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USS Fahrion (FFG 22) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Fahrion (FFG 22). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 226 crew members registered for the USS Fahrion (FFG 22).

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Freeman, Stevebm1Jul 7, 1972 – Oct 31, 1983USS FAHRION
Cook, JamesETC1978 – 1980CS4From precom in Norfolk, nucleus crew in Seattle, PSA at Bath Iron Works in Maine, reftra in Gitmo to DesRon* in Mayport.
Salinas, Richard profile iconquarter masterNov 1979 – Sep 1986sc1
Fick, RickyRM11980 – 1984CommunicationsJust want to say hello to all of the commissioning crew of the USS Fahrion.
Lemay, Bill1980 – 1982SO Storm off Oregan Coast: class 6 seas,18 ft to 24ft swells we got hit by 60 ft. rogue wave threw the ships bell through the fore deck into Boatsn's locker,flared focsil, GQ 0200 hrs,throwing up like a dog.Hey McGee you still owe me 20 bucks!
Jeffrey, DoumaEM31980 – 1983EngineeringHey, anbody can contact me now..Duff you 2!.I remember the good times in Norfolk and Seattle.
Hoffman, WilliamGSE21980 – 1983Gas TurbineWhat an experience. Loved Seattle. Good experience, even when it was bad. Great friends.
Smith, BruceBM21980 – 1983Ships controlGreat site. Almost all names sound familiar. Retired CW03 in Nov 96. Gonna try to be at reunion in Jan. Live in Charlotte now, moving soon. Anybody heard from Mike Demery?
MacNeill, RichEM31980 – 1983EngineeringStumbled on this website-reading all the names brings back great memories-what's everybody doing?
Hempseed II, DaleMSSNJan 1, 1980 – Jan 1, 1983SupportJust wanted to say hello to my former shipmates.Talked to Jon Behre not to long ago. Was interested to see how everybody was doing.I remember that wave too
Morgan, BobEM2Feb 1980 – Oct 1984EGreat memories and many friends were made. Beirut was fun huh? Arrived as an EM2 left as an EMC(SW). A smart career move for me. Miss Mayport and all you guys. Hope you're all doing well. Go Engineering!
Sperry, JeffET2Feb 1, 1980 – Aug 30, 1986Combat SystemsStill can't believe that I made second class three times while onboard, such a inglorious end to a promising career. Turns out I was the last to leave the boat. Miss you all and the experiences, especially taking Craigs money at poker table
Tucker, VirgilHT 1Dec 1980 – Sep 1986E-2 HT ShopPrecomm crew of FahrionGoog times and some great shipmates. Retired as a DCC in 1992.
Behre, JonathanSTG31981 – 1982WSPart of the pre-comm crew assembled in Norfolk, then the crew moved to Seattle for commissoning. Then to Mayport followed by the yards in Bath. Who remembers GQ 1st night underway, taking monster wave over bow, repairs in San Diego for 2 weeks.
Collins, DarrellSTG31981 – 1982ASWPLANK OWNER. Wow, I've been checking out the Fahrion site since 1997, hoping to some how get ahold of my old shipmates! Finaly. Great Ship, Great Friends ! Remember all the sweepin and swabbing we had to do! 30' waves, almost shellba
McGee, MikelRM31981 – 1984Ships ControlHad my ups and downs onboard 22 but the experiences will last a life time!
Livers, Allan (Bud)LT1981 – 1984Ship's ControlFahrion and her crew were the highlight of my Naval Career. I will always remember cruising R-21, pyramid climbing Egypt (with a future Admiral, Harmonica in Haifa, and the sharpest UNREPS in the fleet! Captain Mitchell, Don Peters, the Lone Ranger.
Fanton, WalterQMCS1981 – 1984SC1Great ship, great crew glad to see the site, I hope to see more names in the future.
Richardson, KeithSN1981 – 1983ships controlRemeber me! The black mummy for egypt. Fell in love at every port. Met some great people. Married with one daughter. Live in Ohio. Wrote two books. Hey Coolaid, you need to shave. I still have bandaids on head. drug free?
Freeman, SteveBM11981 – 1983SCIts great seeing all these names and hope to here fun some of them, its was fun while it lasted
Welten, DonOS2 - OS11981 – 1984CS - 1Hey guys! Wrapped up my 30 in Oct '07. Spent the last decade as a CMC - finishing up on DDG 80 Roosevelt. Lucked into Mayport again. Capt Mitchell was one of my speakers. Tonto ( XO Peters ) Bob Hammel, MC White and Mary also attended.
Ruble, BruceOS1(SW)1981 – 1983OIWOW! Great Website! Good to see "Acquaintences" here! Med Ret in 1991.BBA 1996 TEXAS REAL ESTATE BROKER 1998.Managed +300 Properties and sold +$100K until 2000. (VA Ret@100%) So enjoying my 5 Gbabbies grow up.GOOD LUCK & GOD SPEED to all
Ditmore, KeithET21981 – Aug 28, 1985Combat SystemsI Remember Many Nights Playing Poker ... I Lost A Few Dollars Here and There, But I Think I Won A Lot More Than I Lost ! How Bout Those Euchre Tournaments ? Bueno & I Won A Couple Of Those Too ! It Was A Great Crew !
Stehr, RobertBM3/21981 – 1983SC
Chapman, RayRM11981 – 1982radioA lot of gd memories. A lot of gd tms. One of th bst crws I srvd with. Well wishes to all. Sorry to hear of Chief Hittons passing. Rtrd 1993 RMC(SW). Lv in Brandon, Fl. Wrkng fr Verizon 1999.
Galica, DaveSk31981 – 1983SupplyHey everyone ! Havn't forgotten you all ! Lots of crazy good times ! Stehr, I can remember getting baptized on the lower bunk about 2 am 1st night in Norfolk . Hahaha. Keith Richardson , space needle, Devo, Wow. Tim lake
Moore, CharlieDS1Jan 1981 – Jun 1985Combat SystemsHello to all the crew members that I served with. It was a very memorable time in my life. The good ole days.
Brown, JamesENC-RET.Jan 1, 1981 – Dec 1, 1981EngineeringWell, best of my life with you guy's and wishing you the best!!
Lovejoy, DougsrJan 1, 1981 – Oct 22, 1982bmHello to all plankowners. While I didn't last in the Navy, it did in me. I'd enjoy hearing from "most" (lol) Recognize some names, and still remember the XO sounding GQ after the wave hit!
Ploof, Chris/smirfSNJan 3, 1981 – Feb 1983HI TO ALL THE PLANKOWNERS, the trouble maker is back. hey to boats freeman, hempseed i remember the good times. i remember kool aid throwing up in a boot he was always sick, shout out to slocum and kim, todd
Moyd, ArthurEM3Jan 20, 1981 – Feb 25, 1983EHello to all my old buddies, how to get to reunite with some of you. Residing in Manning, South Carolina
Duff, AlQM2Feb 1981 – Nov 30, 1984SC1Great memories of all the pre-com crew.Guess we dont realy get a plank?
Till, Alan "Al"OM2Feb 1981 – Nov 1983Ship's ControlHello Shipmates, I didn't realize that this existed,a great idea.I was part of the first pre-com assembly all the way through "The Killer Wave", Trials,Gitmo,The works.Never has there been a finer crew I'll always remember you all. Ten
Till, AlQM2Feb 1, 1981 – Nov 30, 1983Ship's ControlHello again shipmates, I've been out of contact since hurricane Katrina did her worse. I lost all ! including user and password info. so I'm doing it from scratch again. Hey Duff, if ya get this get back to me.
Long, MikeLTJGFeb 13, 1981 – Mar 6, 1984DCThe Precomm crew of Fahrion was by far the best people I served with. Had some real adventures, got to see a lot of the world, and still keep in touch after all these years. Got to land a helo on her deck, too!
Erickson, BradEN2Feb 15, 1981 – Aug 13, 1982EngineeringDid not know this site existed until I spoke with Jeff Duhma. Would like to talk to anyone who was on the pre-com crew. Norfolk/Seattle, we had some good times! Jon, I do remember the storm off the coast of Oregon, that was one heck of a night.
Saavedra, SergioRM2Feb 16, 1981 – Feb 28, 1983CommunicationsWhoa, good to see some familiar names. Shout out to all of the Pre-Com animals. I've been employed with USAA for the past 28 years.Spent Some of the best times of my life with this crew, Growing, learniing & having fun
Pittman, KimE-2Apr 1981 – Aug 1983SC-3Where to start--- Precom in Norfolk, what a blast.then off to Seattle what a party. Freak wave off of Oregon, San Deigo for repairs, the Canal, Bath, Maine just on and on seen so much and did so much.
Hayes, AnthonyE5 HT2Apr 1981 – Jan 1985E divisionHello Fahrionites this is Hayes hey follow HT's Tucker,Morrell, Thornton, Metz and the rest. I joined the reserve and made CPO retired 2005, oh yea Phibert Larkins saz hello to everybody
Lake, TimSK2May 1981 – Nov 1982S-1Thus far the funnest time in my career. We worked hard and played hard and we were like a family. Hopefully soon we can organize a reunion.
Scott, DougEN3May 1, 1981 – May 23, 1985EngineeringHi to all that I served with from the precomm. I also attended the decom and the Egyptian Commisioning
Bolden, ChuckOS2May 1, 1981 – Jun 1, 1984OII remember the night of the big wave. Kool Aid throwing up in someones boot in the fwd repair locker. I also remeber a certain MS burning some thing and the CO thought the ship was on fire. Ha. I seen the same guy taped to a chair with duct tape.
Gartman, GarySTG2May 4, 1981 – Jun 28, 1984ASW (CS)Hello to my fellow plank-owners! Great idea for a website. Got out after 10 as STGC. Great memories! Crazy place!!!
Cox,, TommyFNMay 22, 1981 – Jul 23, 1985Engineering
White, MaryOMBUDSMANJun 1981 – Apr 26, 1985ALLMeeting Mrs Fahrion in Wa!!! I remember working with Capt. Mitchell and ALL the Fahrion crew and families. My tenure as Ombudsman was the greatest time of my 10 years as an Ombudsman. Hi to ALL the guys I knew and worked for on the ship.
Moore, JackOS1Jul 1981 – Dec 1982REtired from Fahrion.Great crew.Currently live in Allyn,WA ,not far from bremerton
Soar, DavidEN1Jul 1981 – Mar 1985E2Remember the good days, in Norfolk and Seattle. The eventful trip out of Seattle to San Diego, great workups and a fantastic Med Cruise. Retired as a CWO4 in 1999 and live in Spain now.
Ingalls, DanFTM1Jul 1, 1981 – Feb 1, 1985Combat
Wickham, CraigEW2Sep 25, 1981 – Sep 27, 1985cicsure miss taken yalls $ at the tables, great memories & seeing the world. one hell of a crew!! still hangin in j'ville after all these years

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1981 | 1982 – 1985 | 1986 – 1988 | 1989 – 1992 | 1993 – now

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