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Starfighters (VF 33) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who were assigned to the Starfighters (VF 33). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 53 crew members registered for the Starfighters (VF 33).

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Loan, Clyde B. , JrAO-3Feb 1954 – Aug 1954
Barham, BillAT2Jun 15, 1957 – Jan 15, 1959Worked in AT shop under CPO Young; Operation Strikeback on Intrepid....carquals on Forrestal. Talked to Fighter Jim Foster the other evening..Aircraft FJ-3M and F11F.........morale was totally in the dumps. Based Oceana.
Harris, Amosaviation storekeeper 31961 – 1963First sailor of Med. stood on cat. as Enterprise entered Straits of Gibaltor-1961 Looking for shipmate Dave Henige.
Laverack, NickAME 1Dec 1961 – 1962LOOK FOR LESTER HUITER AMSC R.E. CLINE AM1
Drajna, FredAE3Apr 20, 1963 – Jul 1, 1964 forward tunnel CVA"N" 65
Eberts, David E BADJ-2Jun 1, 1963 – Aug 2, 1967iVF-33 TARSAIRS.If you were in the power plant shop of VF-33 from 1963 to 1967 I would like to hear from you. Homer Lockhart where are you? Richard Wenzel, Mike Pollack and some of you other guys; where is everyone
Mosley, Larry {mose}AO51964 – 1967Was a great ship and the guys in my shop were the best in the navy.Also had the nicest and best chief in the navy.Miss them all.Very sad the the America is at the bottom of the ocean.
McCarthty, Michaeladj31965 – 1969
Pollock, Michaeladj3Nov 1965 – 1967
Spath, BillAMS11966 – 1970
Cuite, AlAZ2Oct 1966 – Sep 1968
Ferraro, Vincentatn2Feb 25, 1967 – Oct 28, 1968
Seeberger, RustyAOANMar 1967 – Dec 1968Had the time of my life. Will never forget the times and Captain Masts. Alongapoo, Sydney etc. Worked my dick in the dirt as an Ordnance man but when i hit the shore, O Lordy! Worked hard and played hard.
McKee, Tom profile iconAMS-21968 – 1970Served aboard the USS America, USS Independence, VF-33, VF-101 Det. O., NAS Oceana,
Swanson, DickAE21969 – Sep 19711970 Med Cruise aboard USS Independence. 1971 NFWS Miramar.
Stults, LarryADJ2Jun 7, 1970 – Dec 17, 1971Two Med cruses. 1970 & 1971. Got out of the service on 2nd cruse December 21, 1971. Previous duty with VF-101, NAS Boca Chica, Key West, FL June of 68 to December of 69.
Hackett, TommyAO3Aug 1970 – Jan 19731971 - 72 Med Cruise. Fallon Nev. Parts of F4 still on mountain side oops!! Hot Pad @ Key West
Wingo, RaymondAMHCOct 23, 1970 – Apr 30, 1974Trying to connect with old friends
Crawford, James profile iconAE-2Aug 1972 – Aug 1973
Garner, LarryAME2Aug 20, 1972 – Feb 22, 1976Hi all! Animal here, was in the AME shop, went on beach det for '75-'76 Med Cruise. Went to Top Gun, Operation Red Flag, Fallon missile shoots. Had a good time with all the crazies I hung out with.
Younce, AllenAMS31973 – 1975Enjoyed working with our crew and ships crew.we were a tight outfit.I enjoyed my plane captain duties.would not give up my memories for anything. Remember nickel grass op.we did a A1 job.
Britt, TimothyAO2Feb 1973 – Oct 26, 1976made three med trips with the ord crew best port was england
Reichard, JonpranOct 1973 – May 1, 1975Looking for fellow AIRDALES.I had to retire after I was run over by a drunk , retired cpo in Virgina Beach 26april74 .Please drop me a note, !! My life in vf33 were some of my best mem.
Meredith, MichaelAE3Apr 21, 1974 – Mar 3, 1977After three Med cruises with the INDY as a flight deck troubleshooter. I can definitely say "been there, done that, bought the t-shirt". I hated that ship then, but 25 years later I would do it one more time!
Romito, FrankE3 AADec 15, 1974 –At 19 years old this was a very exciting adventure
Strickland, ChrisAMHANNov 11, 1975 – Jul 28, 1978Things sure seem different looking back.
Swain, KennethAE2Jan 6, 1976 – Sep 16, 1979Just remember all the good times and thinking I should have re-enlisted and gone to OCS like they wanted me to. I would have been a hell of a fighter pilot.
Dears, Raymond profile iconAMEC(AW)Mar 26, 1976 – Mar 26, 1979Worked in the seat shop and a TAD to CAG LOX for a few months. Was a second class during this tour.
Stibitz, Mark profile iconAQ2May 1976 – Sep 1979My time in the Navy was a good time in my life. Met a lot of good people and made good friends with whom I have lost touch. Saw a lot of places and experienced a lot of things I would not otherwise had seen.
Cuddy, Matthew profile iconPRANApr 22, 1977 – Nov 5, 1980Proud to be a former VF33 parachute rigger off the USS Independence CV62. Served under two of the finest men I ever met, Cmdr. Phimster and Lt.Cmdr. Hoffman. Appropriated a bus in Carney Park the line of duty.
Hampton, CarlAME3Jul 12, 1977 – Nov 12, 1980I was part of Starfighter 33 my first tour of duty and had a lot of friends worked in the seat shop, cag lox and other TDY, would love to get in touch with some of the old gang.
McGowan, KenYN3Dec 1, 1978 – Sep 30, 1982One of the best times of my life. Med, IO, Persian Gulf, Suez Canal. Becoming a Shellback. Serving during the Iranian Hostage Crisis. Coming to know many outstanding fighter pilots and great shipmates. Liberty!!!
King, Barry (B.j.)E 6Mar 1, 1979 –Just found the site. Anyone out there feel free to contact. Live in Florida with all the kids and grandkids. Hope to hear from you guys.
Mudgett, StephenAQ2Apr 1979 – Dec 1983
McAllister, Mike "Mac"AEANJun 1979 – Jun 1981TAD 2 on INDY fwd mess decks serving sliders 1st 1/2 of 79 med cruise. tad 2 IM3 w/c 620 4 80/81 IO cruise. Perth was a blast.
Devincent, JoeAT2Jul 27, 1979 – Jul 8, 1983
Rossman, RandallAMS 3Oct 1979 – Nov 11, 1983VF 33 Line Rat on F 4 J USS Independence CV 62 .& USS America CV 66 F 14 Tomcat. Good times and great group of guys. Thanks to all who watched our backs while up on Deck.
Burns, TimAMH2Nov 15, 1979 – Oct 7, 1983
Ralston, MauriceAQ11980 – 1982
Arcari`, VinnieAT3May 1980 – Sep 19832 I/O cruises and a NATO. Fondest working memories I have. Great time in Perth, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Greece, Palma, Kenya, Scotland, and England. Also enjoyed Oceana and the parties on the beach.
Schmitt, ThomasAD2Sep 1980 – Jul 1984Remembering my first cruise with VF-33 IO F4 Phantom cruise.

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