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USS Pine Island (AV 12) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Pine Island (AV 12). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 142 crew members registered for the USS Pine Island (AV 12).

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James L. Brewster, IkeAO31963 – Nov 1966W
Velasco, Garyli31963 – Feb 1967x division
Levesque, Donald (Frenchy)RM31963 – Mar 21, 1964ORI remember becoming a shellback!!! The Galapagos andAlcapulco!!!! Also, yhe day JFK was SHot...I was on duty in the radio shack when msg came in..If you rememberFRENCHY send e_mail
Resnick, Bob(Rez)adj31963 – 1965v-2Like to see if ole gordy is still around
Mathews, WilliamRM31963 – 1966CRGreat first ship - retired in 83
Anderson, RobertLI31963 – 1967XUSS Pine Island AV12
Hoinkes, KarlEM2May 5, 1963 – Jan 4, 1966EWorked out of Electric Shop On 2nd Deck aft of mess hall for over 3 years.Made 2&1/2 Westpac cruises and enjoyed my tour on the USSPINE ISLAND.
Chiasson, EarlAO2/1Jun 1, 1963 – 1968Wserved on board from 63 thru decom
Fogelson, Gerald LeeF/aJul 1963 – Jan 1964BI worked bollers in the forwrd holl. come to love bing a Bt
Minze, SherrieAEJul 21, 1963 – Feb 27, 1964V2Lots of good times
Colston, RichardE3Aug 1963 – Jan 1967V2Richard " Dick" Colston Airman. looking for fellow shipmates that can assist in verification of liberty leave at Hong Kong, Beach liberty at Cam Rahn Bay. please contact via email. it would be good to hear from you
Arthur, Edward (Ed)ABHANAug 9, 1963 – Jun 26, 1967V-1Was a coxswain of the boat crew . . . ran 40 Ft. PRB's & the 50 Ft. Gun Boats in 2 tours in Cam Rahn Bay, Viet Nam.
Frazier, DickAX-3Sep 1963 – May 1967V-2Much like being on a Cruise Ship now-a-days. Most of us didn't realize how sweet the duty was aboard the Piney Maru. I never had it better during my next 22 years in the Navy...
Smith, WilliamEMSep 20, 1963 – Jan 13, 1967E Divisionlooking to share memories with old ship mates
Hernandez, David (Chico)YNSNOct 1963 – May 28, 1965I really enjoyed my service time aboard the USS PINE ISLAND and made a lot of good friends especially my shipmate Gary Velasco from Gilroy, Ca.
Newton, KennethLtjgOct 8, 1963 – Jul 15, 1965Disbursing, Commissary, Ship;s Store, SupplyGreatest duty I had in 14 years..trip to Galapagos was fantastic as was WestPac cruise including our time in Da Nang (Chief Wilson and I rode pedicabs to a cathouse in the boonies to get COLD American beer !)
Zingsheim, Mike (A.k.a. Zinger)EM2Jan 1964 – Jul 1966EWorked in the Electric Shop on the second deck aft of the galley. GQ billet was the Main Generator/Switchboard in the fwd engine room. I especially remember Chief Fogt who already had 30 years in when he came aboard in' 65. He was at PH.
Moore, JohnRD 2Jan 1964 – May 1967OIA most memorable period of my life. The Navy was the best "wake up" call for me. I have never reunited with former shipmates but I always have good thought for all of you.
Crotzer, GeorgeSIGNALMAN 3RD CLASS PETTY OFFICERJan 4, 1964 – Dec 7, 1967CSbest time of my life. made lifetime friends. my wife is the ship's reunion coordinator for our annual reunions.
Owens, LarryIC2Feb 1, 1964 – Jun 2, 1967ELiving in Hilton Head, SC and Madeira Beach, FL. General condition is not too bad for an old sailor. Would love to hear from any of my mates. Especially Electrician and IC gang. I remember them as a great bunch of guys.
Van Houten, Dalton/vanAMH3Mar 10, 1964 – Feb 5, 1966V2Retired on 1Oct1996 as a CMC (AFCM). Piney Maru was the best sea duty I had. I loved the "Cruise Ship" WESTPAC's and Okinawa. As a young buck, I didn't know how good I had it. Shop chief was AMHC Aja.
Norrod, RonnieMMApr 1964 – Mar 1967engine roomworked in fwd engine room
King, KennethSNJun 1964 – Jun 19672nd & Xwas in 2nd div when i came aboard for about 6 mos and was assigned the chaplains office with Chaplain Mitchell and was sent back to 2nd div shortly after leaving Austraila for the Coral Sea Celebration until she was decom in June 1967. Ken
John, AlfanoHM2Sep 1964 – May 1967H&D (Medical)One of the most enjoyable experiences of my life was this period aboard the Piney Maru. Shipmates can touch base with me at
Kelley, Ronald N.EM/3cNov 1964 – Jun 1967E DivCame aboard in Nov. 64 inBuckner Bay Okinawa,left in June 67 Bremerton Wash.Remember Richard Parker Em1/c,Chief Fogt,William Stevens,Andrew Gallegos,Rybak,Scholz,Tripp,Peck,Heckmann,Smith,Hoinkes,Zinger,Klawitter,Madrid
Richard, Duncan profile iconAD1965 – 1967V1Don,t remember names to good any more. All cruise books, photos, medals and uniforms were lost in a fire in 1979. I did find a set of dress whites with Airman stripes and the Pine Island rocker and the Gold E award patch
Badgley, DaveJan 1965 – Sep 1966
Fountain, LeeEN-2Jan 1965 – Apr 1965ENGWent to San Diego right after boot spent 1st 3 months cruising up-and-down the coast stopping in Seattle and Vancouver. Left To go back to Great Lakes for electricians mate school.
Badgley, DaveQM3Feb 1965 – Sep 1966Nav
Shiverdaker, Jackie (Jack)RD2Feb 20, 1965 – Apr 24, 1967OICame into OI Division April 1965 as a SN and left April 1967 as an RD2 thanks to RDC Fred Strimple, RD2 John Moore and RD2 Ray Wickham. Retired Dec 30, 1986 as OSCS.
Kofnetka, HarveyYN2Mar 1965 – Oct 10, 1966Capt's Office/Legal OfficeLooking for any/all shipmates in Personnel/Capts Office.Made 1 Westpac cruise then in the yards then mustered out.
Pope, DonaldSNMar 1965 – Mar 19672nd DivisonRan Captains gig as a bow hook, also ran liberty launch in Cam Rahn Bay for shore liberty as cox'n - regular black shoe. Live now in Long Beach California. Three kids, Boy and two lovely girls. Six Grandchildren.
Saal, Michael "Mike"BMSNMar 1965 – Jun 19672NDWorked as boat crew on Boat deck as a bow hook and coxswain ran liberty launches and Patrol boats in Cam Rahn Bay. Did regular black shoe work on Boat Deck and stood underway Bridge watches.
Morris Jr, Thomasb m 3rdApr 15, 1965 – 1966fristI would do it all again it made me a better man I think every should do 2yr to see how the world works
Thomas, Ronald profile iconPNSNMay 15, 1965 – Jun 15, 1966FM DivisionI have many memories of all the guys and times we had.....especially Camh Ranh, our trip to Australia, David Mansfield, Tom Arnold, all the guys in FM division. I live in Arlington, Texas. Email:
Shanahan, RonnieMM3Jun 30, 1965 – Jul 10, 1967MServed aboard the Pine Island for the last West Pack duty station was Main propulsion machinery Forward engine room Loved the duty.Went ashore many time's in Cam Rahn Bay,I'm now 100% S/C for agent Orange
Saurers, DaveaeanAug 1965 – 1967v2I worked in the ae shop just inside the hanger bay.Iremember Joe Klinsmith and his brother bill and Ed arthur. Never forget becoming a shellback. Those were good times on the Piney Maru.
Lopez, EdmundoAMS3Sep 13, 1965 – Jun 20, 1967V-2Just want to say the 2 years I served on the Pine Island were the best 2 years of my life. We made a Far East Cruise to so many differant places... a cruise I would never could have made, on my own. I loved it.
Jackson, Roy/jackHNSep 15, 1965 – Feb 15, 1966H&D
Borg, JohnE3 ADR retiredOct 5, 1965 – Nov 26, 1966V1I had a great time on the Pine Island, and miss all of my shipmates from the v1 division. I only remember one name, Netsler. I have to look in my cruise book for the rest of the names.My name is John Borg Jborg43@yahoo
Boyle, JosephRM2Oct 15, 1965 – Jun 21, 1967CRServed on the Pne Island during the 1965-1966 Far east cruise.
Wuerpel, JohnCTT1Nov 6, 1965 – Apr 17, 1966ElectronicsInstalled the AN/SSC-2(XN-1) Shipboard Satellite Communications Terminal at Subic Bay, PI after transfer from USS MIDWAY (CVA-41). Deployed for Research & Development via SYNCOM satellite while in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam
Joe, LamayfaNov 16, 1965 – Jan 12, 1967m
Katz, DennisAA1966 – 1967X Div
Mansfield, Davidao1966 – 1968weaponshad great with brewster ,ed zahn ,thomas in personnel,bosyn ryan and many others live in owings mills md now cell ph 4109786740 hp 4105214383
Mason, Harold (Mace)SK1Mar 1966 – 1968ships storesThis was my dad. He later served on the Kitty Hawk. I know the year he was on the Pine Island they did a WES-PAC cruise to Austrailia and New Zealand. He passed away in 1984.
Johnson, Stevesk3Jul 5, 1966 – Jun 13, 1967s-1Retired interesting time but was glad to be done with it I met some very good people and also some very sorry ones but that's just life.
Diebold, TedSANov 1966 – May 19672nd DivisionPart of the crew decommissioning the ship. Exposed to high levels of heavy metals. A couple of days afterwards, two men died from chemical exposure. Refused medical attention based on deaths. Sent home to die. Survived.
Courtney, LeeDes. seaman FTGNov 20, 1966 – May 29, 1967GunneryWas assigned from basic to aid in decommissioning. Anyone know the location of Dick Haverkamp, used to go HOME with me on wknds.
Jenkins, DonPhotographers MateJan 2, 1967 – Aug 28, 1969RSAssigned as a Seaman but found an opening right away in the photo lab. I didn't have a clue about photography but that started me on the path to PHCS. Jackie was my friend.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1958 | 1959 – 1962 | 1963 – now

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