section. So to all the people of that crew and you know who you are, I miss ya and I hope that life is treating you well
Hale, ShaneET3Jan 17, 2000 – May 25, 2004CEToo many good times, drunken memories, and friends to forget.... What can I say it was home for four and a half years.... So glad I don't have to stand watch anymore
Jackson, TaurusE-5 OS2(SW)Mar 20, 2000 – Apr 8, 2003OITha ol spru can. What can I say I had a good time in the signal shack with Attwill, Paul, and Barlow. The signal shack was the place to be. And for those who dont know RIP STG3 REED
Creighton, PhilipCTM2(SW)Apr 2000 – Apr 2001OZWasn't aboard very long, but enjoyed while I was there.
McKinnon, NikYN2(SW)Apr 1, 2000 – Aug 1, 2004EXECI can actually say that the good memories outwiegh the bad. Miss it now and again.
White, TheonE5/ GSE2(SW)Apr 29, 2000 – Jun 29, 2003M/ EM05I hated the Navy now I find myself talking about it all the time.Whats up Smith, Fro, Ratliff, Risby, Baby J, Burton, Doubleday, Galindo, and to those who knew me, much respect. email me at Hope all is well.
Dietrich, PaulSTG2(SW)May 13, 2000 – Mar 13, 2005CAI spent some time there. But, it was worth it.
Adams, JosephHT2May 20, 2000 – Jun 20, 2004RepairWell guy's and gal's it's been awhile but i'm still in the navy and am a first class now HT1. The Spruance is and always will be the finest. I miss her.
Gray, ChristopherPC3May 30, 2000 – May 30, 2004SupplyAround the world and home again, that's the sailor's way!
McClellan, TommyDC2Jun 2000 – Dec 2003ROn shore duty NWS Charleston as a 9545 NEC with base security ("B" nights boat patrol LPO). Was ready to leave the ship, but now I miss it! Ready to get back to sea and work in my rate! My work e-mail is
Rich, AmandaLTAug 2000 – Aug 2002StrikeMaybe I'm biased but Strike was the best division on the ship.
Fyke, John S.MS1(SW)Aug 9, 2000 – Sep 29, 2002S-2Worst morale I've seen in S-2 division onboard a ship. Worst SUPPO I've served for.I've been on 4 other ships. Good thing was I made first class, but I was junior to the other 2 first classes in S-2 so I really didn't have a chance to
Fyke, JohnMS2Aug 10, 2000 – Sep 29, 2002S-2Bad divisionand bad COC but some fond memories of some of the port visits.
Craft, RobertOS1(SW)Sep 2000 – Sep 2002OIMy last sea command prior to retirement in 2004.
Cosenza, JeremyEN3Nov 9, 2000 – Nov 9, 2005AHated the ship,Went through Captain and jacked up chain of command,but that didn't stop me from havin fun,Cruise was alright and had its ups and downs but the best thing of all was,working with everyone in my Division,its my first ship and last sh
Simmons, RobertE-3/ FNDec 2000 – Aug 2003Main PropolsionHad a great time. Miss everyone I used to see daily and talk with. Email me if you have the time. Or call. 325-949-2806. Have fun and remember the good times everyone shared.
Baker, Roderic RockFNDec 2000 – May 2003Mwhat's happening with ya'll bustas man holla at me or 225-328-5130
Martin, Fervil L.EN1(SW)Dec 5, 2000 – Feb 1, 2005AWORKED WITH THE BEST A GANG THE SHIP HAVE EVER SEEN.
Jones, Deldrick "dank"E-5/OSDec 11, 2000 – Jun 4, 2004OI
Hinesley, JadaBm32001 – 2004Deck
Patat, JoshuaFC1(SW)Jan 2, 2001 – Mar 20, 2005CFThe crew made all of the difference. Outstanding experience! I will never forget this ship and her crew.
Fimple, CharlesEN2(SW)Jan 3, 2001 – 2003AXILLARY DIVISIONA GANG
Dunois, SeanET3Jan 29, 2001 – Jul 16, 2003CEI'm on myspace. Just type in Sean Dunois and you will find me. Otherwise Can't say I miss the ship or the navy but I definitely miss the crew.
Jones, JamesBM3/E-4Feb 10, 2001 – Jan 10, 2003ODO1Had a wonderful experiance onboard
Spehr, AndrewQM3Mar 1, 2001 – Jul 31, 2004NAV/ADMINFellow shipmates. How is it going? I just had a Heart transplant on 15 April 07.I am doing fine. Trying to reunite with fellow shipmates. Feel free to e-mail me at
Mohr, BrandynIT3Mar 19, 2001 – Nov 25, 2003OC and DeckI met some incredible people on the Spruance. Thanks for the memories.
Mayberry, Shandralynn profile iconFNMay 2001 – Oct 2001Engineering--Main 2My first ship, shortest command, but the best memories! I met the most awesome crew ever on this little ship... Miss ya dearly 'ol Spru Can... Email me if you remember me! --
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Moore, BradleyGM2(SW)Jun 9, 2001 – Jun 7, 2004OrdnanceI had a lot of good times on the Spruance. I'd give anything to work with the guys in ORD Div. again.
Whitcher, KevinFC2Jul 4, 2001 – Mar 17, 2005ORDNANCETo all my shipmates, Whats Up!!! Shout out to ORD DIV! The best guns in the navy!! E-mail me at Had a really good time with you all and I would love to work with you all again anytime. Miss you all. Hope all is well! Kevin
Martin, WilliamEN4Aug 2001 – Sep 2003engineeringworking on Bend Oregon
Beyer, JohnBM1 (SW/CC)Aug 2001 – Mar 2005Deck/AdminMy Last
Schwarzkopf, DaveCTR1Aug 2, 2001 – Jul 28, 2004OZFirst ship, great memories, (I think I've successfully purged mess cranking and UnReps). I met some great folks onboard, and miss every bit of it. OK, maybe not OPS berthing.
Fernandez, MikephisieYN2Aug 12, 2001 – Aug 28, 2003nav/adminDo the best with what u got, the crew did that. Stay up. For those who didn't know one of our great shipmates, STG3 Clarence Reed past Aug. 11 2006 of heart failure. Those who knew him know he was a good shipmate and friend. RIP to JR.
Cassell/gradoz, KimE-4Aug 28, 2001 – Feb 5, 2005OZO2Awesome ship. Miss my shipmates.
Trevino, HectorPO1/GSM1Sep 20, 2001 – Mar 2005MPThe First, Finest and not to mention the Fastest ship on the water. Great crew and Great ship. She will never be forgotten. Decom crew.
Carroll, CrystalBM2Oct 19, 2001 – Aug 27, 2004OD01I was the first female BM on the ship. I loved the times I had there. I miss her a lot. I seen a lot of places, but nothing lasts forever. Now, I have to move on to other things such as my Bachelor's and my Mortgage Broker Liscense.
Walker, JarrodMSSNDec 5, 2001 – Sep 10, 2003Deck/S-2The Spruance had good times and bad times. But most of the crew looked out for each other. There were some morale problems but mostly all good

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