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Stingers (VA 113) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who were assigned to the Stingers (VA 113). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 37 crew members registered for the Stingers (VA 113).

Hicks, TheodoreAO2Oct 14, 1955 – Oct 15, 1957Deployed aboard USS Essex (CV-9), April 1957 to October 1957 with CAG-11.
Hoiland, NormanAdj31962 – 1963Have been looking for Edward j Murphy adj2
White, Ronald D.E-3Dec 1963 – Mar 1964I hope these dates are correct. It's been a long time.
Kempf, Ronams21966 – Jul 4, 1968
Bean, StanE-5Dec 12, 1966 – Jan 2, 1968
Duchaine, GaryE5Jul 28, 1967 – Jul 3, 1969Boot Camp Great Lakes 6/1966 Millington, TN NAS for training VA125 Lemoore California VA 113 Lemoore CA USS Enterprise VA97 USS Constellation Home 11/1969
Burwell, Davidams2Oct 1967 – Apr 10, 1970
Cullison, MikeAT21968 – 1971
Bonante, Arman (Red)AZ2Oct 13, 1968 – Nov 15, 1972I made both the Med cruise USS Saratoga and West Pac cruise USS Ranger
Cullison, QuayAT-2Nov 1, 1968 – Oct 29, 1972I was fortunate enough to see both the Mediterranean and the West Pac while with VA-113.
McGee, RobertAME2Feb 1969 – Oct 1969
Lewis, Mark AME 2Mar 1969 – Jun 18, 1972I was lucky to make both a Med Cruise on the USS Saratoga (CVA-60) and a West Pac on The USS Ranger (CVA-61) Probable better known as "Louie"
Estes, Joeatn31970 – May 1971
Brown, Robert BobAT3Jul 1970 – Jun 1973
Fuller, PaulAE1Feb 24, 1972 – Jun 1975
Daigle, MikeAO 3Jun 1972 – Jun 10, 1974
Miller, J.j.E-4Jan 28, 1973 – Oct 8, 1976
Barnett, RandyAE3Jun 1, 1973 – Aug 9, 1976
Leidy, RalphAMS-3Jun 1974 – May 1975
Savoie, CraigPO2/AMHNov 1975 –Looking for Squadron mates from late 1975 thru 1978
Backstrom, DouglasAT-31976 – 1978
Anderson, Daniel 'Gunner'AO3 AO2Mar 1976 – Feb 1978
Adams, SmokeyE-3May 1976 – Nov 1978LOOKING FOR SHIPMATES FROM THE MID 70'S
Quittner, IanAT2Sep 10, 1976 – Jul 28, 1981Looking for my old shipmates in VA-113 and aboard the USS Ranger
Williams, RickAME2Dec 1976 – Dec 1978
Farrell, KevinAO2 E-5Jan 1977 – Jan 1979
Smith, JimmieAQ11978 – 1980Enjoyed my tour with the stingers and working in IWT shop, looking to hear from Hefke, Brock, Pace, Mantei, Protsman, or any of the other Stingers.
Petrosky, Audie/skiAO31978 – Oct 1981Looking for Dwight Harris, I live in Florence, Alabama
Whitson, JeffreyAMH E4Jan 1980 – Nov 1982
Torres, Victor M.AQ2Mar 1980 – Apr 1983Made 2 westpac's on USS RANGER. Troubleshooter on 2nd cruise,live in New Jersey, teamster trk drvr past 15 yrs.
Park, ThomasAE2Nov 1980 – 1986
Orena, FrankE-51981 – 1982I worked in AIMD FLIR Systems
Ewell, EdwardATANSep 15, 1981 – Dec 15, 1983Would like to hear from old friends.
Hayward Jr, WarrenAE-2Feb 14, 1982 – May 11, 1983I made a WESTPAC with VA-113, and after the WESTPAC we transit to FA-18's to be the first sea going FA-18 squadron.
Lemal, JohnGMG 4Apr 1, 1987 – Jan 19, 1989recalled to active duty Desert Shield/Desert Storm 1991Served on numerous different ships in the Persian Gulf from May 87 to Dec 87 and again from Jan 91 to April 91
Hanson, MichaelE4Mar 1, 1989 – Mar 1, 1990Looking for any of the stinger guys from 89-90 persian gulf. I was on Kinkaid, Gridley, Cromley fast frigate if memory serves me right. Rayban the glasses guy who's dad invented Twister (yes really), Reed, etc...
Ramjattan, SivanE-3Nov 14, 1991 – Dec 23, 1992Looking back, it's one of the best period of my life. I can still hear the one country tune... ."I got friends in low places" - playing at the Oasis, the long hot days on watch we wore ice pack vest to keep cool

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