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USS Kauffman (FFG 59) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kauffman (FFG 59). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 290 crew members registered for the USS Kauffman (FFG 59).

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Jones, SteveSMC(SW)1990 – 1991
Wethy, KevinBM21990 – 1995OC03Stayed onboard longer than I should have. Made some friends then left the ship in 1995. I then RETIRED in 2002. Senior Chief told me I would never see the big check.. Guess what, I Got it!! Living happily in MI now.
Fullen, PaulSH31990 – Nov 5, 1993supplyDoes anyone need a haircut? Sign the list. No cuttsies because you're an officer. Lt. Sak, you don't scare me.
Bauer, RonaldSM3Jan 1990 – Sep 1993signalmanThought I would not miss the ship and crew but it was an awesome time, still talk to BM3 Jordan and run into Mcloed every now and then. I'm still In Fall River!!!
Williams, RobertRM3Feb 1990 – Jun 1993Hey guys I'm looking for some old friends that are looking for an oppurtunity
Daly, MarkOS3Mar 1990 – May 1992O-4After serving one year in the Gulf aboard the LaSalle. I got to see what a real ship was like. Great ports of call in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. N.A.G. in 91.Good to see so many familiar names once again. I am glad everyone is doing well.
Wren, JohnEN2Mar 1990 – Jan 1991auxWorked in engineering in aux 3 and rast for first gulf war. Broke shoulder in motorcyle accident when bake from gulf ended career
Gorzelnik, EdDC3Mar 4, 1990 – Sep 18, 1993E-3best time of my life.would do it all over again with the same crew, thanks guys
Stevens, JackET2Apr 1990 – Jun 15, 1994CS3A lot of great memories and friends for life.
James, Mac MacfarlandDC2May 1990 – Oct 1993E -3
Rusk, LewisMA1May 1990 – Apr 1992S4
Stewart, DarrellYN1May 1, 1990 – May 1, 1993AdminOnboard with Commander Chapman and Deppe. Good times and fond memories: Starting our cruise through the Atlantic during typhoon conditions, the sinking of the Risli, chasing cocaine boats, boarding ships.
Sinclair, GregGSE1(SW)Jul 1990 – Feb 1993E-1I never missed the Navy, but I miss the people. Some of the best I ever knew. I was OIl King, EPCC, PSM, me and Eddie G.were the Repair 5 nozzles. We wet down a few sets of khaki's. Import, Topsiders and OB's. e-mail me.
Capps, Jeff (Charlie Brown)OS1(SW)Aug 1990 – Feb 1993OITo all my old shipmates it was fun and I miss the camraderie that we had. Write me and lets rehash old times.
Goodrich, Robert (B.f.)GSE2Sep 1990 – May 1993Loved the boat, hated the pier. Hope to reconnect. Love to hear from you, but memory kinda shot. Situations help. The Delfin club in Spain, Swimming to the rock in Oman. Spineless Captain ('Squack' "That's my polic
Johnson, DavidEN3Oct 4, 1990 – Jan 29, 1993E1,E2Great Memories of Great people.Looking forward to hearing from ya shipmates.Write any time!!
Kautz, "Kouch"ET2Nov 11, 1990 – Oct 5, 1994CS3Great times and memories, to many to list. Most importantly, friendships forever.
Baum, BrentQMSNDec 1990 – Aug 1994NavigationBest time of my life, travel, friends, ocean life!
Hart, JohnSTG2(SW)Dec 1990 – Apr 1994CS1Amazing how sometimes you miss it!
Richardson, William "Rico"FC2Dec 1990 – Feb 1995CS-2The best ship, the best crew, the best homeport (not Norfolk nubs!).
Presberry, Prizette P-berrySTG SN1991 – Dec 12, 1993CS 1Tall ships in Boston, Castle in Transylvania, Steel beach cookouts, Surface warning red in the Adriatic Sea,
Sargent, JeffSTG3(SW)1991 – 1993
Edington, RogerFC2Jan 1991 – Aug 1992CS-2I was only aboard for about a 1-1/2 years. I left the Persian Gulf after 13 months duty on the USS LaSalle and was told when I was picked-up from the airport that we would be going back again! I wasn't too happy!
Greenway, RichE-5 OS2Jan 3, 1991 – Aug 4, 1992operations
Wright, JamesDK1(SW)Feb 1991 – Jan 1994S-4
Lawrence, ChrisBM1Feb 1991 – Jan 1995Deck
Sova, JoeET3Feb 7, 1991 – Feb 17, 1995CS3Anyone ready to head back to Alcohol Support Unit Bahrain? Kinda miss the horrible hangovers from the crappy beer.
Grover, RickOS2Mar 1991 – Feb 1995ops O-4hope to hear from you all soon. Great time in my life, thanks to the crew
Bright, James MMSMar 11, 1991 – Sep 1994suplieI was a dek seaman and struk MS.
Garrett, BobbyEW2 SWMar 12, 1991 – Jun 11, 1994CSBeing a sailor and serving onboard Kauffman was a great experience. The memories of the persian gulf and my shipmates will stay with me for the rest of my life. Hello to anyone who reads this.
Nicholson, NickFC3Mar 14, 1991 – Mar 25, 1995CS-2
Melton, JimRM2Mar 23, 1991 – Nov 9, 1992OCGood times, Bad times. Shipmates email me. I retire July 2005. This ship was the best one on the waterfront in Newport RI. Gulf Cruise was long and hot, but little ones to Boston were Great!
Curran, Philip "Phillyphil"RM3Apr 17, 1991 – Sep 9, 1994OPS 02There was good times and there were bad, but the friends I made where great. The gulf was long and tiring, the med in 93 was good, and down in haiti in 94 was rough and tumble but we always came on top.
Hindley, Rob/rackmanSTG3Jun 19, 1991 – Aug 1994CS-1Turn the lights off!! I'm trying to sleep. Who took my position on the pipe outside berthing? MEMORIES!!
Caffrey, JimDC3Jul 1, 1991 – May 1, 1994Had a great time. NAG 1991 - Hot. Thank God they saw that mine. MED 1993 - FUN, FUN, FUN. Thanks to Dale Frank for saving me from getting shot in Corfu Greece. That was close.
Harnois, Lyleet3)Jul 1, 1991 – May 31, 1995cs3
Harnois, Lyleet(3)Jul 1, 1991 – 1995cs3
Beeler, Mark24Jul 16, 1991 – Jul 12, 1996supply
Sowards, CharlesE-3Oct 1991 – Oct 1993Deck
Frank, DaleSNNov 1991 – Jun 1993Deck ApeBEER! Your welcome Jimmy! I see alot of familar names on here. E mail me:
Corbett, Kirby (Rob)E-3Nov 1, 1991 – May 14, 199303 - DeckGreat times at Phi Tappa Keg! Drydock in Portland, Boston, LEO ops in the Caribbean, and (for me) the short goodwill tour to Greece, the Black Sea, and Adriatic. I made my best friends thanks to that ship - contact me any time.
Boczkus, DavidDECKNov 1, 1991 – Jun 15, 1993DeckWhats up! Good times overseas, the islands!!! Dry Docked in Maine and Boston Partying in RI Partying in Conn Going UA for 29 days and 23 hours :) good times my email is
Diamond, GlennsnNov 30, 1991 – Nov 30, 1993DeckWow!Reading everyones comments brings back so many memories(ANd Life lessons learned!).Anyone heard from Pack or Santiago?
Rhea, Jacob profile iconQM3Dec 30, 1991 – Oct 13, 1993Operations/ Navigation

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1995 | 1996 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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