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USS Clifton Sprague (FFG 16) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Clifton Sprague (FFG 16). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 194 crew members registered for the USS Clifton Sprague (FFG 16).

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Grogg, RichardIC3Sep 1, 1979 – Jun 1, 1983CSEGood crew Good times , a few of us were young and a few of us aged a lot.
Albright, JimFC21980 – 1983Plank owner
Caldas, JoseE5/ET21980 – Apr 3, 1984CS4Plankowner. Get in touch Ziggies!
Albright, JimFC21980 – 1983plank owner.
Bonzo, WilliamLT, SC1980 – 1984SupplyIt was an honor and priveledge to serve under Captain Meridith Musick, the Sprague's first Captain, and with Lt Blanchfield in Supply. Those who came after, well, I'll keep my mouth shut...
Ingram, MarkBM31980 – 1984Would like to hear from anyone who served with my husband, Mark Ingram, plank owner, who passed away June 2006 from mesothelioma. He never stopped loving the ship or his navy days.
Seroka, DonOS11980 – 1984Combat SystemsPlankowner and Yacht Club member (you know who you are). Where the hell were you guys last year when we tried a reunion? Murph and I had to do all the drinking and he dont drink anymore. Damn guys lets get together for a reunion dammit.
Fune, JoaquinETC(SW)1980 – 1983CS4Date: Apr 17, 09 -- So many fond memories of my 1st ET GANG -- cold winter but hot women up in Bath -- right Caldez?!! My contact info: (951)541-0697 in Temecula, CA -- love to hear from all of you!!
Crews, DanielFTM21980 – 1985Combat SystemsThe good ole days. Remember the bumper stickers we had made in bath. (sweet sixteen and laid in maine). Capt. was hot. Sure do miss all my friends.
Vetter, RobertQM1Mar 1980 – Jan 1984nav
Temple, StevenETMar 21, 1980 – Apr 23, 1985CS4Id like to find some of the original crew, Maybe stay in touch and have a reunion. Its been a long time
Dahl, GeorgePN2Jun 1980 – Jun 1983S3I went back in the Army Reserve and did the Iraq thing twice. Currently stationed at Special Operations command Stuttgart, Germany. I've since switched over to regular army. 36 years and still serving.
Garry, PetersOS1(SW)Jun 1, 1980 – Mar 1, 1983CS1showed up at precom before the precom office was established. this was an experience. winning the battle E's was a very proud moment. the photographer snapping that picture with my big smile.
Cromar, PatLTJul 1980 – Aug 1982CSGreat ship and crew
Yetter, DavidEN1Jul 1980 – Jan 1983AHi shipmates... had many good times... great crew..
Dorsey, KevinMASTER CHIEF HMCMAug 1980 – May 1982Deck and Corpsman strickerI will be retireing May 5th of 2007. Wuld like to hear from any of the plankowner crew.
Misch, GaryLTAug 1, 1980 – May 1, 1983CHENGAs good a crew as I ever served with.
Cano, CarlosGMM2Aug 30, 1980 – Aug 30, 1984Looking for anyone who was an original crewmember of FFG-16. Would like to set up a reunion if enough people answer...
Boyer, Michael "Ike"ET2Sep 1980 – Jan 1984CS04The most Spirited and Professional Team I ever worked with. "NUNC PARATUS" was our motto and "On the Road Again" was our song. My life and work still mimicks this character. We did everything when we were called without question. Plank
Seroka, DonOS1Oct 1980 – Jun 1984Combat Systems How ya doing? I just wanted to let you know that the FFG 16 reunion is on. The Clifton Spragues first un-official get together. July 20-21-22 in Virginia Beach. Thats a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Were gonna keep this first one casual and
Dipace, TimSN/DS3Oct 1980 – Jul 1983Deck/CS4Best Ship/Crew in the Navy. Learned alot Mess Cranking for the CPO Mess. Still serving, 34 yrs, MCPO & multiple CMC tours.
Gentilcore, Gary MichaelE-3 ASW/SWOOct 5, 1980 – Mar 9, 1982Engineering plant/ PropulsionIt is not that I'll never forget how the ship was, that's easy. I just want to say some good American's kept it that way. I am curious, there was somebody who would and this comment " Thanks but no tanks" what is that all
Grodewald, Christopher A. "Dutch"YN3Nov 1980 – Sep 1981
Black, TerryBM3Nov 1980 – Aug 1984DECKI always think of the plank owners and remember Bath Maine and traveling arround the world together . I would like to see a reunion come about . would like to hear from some of you !
Vetter, RobertQMINov 1980 – Jan 1984navigationgreat times and we worked hard ,played hard
Yetter, DavidEN1Nov 1980 – Jan 1983A gangI was assigned from july o 80 to discharge in 83. I had a great time with the precom unit and shakedown time. Gtmo was quite an experience and also the trip tp the persian golf. Chief Kirsch, Barnes, Ridgeway. Perry...
Morin, RickET1(SW)Nov 1980 – Jun 6, 1984CS4I was a plank owner and the 2nd non-chief to qualify ESWS aboard the ship. I enjoyed this ship and crew. We were tight knit, and worked very well together.
Fowler, MarkRM1/RMCNov 4, 1980 – Dec 4, 1983OCGreat ship enjoyed a lot of firsts on her. Curious as to what Joe Hardin is up to, Jelks, Woody and how about RMC Martell? Made chief on her.
Reid, KennethLI3Nov 5, 1980 –QM
Fowler, MarkRM1Nov 8, 1980 – Dec 4, 1983OC2Great ship..lot of fun..made Chief on her.
Murphy, CharlesOS 2Nov 16, 1980 – May 31, 1984CS 1Best ship I served on. Plankowners were the best crew in the navy. Reunion sounds like a good idea
Tucker, ClintonSM1Nov 21, 1980 – Aug 1983SC-1 DIVISIONThe Clifton Sprague FFG16 was the second of three ships I placed in commission while serving 24 years in the navy. This ship had an outstanding crew.
Murphy, GregoryGSE1(SW)Nov 30, 1980 – Sep 7, 1984E-1The Sprague was without a doubt the best FFG in the fleet. We had an awesome and motivated crew and we did everything the best. 1st FFG to win the Battle E and first to repeat win!
Welch, JosephTM3Dec 1980 – Jul 1984Plank Owner reunion sounds good.
Shaffer, RickSTG2Dec 1980 – 1982CS2 COMBAT SYSTEMSPlank owner. Looking for Louie, Vince, Jimmy Lee, and Chief Dave.
Jackson, KevinsnDec 6, 1980 – Jul 1, 1981deck
Simpson, BobDK1(SW)Dec 10, 1980 – Aug 1, 1985S-4Best ship I served on in my entire career. Great Ship, Great Crew.
Croissant, TomSTG1(SW)Jan 1981 – Jan 1984PlankOwner. It's been a long time. She was a great ship and a fine crew. Made for a fine last tour of duty.
Jenkins, SamHM1Jan 1981 – Jul 1981MedicalPlankowner, selected as HMC and commissioned ENS, MSC, USN
Anderson, DonSK2Jan 2, 1981 – Jun 22, 1982S-1So many fond memories that I am thinking of writing a book on the history of our ship. But I need help. So if anyone is interested in sharing their memories and/or pictures, please contact me.
McCullough, PaulOS1Jan 4, 1981 – Apr 30, 1982OI
Dewey, MichaelSTG1 (SW)Jan 10, 1981 – Jan 18, 1984Combat Information CenterPlank owner. Many great memories and what a ship.
Wallace, JeffSM2Jan 15, 1981 – May 30, 1983SC1Best ship I was ever on.If anyone sees this and remembers QM2 Mark Carr or Robert Vetter or anyone else from that time frame call me at 304-242-6331 or 304-238-3200
Ross, DanielMS2Feb 1981 – Sep 1984S2Great crew and great ship.(Plank Owner)
Zimmerman, JohnENS TO LTFeb 21, 1981 – Feb 21, 1984Commissioning DCA/AUXO, MPA, ASWO, NAVIt was an honor and privilege to be a member of her commissioning crew, which was nothing less than outstanding. Currently a CAPT in the naval reserve, living in the Boston area.
Jansen, EdwardEN2Mar 1981 – Oct 1982A Gang
Vetter, RobertQM1Mar 1981 – Jan 1984
Schacher, GaryGMMar 1981 – Jun 29, 1983CS-3MANY MEMORIES The Plankowner crew was second to none. A reunion sounds great.
Clouthier, MikePNC(AW)Mar 1981 – Jun 1983SC1 / S3Started out as a Signalman, moved on to Personnel. Best ship and crew I ever worked with. Precomm training in Norfolk - LOL then commissioning in Bath - great times! Retired September 2000
Harvey, NesbittRM2May 1981 – Oct 1983CommunicationI sho had uh great time with all the fellows l served with...thanks for allllllll the memories...Shout out to all the plank owners...Bath was cold but l have great memories..Those were the good ole days..?
Hill, LarryFTM2Jul 1, 1981 – Oct 1, 1983CSM
Gentilcore, GaryE-3/LS1Sep 25, 1981 – Mar 9, 1982ASW/SWF
Kubala, ThomasE6Nov 1981 – Jun 1984E1
McNemar, Tim / ScotterOSSNDec 28, 1981 – Jun 15, 1984OS / CICHey Guys long time. I had a great time onboard and meet some realy good people.Looking back we realy had it made. Santana in Italy. Seroka,murph whats up?

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