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USS Paul Revere (LPA 248) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Paul Revere (LPA 248). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 171 crew members registered for the USS Paul Revere (LPA 248).

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Johnson, Richard (Johnny)SKSN1974 – Jun 1975SupplySK3 on day of departure
Miller, ChrisRM31974 – 1977Radio CentralController, TTY man
Phelps, JackieHm31974 –HmHey Rodger stine this phelps
Stein, RogerBM3Feb 1974 – Jan 1976Deck
Barrera, Alfredo (Al)E-5May 1974 – Jul 1975Enginnering
Papusha, DenisE5May 22, 1974 – May 22, 1977FirstAnd experience to remember, done once, never twice. A life time of memory, may all be better for it.
Dean, MichaelE4Jun 1974 – Aug 1976
Balch, BenBM3Jul 29, 1974 – Aug 1, 1977first divisionHad the best time of my life abord the Peeter-Rabit made some dam fine friends there .worked for BMC Earl Scanze shure wish I could find my old crew Pappy was my running mate BM3 cordell taught me how to be a sailor
Townsend, RodneyMMC (SW)Aug 6, 1974 – May 18, 1978A and M
Collins, JosephSN - QM3Nov 3, 1974 – Apr 1978BC - QMMy first ship and so many unbelievable characters. 3 great captains. So many experiences and responsibilities. Assault Boat Coxswain, Pilot Rescue Swimmer, Quartermaster
Brizek, StevenLT JGMay 1975 – May 1975As a newly minted Navy JAG Corps Officer, and as part of my Naval orientation and training, on my way to reporting for duty as the Naval Station, Guam Legal Officer I served aboard the USS Paul Revere for approximately one week.
Turner, DougMM3Jul 26, 1975 – Jan 3, 1976MI remember cruising to Vancouver and Victoria, BC and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Also remember the lift chain breaking at the top of the shaft with a full load of 3" shells when we were unloading at a weapons station.
Singleton, LarryET-21976 – 1978OE DivisionMy first ship, great crew and fun with the week end warriors.
Murray, RonaldE51976 – 1979B Division Boiler Technician USS Paul Revere LPA 248 Living in Kaufman Texas. Chief Engineer for Digital Realty Data Centers
Forney, CliffordSK3Jan 1976 – Sep 1979Supplylooking to get in touch with old friends that i hung out with
Alsman, MikeHM2Mar 1976 – Nov 1977Had one hell of a great time messing with the "weekend warriors" and the grunts we unloaded on the beach at Camp Pendelton. Sick Call was always an adventure - it was a hoot to see who came up with the best symptoms for an illness.
Taylor, EdwardRM1Jun 13, 1976 – 1979Communications/radio
Murray, RonaldBT 2Jul 23, 1976 – Oct 1, 1979Boiler Tech.
Hutchison, Rick, (Hutch)snAug 1976 – Jan 1978BChad a great time on board the" Rabbit". bm3 rick johnson, showed me the ropes, had a great time operating the the landing, craft. the MCPOC, he was just to cool
Curry, ScottRM 3Nov 1976 – Aug 13, 1979CommunicationsWas one of the 1st to operate the wsky 3 computer. Served with Chief Frank Dyson who was a mentor to me...tough man but a GREAT man who I learned a lot from. He was always being "Frank" with us..We had a tight division and a GREAT Skipper
Alicea, Renebmsn-bm3Dec 1976 – Jul 1979boat crewTo those who served w/me on the Peter Rabbit- Thanks to all you shipmates for believing in the alternative of serving for your country on the high seas and inland. I was the Captain's boat coxin.
Burch, Ernest profile iconGMG31977 – 19794th Div.Served on board her after I was transferred from active duty on the Big E to the Reserves. Good crew for the most part, with the exception of maybe two or three "jerkwads"! One officer included... Lol!
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Dyson, FrankRMCFeb 1977 – Oct 1979OC02, Communications Div.Comm Div LCPO, had excellent Radio gang, Dept Head (LCDR Scanlon), XO (CDR Gott), CO (CAPT Kelly. Op Sea Thunder 79 was highlight of tour. Served on "care taker" crew for sale to Spain.
Berger, WilliamET3Jun 1977 – May 1979OEFirst ship.
Baxter, JohnLTJul 1977 – Jan 1979OPS and DeckWill always remember CDR Gott (XO), LCDR Long (OPS), LCDR Ditto (Deck), but also so many others in the crew and officers. Great 2 weeks in Hawaii 1978. Should have stayed additional 6 months, but Italy was calling.
Narducci, JojoE3-HT FIREMENAug 1, 1977 – Jun 24, 1979Mchief Ski ran a elite div of ero1? had a great cook named Patrick flynn
Turner, Joseph ( Joe )EN/2Aug 10, 1977 – Sep 15, 1980A Gang
Hough, MichaelRM3Nov 13, 1977 – Jul 19, 1980CommunicationsGreat experience good people Curry, Freeman, Ralph, The Fly ... " Ed Taylor " good man well informed and Frank Dyson Awesome teacher and all around good person , I was very fortunate at a young age to be part of this.
Pollard, GlenMSSNDec 10, 1977 – Jun 10, 1979Remember alot of those guys, spent alot of time out at sea but didnt go far up and down the california coast it ea a reserve ship setup for training went to Hawaii one a year cool friends Hunkin,osdessky, narduccici, grace,gonzales,dudley
Cavadias, TonyBT21978 – 1979
Cavadias, TonyBT21978 – 1979
Ardouin, RonaldPNC1978 – 1979AdminHad a great crew of YNs/PNs who I was proud to serve with.
Hoglan, BradENFNJan 1978 – Oct 1979a gang boat shoplooking for old friends that I served with. Had lots of GOOD TIMES.
Geeslin, BenE-4Jan 12, 1978 – Jan 17, 1980personnelman (PN)I think of my shipmates quite often. Especially Stephen Quinn, Don Knoll, The one that liked to play Keno! Captan Kelly. The medical and cooking staff.
Scanlon, Charles/chuckJun 1978 – Oct 1979OperationsOperations Officer then OIC during sale to Government of Spain
Fletcher, LarryOS2Jun 1978 – Jul 1979Operations
Kline, RickBM 3Jan 10, 1979 – Oct 24, 1979First Worked with BMC Hale and BM 2 R D Johnson. We had a good time offloading Marines at Kahoolawe. Captain Kelly was a good C.O. We aslo had a pretty cool CWO named Longest, a real salt he was.

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