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USS Antrim (FFG 20) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Antrim (FFG 20). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 197 crew members registered for the USS Antrim (FFG 20).

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Wolters, David M.GMG-21980 – 1982WeaponsPlankowner
Kirk, TaylorOSC1980 – 1985CS-1Plankowner. Retired OSCS Currently middle school teacher in north Georgia.
Francis, DonET11980 –Plank owner, Ordered to Todd Shipyard, Seattle well before ship was completed. Sea trials, commissioning, sailed around through Panama canel to Mayport. Great time, great crew!
Richardson, DennisGMG1(SW)1980 – 1982CS-3Plankowner
Weatherford, William/wallySM21980 – 1982communicationsPlankowner, Sea trials in Seattle, Helmed through part of the Panama crossing/ standing on brige wing when drone hit the starboard side, standing on helo deck when the damn Flatley rammed us, who stole my snorkleing gear
Batterton, BerryFTM21980 – 1984CS-31st ship and still ranks as the best. Retired in 1999. seeing the list of names brings back great memories. Master Chief (ret) Thomas spoke at my retirement. Time and distance does not change some bonds.
Strader, TerrySTCS(SW)1980 – 1984CS-2Pre-Com, Plankowner. Great Ship, Great Crew, Mountain of Memories. Retired STCM, residing in Oklahoma.
Brockmann, ThomasIC-11980 – Sep 11, 1982CS-4Retired USNavy 30 nov 1995
Vega, AlexanderOS3 Retired DAV1980 – 1984CS-1I'll always remember that I had the privilege to meet and serve the US Navy with the best people I have ever known. It was a great ride from Todd Pacific Shipyards to Mayport. Long live all Plankowners!!!
Dahm, KevinET1May 1980 – Jun 1985CS4Plankowner. I spent six years in the Navy and 14 years in the Navy Reserve. I had a great time on the ship, "steel beach", and the water fights in Gatun Lake. Who was the HT2 that beat me in the sit-up contest through the Suez Canal?
Parker, FrankSM2Jun 13, 1980 – Jun 13, 1984Police Detective in Florida
Lassley, GreggYN2Aug 12, 1980 – Aug 11, 1984AdministrationHello to all. I still think fondly of my time on the Antrim. Had great times, friends, travel, mentors. Live in Jax, married with 5 kids. Still keep in touch with some great shipmates.
Burns, DennyMR2Sep 1, 1980 – Jul 12, 1982HELLO
Bronson, GaryOSSR-OS1Oct 1980 – Aug 1986CS-1Pre-COM Crew Norfolk and Seattle: Plankowner and last Plankowner to depart the ship. Survived Jeane Dixon's Maiden Voyage/Bermuda Triangle prediction. She was a fine Ship. It was my Honor and Privilege to have served on her. I miss the Sea.
Dale, JamesET2Oct 1980 – Oct 1985CS-4PLANKOWNER
Hopper, SteveGSCS RETIREDOct 12, 1980 – Apr 1, 1986E-1Plankowner. Living in Neptune Beach, Fl working for a local company as the Deputy Program/Production Manager, developing computer based training for the Engineering Plant Operator Continuum (EPOC) for the US Navy.
O'Connor, MichaelQMCNov 1980 – Nov 1982SC-1Plankowner
Tippins, JeffOS2Nov 1980 – Jun 1984CS-1Plankowner,Hey all you shellbacks great times tough times never forgotten times From softball in Seattle to the seas in the MED Elect Const Supr Atl Ga (GO DAWGS) 3 kids 2 dogs(0 cats astronaut trng unavail) Hi Chief Kirk Gary Mark Denny
Fernandes, TomE-5Nov 1, 1980 – May 1, 1984SHGood to see all the comments. Plankowner, Shellback, Flatley Kiss, Drone hit, Med cruise. Who was the guy on the Med cruise who jumped from a side ladder onto a metal post (Bob Graham) I think?
O'Connor, MichaelQMC/E7Nov 13, 1980 – Nov 20, 1982SC-1Plankowner
Mckenzie, JimmySM2Dec 1980 – Dec 1984Hey; Joe Morgan & crazey nez. how are you guys ?
Sanabria, Cesar / TitoSTG11981 – Nov 1983Combat SystemsPre-com crew, Plankowner. I miss my buddies. I miss the sea!
Besner, LeoQM21981 – 1984SC-1Plankowner.Jimmy Mac,Frank Parker,QMC O'Connor,Hope you're all well.Adm Wright if you see this I still have your original Precom coffee cup.GREAT TIMES! Jimmy Mac I have a picture of you and I with the BIW flag!Remember?
Benson, Ferret / ChrisHT31981 – 1984E-3 divisionPlankowner, good times on the Antrim. Good times! I got pushed out in 92 due to cut backs, went in to the Army in 06, after 14 yrs out. Staff Sgt Benson now. I'm a rifle and pistol marksmanship instructor.
Feissle, TomQM21981 – 1984Ships ControlPlankowner
Yates, JimEngineman1981 – 1983E-2
Floresca, Ricardo "Ric"SH11981 – 1983S-3PRECOM CREW/PLANK OWNER!
Heilig, WilliamENC(SW) RETIREDJan 1981 – Jul 1984E-2Plankowner Great times with an unforgettable crew. Later served with ET2 Dahm's brother on the USS O Bannon. Two Years ago daughter married son of plankowner OS1 Donald Welch.
Clifton, TonyET1Feb 1981 – May 31, 1983Combat SystemsPlankowner, Pre Commissioning Crew at Todd Shipyards in Seatle, WA ;Transited the Panamal Canal; Onboard during Drone Accident testing CWIS
Stella, AugieOSCFeb 1981 – Dec 1982CS-1Enjoyed a great experience.
Halstead, AlecGSM2Feb 8, 1981 – Apr 1984E-1Wis I could gt in touch with some of the original snipes from the Antrim.. Hopper, Doc Rahn Larry Schlup, Mr Dolan, Jeff and Gary Sheets, dave Graeffen, Cy, Nuebs, Nick Morta. What a bunch. We were great. Never forget the drone or the flatley kiss
Slovack, VicQM2Feb 15, 1981 – Nov 14, 1982SC-1Plankowner-Many fond memories of the plankowner crew. Lots of hard work followed by alot of good liberty. Especially Antrim, N.H.
Neubert, Eric J.HT2Apr 1981 – Apr 1983E3Plankowner- Transferred right before the Med cruise to go to Operation Deep Freeze. Will never forget the drone impact.
Desroches, MatthewPN3Apr 1981 – Nov 1984X divisionFriendships and experiences on the Antrim will be with me for a lifetime. I have been in contact with a couple of our shipmates... Joel Pritchett, Greg Lassley. Work at the VA Regional office in St Pete FL
Wright, BillRETIREDMay 21, 1981 – Aug 13, 1983Commissioning COIt was the high point in a 38 year Navy career to serve with the precom and first crew of Antrim. We did it all...together.
Klinedinst, DavidDS1Jun 1981 – Jan 1, 1984Plankowner and ship's first Lay Leader. Retired 1997,LT. Leadship from ETC (SW) Gallo and CDR Wright had a lasting impression and contributed to my staying NAVY.
Scaramozzi, Anthony (Tony)FTM-1Jun 1981 – Feb 1985OrdnancePlankowner, PreComm Crew, Shellback. Great Ship Great Crew. Civilian now working for the Navy as a Combat Systems Engineering Manager. Look forward to hearing from my shipmates. Get this, daughter (LT now) 1st ship Hue City, CO - Rick Hoffman.
Rummel, PaulPC3Jun 1981 – Jul 1983AdminPlankowner
Bergeron, RaymondBMCMJul 1981 – Jan 1983S3Good Luck To All Plankowners and Crew Members. Contact me at

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1981 | 1982 – 1985 | 1986 – 1990 | 1991 – 1993 | 1994 – now

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