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Clansmen (VA 46) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who were assigned to the Clansmen (VA 46). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 69 crew members registered for the Clansmen (VA 46).

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Zillmann, RonaldYN3Nov 9, 1959 – Nov 9, 1962all fellow servicemen who I worked with and knew with in VA-46 Cecil Field, Florida
Carl Edwards, EdwardsAMH31960 – 1960
Alexander, John D.ADJ1Mar 11, 1960 – Apr 8, 1963Entered this fine squadron directly out of "B" school. I have many fond memories serving in this excellent squadron. Now retired AZC, I reside in Germantown, Tn. I Was one of the first selected AZ's in the Navy.
Gearhart, ArthurAMH3Jun 1961 – Dec 1962Med Cruise 1962 - USS Shangri La, loved it, where is our history ? We boarded the USS Lexington @ Mayport FL (Blockade Cuba) NO MENTION ANYWHERE ? WHY ? CLANSMAN were there Oct-Nov 1962. Anybody ?
Tighe, ChrisE41964 – 1966many memories serving with VA 46 on the Shangri-la. Colliding with the NK Perry, and by mistake, spilling crude oil on the french riviera during the 1964-1965 med cruise. Good times on liberty.
Hummel, DaveE3Jun 15, 1964 – May 1966VA 46 was attached to the USS Sangri-La, anyone who was in the Squadron at that time and remembers me please contact me. Dave Hummel
Perrucci, TonyE41965 – Nov 11, 1966
Johnson, GarySN,YN3,YN2Jun 1966 – Nov 1967
Creviston, DennisE 5 2nd class petty officerAug 1966 – Mar 1970
Smythe, BartASep 1966 – Jan 1970Remember the USS Forrestal most of all.
Lewis, JamesAMH-2May 1967 – Jan 30, 1970Came aboard in 1967. Made the west Pac cruise. Made the Med in 1969. Worked in Airframe shop on night shift. Released from duty shortly after return from Med cruise in 70. Can be contacted at
Collins, JamesAE-2Dec 1967 – Jan 1970I was aboard the Saratoga as Quality Assurance Electrician and enjoyed working with the A7-A Corsair II aircraft. The cruise was enjoyable except when surrounded by Russian ships in the Med. They were threating Israel.
Baltzley, JohnAMH 11968 – 1970
Grajkowske, Terry (Ske)AMS2Aug 1, 1968 – Nov 11, 1971
Turner, Gatoramh-3Nov 18, 1968 – Nov 18, 1972 I just wanted to get in touch with some of the fantastic people I served with.
Turner, Jimmye4May 15, 1969 – Nov 17, 1972 I had a good time on jfk and made some good people.Anyone that remembers Gator give me a shout.
Davis, MichaelAE31970 – Jul 1972I don't remember when I arrived at Cecil Field. I had graduated from A School at JAX NAS Worked in corrosion control and later worked in intermediate matenance while aboard the Kennedy for Med Cruise 1971- 72. I live in Nebraska.
Carrell, HowardAO21971 – Aug 1973Worked for AOC Carl Sweat. 2 Med Cruise's. Lived between Cat 1 & 2. Our birds launched off cat 1.
Crotsley, Dan (Crots)Ams31971 – 1975My first tour and the best. Retired 1994 amcs
Watchorn, PaulPR-3Jun 1971 – Sep 1974Was with the Clansmen for two cruises on the BIG JOHN. Really enjoyed VA-46.
Robinson, Craig profile iconPR21972 – 1976Big John was home for many excursions. Like many, there were great memories and many friendships. However there were also many times of exuberance and sorrow. Multiple extended cruises & the Belknap Collision.
Labadie, DennisATJun 1972 – Jun 1975
Semanko, Steve SwedeAMH-21974 – 1977Had a great time while attached to VA-46. Met some of the best people I have ever known. Enlisted and pilots alike. Very sad to learn the squadron, planes and ship are all gone now. Even NAS Cecil Field.
Hilburn, RickAMH-21974 – 1977Worked in the line crew, I made three cruises on the Kennedy with " Taz" and "Cookieman". I sure do miss those days.
Szala, William (Bill)AMH-3Feb 5, 1974 – Mar 10, 1976Had such a great time and met so many people. Some are now gone and missed thoroughly. One such person is my brother Steve. He was the reason that I got to the squadron to begin with.
Snare, MichaelE-4Feb 11, 1974 – Aug 9, 1974My experience in at Akron 46 was/is the most important time of my young life Thank God
Bartlett, Jay "black Bart"AO2Nov 1974 – Mar 1978some of the best times of my life was at cecil field and on the Big John
Crite, Jerry(Soudabay)AOAN1975 – 1979I was onboard the USS Kennedy (CVA-67) when it collided with the USS Belknap The best damn ordnance crew in the whole damn Navy
Tillery, LarryAQ21975 – 1980I will never forget my time spent in the Navy, VA-46 and the cruises on the BIG JOHN. One pat cruise O-level maintenance and all the remainder in IMA-level.. Got to know some really interesting people. Wish I had retired
Faragasso, KeithAM-1Jun 17, 1975 – Jun 29, 1979The best thing I ever did was join the Military and meet up with great people. I have made it a point to stay in touch with quite a few of the squadron members.
Logan, RickAD-2Sep 1975 – Mar 19784 Meds 1 North Atlantic numerous Carribean. I miss my boys in the power plant shop & the crazy line dawgs. T.D. Woods, if you see this call me & leave a message. 563-613-3016.
White, James (Jc)AO3Sep 9, 1975 – Nov 30, 1976Would like to hear from some of my oid friends,miss ya all!
Braun, Fredams31976 –
Woods, Thomas/woodieAD2Feb 1976 – Mar 1978Line Division and Power Plants. Did 76 NATO cruise and 77 Med Cruise
Gauthier, LarryAirmen strikerJan 1977 – Sep 1978Line dawg for Kennedy work ups and Med cruise '78. Great time. Would enjoy talking to some ol' buds.
Leake, JimmyAE3Jan 1, 1977 – Feb 15, 1978Plane captain 77 Med Cruise
Gordiany, SteveAMS3Nov 7, 1977 – Mar 10, 1981Was a PC & TS on flt-deck for 2 meds. saw the world, great times,lots of flt ops, naples,sambucca, piano bar #1, my plane 307 almost went over the side on short cat .. LT did good not to punch out.. Hey Gerald & Mcdick
McCrillis, Dick "mcdick"LTDec 1977 – Mar 1981
Walley, GeraldAD2Jan 1979 – Jun 3, 1982Hey Gordy, served in Line Div with you way back when! Great times! Hope all is well, drop me a line sometime & take care!
Walley, GeraldAD2Feb 25, 1979 – Jun 3, 1982Loved every minute! Would give anything to locate/get in contact with AD1 Robert Elliott again.
Hall, JimE-1 ASMOct 3, 1979 – Nov 3, 1981Was one of the best times of my life and think about it almost every day. Should of stayed in like my Father. The experience was second to none. Hopefully I be back in the next life. Miss you guys. Jim Hall
Borders, BarryAO 2Oct 28, 1979 – Apr 10, 1981Med cruise cv67 1980/1981
Mydosh, RobertASM3Nov 1979 –

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