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USS Oak Hill (LSD 51) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Oak Hill (LSD 51). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 161 crew members registered for the USS Oak Hill (LSD 51).

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Poock, ZacharyEM32001 – Aug 2003Electrical
Saltzman, KarlPN3Mar 1, 2001 – May 15, 2003Nav/AdminLeft on a bad note sry nothing I could do about that. Miss a lot of people like Harasti, Lynch, Church, Campos, Espinoza, and Quito where are you? Hi to Bridges, Massa, Escudero, Alberto, Denny, Street, and Morgan I saw your name on here!
Street, LajondaE-5/YN2May 1, 2001 – Nov 13, 2003ADMINI had a terrific tour on the USS OAK HILL. I met a lot of interesting peope. It was my first tour on a ship. I am now stationed in Fayetteville, NC at a Joint Command JPRA its great.
Eades, MikeEN1/E-6Jun 21, 2001 – Jun 23, 2003ENGINEERINGStill in the navy at RTC other than that not much happening.
Wynn, HeathGM2Aug 5, 2001 – Oct 25, 2004OW01 Now I am a full time student at University of West Georgia. Im am in the last year of Pre Med. I Have been accepted into Emory University for Medical School. After Medical school I want to stay at Emory and specialize in Plastic surgery.
Sanders, MarkE5Jan 1, 2002 – Jul 5, 2005hey fella's well as yall know im out. Going to school at TSTC in Waco, Texas. Doing good here well if yall want to hit me up my email address is or you could get me on myspace at Later!
Herrod(Ross), ValerieE-5/BM2Feb 12, 2002 – Nov 17, 20071stAll in all I can say l met alot of good people who I am still friends with today. I must say at times it sucked bad, but I learned alot on the Oakie-Doke.
Outley, KetrickE-4/EMJun 17, 2002 – Sep 10, 2005 Hi to everyone ,and I would like to say that I am doing fine ,working as and civilian electrician.I would like to wish the best for the present crew.
Levasseur, JeffET3Aug 30, 2002 – Jun 26, 2007OPS/ OEThe ship has its moments, good and bad. Over all I have had a good time, and gained leadership qualities from diffrent people. What to do and not to do. Yo Ho a Pirate Gator life for me!
Escoto, FranklinE3Jan 1, 2003 – Sep 4, 20071stOutstanding
Rupert, DaveDC2Jan 1, 2003 – Aug 7, 2007R
Harry, QuinctusSH3Mar 2003 – Jun 2003S-3wish i was still there
Medina, Jose LuisBM/E4Mar 3, 2003 – Mar 8, 20082ndI had fun meet lots of people
Alves, BrandonBM3Mar 22, 2003 – Jul 22, 2006
Wilmes, TylerEMCSep 20, 2003 – Dec 7, 2006E-DivisionMy fourth ship.
Fournier, RichardBM2Nov 24, 2003 – Jul 29, 20071st
Thorney, Jimmysk3Feb 1, 2004 – Sep 20, 2008suppkly
Clarke, NijeebEN3Feb 2, 2004 – Jun 7, 2007EA01/FCA1/EM01Feel good to be off Cell Block 51! Still miss the people though
Paradis, TrisonDC2 (SW)Feb 6, 2004 – Sep 1, 2007Yeah, just another walk in the park... Yeah right.
Fountain, JoeyCTT3 (SW)Apr 10, 2004 – May 3, 2006OTbeen there..done that !!!
Blevins, Jr., DavidYN2Apr 19, 2004 – Nov 1, 2007ADMIN
Carter, AntonioE4Nov 2004 – Jul 20071stMy first ship. Made a lot of great memories and met even greater friends.
Jenkins, AdriusCS2Nov 22, 2004 – Sep 22, 2008S2Got caught doin tattoos on the 3rd deck....good times.
Williamson, CharlesEW/CTT1May 23, 2005 –OpsDue to rotate in on or about May 23. I've been stationed on an amphib before and look forward to the unique environment of the Navy/Marine Corp. team offers.
Colonrivera, EnriqueLS3/E-4Oct 20, 2005 – Nov 12, 2009S-1 (Supply)Hard times but really good memories and friends
Rivera, Eduardo (Edweezie)QM2Apr 6, 2006 – Mar 20, 2008Navigation/OperationsLoved the times spent on that Ship, love the people, Nav/Ops was a great guys were my best crew to work along with. I've moved on to bigger and better things thanks to that Command. I'll see ya when ya get back!!!
Musser, AmandaDC3(SW)Apr 7, 2006 – 2009R
Tangherlini, AlfredoBMSNApr 30, 2006 –1st
Brown, AshleyBMSAJun 25, 2006 – Jan 2, 2007Hey, You can contact me at
Becker, KeithBM1Aug 15, 2006 – Nov 29, 20091stNot one of my better ships. I think there is a curse on this ship.
Miles, RebeccaCs3/Sep 2006 – Jun 2, 2009S-2Many memories. Thank you to all the crew!
Castro, MarinaBM3Dec 15, 2006 – Mar 21, 20082ndsucked being on it but wish i was still there
Cotillier, JermaineCS1 E5/E62007 – 2008S2
Neil, Chris "Canuck"SNSep 2007 – Sep 20091st/3rdMiss some of the guys from there but happy to be gone from that ship. I think it's cursed.
Stroehlin (Crow), MeganBM32008 – 20102ndI miss most of you guys! I sssoo miss the shenanigans (ya'll were wild) and the nightly star gazing on the aft of the ship on deployment listening to the waves.
El-abd, SabrinaDCFNFeb 1, 2008 – Feb 6, 2009R-div/EngI am always looking for people I worked with so that I can add them on facebook. I no longer use the account with the picture of 4 of the same people on a table. And yes what a curse, terrible first ship, terrible leaders, great memories.
George, MichaelYEOMANOct 18, 2008 –ADMIN
Defreece, CaseyCTT3Oct 26, 2012 –OW

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