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USS Jack Williams (FFG 24) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Jack Williams (FFG 24). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 221 crew members registered for the USS Jack Williams (FFG 24).

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Blackburn, Samuel "Baby Doc"HM31990 – 1992suppserved with hmc roy turpin and hm1 rob philbin
Pelton, ChrisOS31990 – 1993CIC
Taylor, Jeff "Boot"SM3Jan 1990 – Jan 1993SC-3Remember Savannah, GA on St. Patrick's? Hey Scott Rupe, we did party in Newport didn't we? In SC-3 Division served with Ridgeway, Rupe, Shoemaker, Gallahue, Dixon, Peppler, Ford and others. Did 1 Med Cruise (otherwise known as Red Sea Cruise
Lapoint, JayLTJan 1, 1990 – Dec 15, 1992Weapons
Bailo, ShawnOSSNJan 10, 1990 – Jun 15, 1991OII'm a OSCS now and This was my first ship, it was a good crew and a good CAPT.
Pelton, ChrisOS3Feb 1990 – Jan 1993CICHad a blast!!!!
Ritchie, JeffreEW1Mar 1990 – 1992OI
Kennedy, SeanGSE2Mar 1990 – Mar 1993EngineeringWonderful experiences and great times from RI to the Red Sea.
Cardiel, JeffOS3Mar 10, 1990 – Aug 15, 1996oiwhat up boys retired medically as a ma1 go figure huh live in ft worth so look me up
Hintz, DaleEN3Oct 1990 – Jul 9, 1994EngineeringHad a great time on the Happy Jack. The Med. cruise and gitmo, lots of laughs and good times. Will never forget my time with all of you.
Glover, Carl Aka BoogerFC 3Nov 1990 – Feb 2, 1995
Glover, Carl Aka BoogerFC 3Nov 1990 – Feb 2, 1995
Glover, Carl Aka BoogerFC 3Nov 1990 – Feb 2, 1995
Sanchez, DanielDC1Nov 12, 1990 – 1995This was where I learned all I needed for a successfull career. From Capt. Mast to NAMS, I have spent the last 10 YRS. trying to find a crew like we had, it just isn't out there. Still going and going and going Happy Jack!!!
Glover, CarlFC3Nov 14, 1990 – Jan 1995Combat systemsHad some great times on the happy Jack. Missing my road dogs.
Lowrie, JohnLTDec 7, 1990 – May 31, 1994EROWow, glad to see this site. My time on the Happy Jack has really influenced my life. I still have nightmares of going through the Strait of Messina at night with the carrier at Emcon. I'm now an employment lawyer in Denver.
Thorndycraft, TomEM21991 – 1993Electrical
McDonald, Fred, MackBM31991 – 1996Good to see some old names and can still see lots of ugly faces but still the best group of guys i hav ever been around If u were on board from 91 till decom u know me Mack it would be good to com. w/ everyone. Im in Dallas
McKenney, FrankGSCS(SW)1991 – 1993Engineering Division ChiefThe "Happy Jack" was the best ship I ever served on and I had a Great bunch of guys who worked their tails off in the engine room. We even got an award by Adm. Borda! "Amazon Anny" and " Bouncing Betty" never failed!
Bergstrom, David J. (Bergie)GSE3Oct 25, 1991 – Oct 24, 1994EMO1
Glover, Carl Aka BoogerFC 3Nov 1991 – Feb 1995Hey guys What's up? Who remembers Egypt anyone who was on our med cruise should or how bout our favorite liberty port gitmo. Has anyone heard from Deyoung?
Thompson, TimDC2Nov 20, 1991 – Nov 23, 1993eng
Sembach, ScottGSM31992 – Aug 28, 1994EMO1Good times many great memories made nothing like life in the oil shack!!
Walters, DaleMSC(SW)Feb 14, 1992 – Jun 20, 1994SUPPLY SS02Looking for old shipmates from the Happy Jack ! Guardez Bien !
Miller, KenSM1Feb 24, 1992 – Sep 1996ocI had run aground over thirty times before the "happy Jack" made an amphibious assault on P.R.. Thank God the previous times were on a LST.
Collins, DanDS2May 1992 – Jun 1996CEGreat memories from that boat. Did one Med Cruise and countless other short ops. Will never forget running aground off Ponce, Purto Rico!
Boerste, KeithEn3Jul 1992 – Apr 14, 1994EngineeringGood times on the jack. Met a lot of good men I still consider good friends. 20plus years has gone by fast.
Fowler, ChristopherE-3 (DECK SEAMAN)Jul 23, 1992 – Jul 24, 1994deckhowdy happy jack. what a great ship. loved the trips to puerto rico and cuba.
Fowler, ChrisE-3Jul 23, 1992 – Jul 24, 1994DeckOh Happy Happy Jack. Remember The Great Times On Her. Going Across The Equator, Going To The Persian Gulf For Policing Trials, going to gitmo, Puerto rico, off the coast of bosnia. it was an awesome ship to be on.
Austin, MarvinEM3Aug 2, 1992 – Aug 16, 1993ElectricalI was on the Jack when it moved from Mayport to Pascagoula... Great time as an EM
Campbell, Timqmc(sw0Aug 26, 1992 – 1996navretired in 2000 building custom boats part time and special event work J W was'nt my last boat and check out royal order of shellbacks on fb if you qualify
Stephens, MarcusGM3Oct 1992 – Sep 1996CMI remember all those steel beach picnics.
Lomax, StanleyMSCNov 10, 1992 – Aug 15, 1996S-2Hey Shipmates, I've been retirer now for 2 years,still working with the mililary here at NAS JAX FL, at the barracks (846). Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you guy's. You can reach me at 542-8196, ask for Mr. Lomax. God bless
Barella, JohnEM3Nov 21, 1992 – Nov 1994ElectricalFond memories of the haitian vacation with the army choppers, The cubans that we gave rides to, and the swim call. Also cannot forget EMI Watkins and EMC Crunk
Jones, AndyLTJG1993 – 1996MMPA. I'm pretty familiar with the chart into Ponce now. . . .
Poindexter, Roy1993 – 1996I just wanna know who stole those naked pics I had of me and this chick I was seeing. HA HA! Anywaystrying to get with anyone on maybe having a reunion or something...everyone but that ugly ass sm2 miller...where is that OS with the big ears?
Center, RandyDCFM1993 – 1995engactually missing the close quarters, watch standing, and general chaos of the ship. not really missing the north atlantic or passing trash bags around at general quarters. learned a lot from my mentors in my short time onboard. thnx all
Rocha Jr, Ruben1993 – Sep 13, 1996deck
Smith, Scott/smitty/nut Hair/ NutsyOs31993 – 1996OsWhat's up guys? I'm sure you remember me, if not I definitely remember you. Fish,Snapper,Dex,Roach,Ray,Chris,Rich,Beeker,Rosie. The whole ship looked after each other like family. Hit me up I'm on Facebook Scott Smith.
Abadie, ByronOS2Jan 1993 – Sep 1996OIWhat's up fellas? I still live in God's country (Louisiana). My email is I had it wrong in an earilier posting. Remember Gandolfo falling overboard in port?
Boudreaux, DougPN3Mar 1, 1993 – Jun 1, 1995Deck
George, DavidE-4Apr 1993 – Sep 13, 1996Supply/ SS01
Cordes, PatLTJGApr 1993 – Aug 1996ASW and DeckI miss some of the good times we had, but not the boat. I eventually lost track of most of the DIVO's that went civilian about the same time I did. Except for Matt Blunt - see him in the news. Who'da thought he'd become governor of MO
Kincaid, BryantLTApr 1993 – Sep 1994OPSI retired Dec 2006 and have been struggling to find a job. Good to see that shipmates of the "Happy Jack" are posting and keeping touch. I am presently in Manassas, Virginia training to be a teacher and historian. Email is available.
Healy, William(bill)OS2Jun 1993 – May 1995OPSHey guys its good to see some of these familiar names in the crew list. Loved the times we all had on that ship. I'll tip one for all the good times.
Boles (Bolzie), StevenRMSNJul 1993 – Dec 1994Have great memories of my time spent on the happy jack. funny one was when the Suppo had to run on top deck in skivies with a ballon inside.. Any friends that want to contact me im at where u at Rob Mullen?
Leach, TomLTJul 1993 – Jul 1994OPSLast sea tour and last gig in the NAV as OPS Officer. Great crew all around, and some really good times in PAC, Caribbean, WestPac and Persian Gulf. Need to track down CDR Jack Eckelberry...
Bell, Kennethbm3Jul 13, 1993 – 1995operationshey guys glad to finally find a place to get in touch with everyone from the good ol happy jack been a police officer in mississippi since i left the ship couldnt wait to get off of it and missed it every day since
Lockett, Malachi/ Country Boyms/e-3Sep 13, 1993 – Sep 13, 1995supplyi have searched for years tryiing to find my brothers who was apart of my life for two great years. i remember som names that been posted. have any1 heard from pnut, dog, mac, bchilly, or gilly gill
Rose, ChristopherEN3Oct 1993 – Sep 1996
Dotson, KennethE3Nov 1993 – Jun 1996SupplyMan I had some good & bad times. But I wouldn't trade it for nothing in the world. Made a lot of friends I'm now trying to reconnect with.
Bauer, JasonDC2Dec 19, 1993 – Nov 21, 1995RHad some good times on the Jack. I remember turning off the power to the steering unit thinking it was a sump pump. Caught hell for that! Lots of good friends, HTC King, DC2 Adams, HTC Miller, DC2 Sanchez...Lots more..

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