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USS Fort Fisher (LSD 40) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Fort Fisher (LSD 40). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 616 crew members registered for the USS Fort Fisher (LSD 40).

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Cozart, NealBT21979 – Jun 1981M &BI still remember all the guys from engineering, and Randy Cleghorn too.
David, DellingerE31979 – 1981HTHi - Looking for people who know about Jack Webster who jumped overboard...also the fueling accident that occurred just before that.
Harris, DewayneRm21979 – 1984Communications
Henderson, PhillipMM11979 – 1983M
Whited, KevinBT21979 – 1982B Aft/ Oil Labgreat times on the Fort, hope to hear from Norton.Mendez Brune,Hall,T.Bott,Sides,Swetz,Hoffman,Cozart,Neesam Madden,nils,d.ramsiers,edwards,Ron hall I rermember the good and bad Good times mostly! hope to hear from ya!
Sparacio, MichaelBT1979 – 1979P-2 BIf anyone remembers me please contact me at or
Mitzkowski, DavidET3Jan 13, 1979 – Jun 25, 1984Used to Jam with HT3 Green in the well deck. Played rock and roll originals. I played bass and Dale shredded on guitar. Looking for anyone who remembers that.
Cray, EfremJan 20, 1979 – Jun 29, 1981P-2Greg Pierson, that kiss-ass brown-nose couldn't punch his way out of a paper bag...I always thought he was gay. Long live Sattahip and Pattaya Beach,Subic 3-holers, and sticks! Fuck you jew-hating motherfuckers. CEO of my own company-joke's on
Holderfield, Thomas (Tom)IC2Feb 1979 – Jan 1980E Division, IC-GangGreat West Pac 1979! Having trouble finding all my old shipmates. It seems like none of them ever discovered the Internet!!
Huntoon, Eric/toonsyBM3/E4Feb 18, 1979 – Jun 3, 1983Deck 2Where is eveyone at these days? Hope that everyone is doing well these days?
Pierson, Gregory A.MM3Mar 18, 1979 – Sep 23, 1980Engineering, #1 & #2 Engine roomsI punched the hell out of that Jew FN who felt he could fuck with this Nigger. The Armstrongs were the biggest dopers on board. MM1 Blocker was busted, MM1 Pelton kissed lots of ass. Capt. Gamboa was a cool CO, so was his replacement Capt. Barry.
Feyder, MarkMR2Apr 17, 1979 – Aug 23, 1982A GangFt Fisher was my first and favorite ship during my Navy career. Only made one Westpac on her in 1979 Came aboard as a MRFA left as an MR2. Lots of fond memories of my time on her.
Morgan, DonGMG2May 7, 1979 – Jan 29, 19823rd
Williams, Dana K.SH2May 21, 1979 – Dec 5, 1982S-3retired a Chief Petty Officer in June 2000 would love to hear from any Fort Fisher sailors who served onboard during that period of time
Gellis, Donald/DobyE1/ BMSNMay 31, 1979 – Jan 30, 1981DeckThe Fort was our home . Looking for any and all shipmates that were on board during this time frame. My name is Doby Gellis thanks Pop. Anybody know of any up coming reunions. Please contact me.
Rittman, PeterMS1/MSC`Jun 19, 1979 – Apr 3, 1983Food ServiceGreat captain, (Barry) and crew. Foodservice division was the balm, (Ben Miller, John Fortino, Homer Scott). Retired Navy May 1988. Retired; Florida DCF August 2008. Founder New Vision Ministries.
Stutts, ThaneMM3Aug 1979 – Dec 7, 1982Aft engine room my first memory is of Tom Runner gettign me checked in and asking..."so do ya get high? The Best time i had in the navy. cleghorn, R.Price,Bob Torre,BArmstrong,Pelton,Pulvermacher,Kinley, Shakett, port shaft alley. Drop me a line
Hadley, Blaine "The Had"GMG2Sep 1979 – Nov 29, 1981weapons/gunneryHad the best crew in the Navy! We showed 'em how to shoot a 3"50 out at sea and how to party when we hit shore! Write me, guys -- you know who you are.
Dague, GregEN3Sep 8, 1979 – Aug 11, 1981A-GangSpent 2 crazy years on board the fort, had alot of good friends onboard, contact me via e-mail just to say hi.
Goswick, Jeff (Skeeter)BMSNSep 15, 1979 – Sep 15, 1980DECKTRANSFER TO USS AMERICA CV-66,NORFOLK VA.
Gregory, PiersonMM3Sep 16, 1979 – May 7, 1981#2, #1 Eng RoomEnjoyed Wespac with Phibron V. Captian's Gamboa & Barry were cool. Hong Kong was cool. Near Collision with tanker S. China Sea, flooded engine room in PI & typhoon Subic Bay. I miss MM3 Transcoso, MM1 Blocker & the other Black sailors. Co
Hudson, TimMM2Oct 1, 1979 – Nov 16, 1982MGreat time. Had a blast. these names bring back found memories. Cecil Montgomery, Johny Powell, Armstrong, Henderson.
Toepfer, StevenSgt.Oct 15, 1979 – Oct 29, 1979Embarked MarineCame abord the ship for two weeks of training off the beach at Camp Pendelton and up the coast to San Francisco. First and last time aboard a ship during my Marine career. Sorry to hear it is being scrapped. Great ship
Heimer, TonyDec 1979 – Feb 1983Deck/Navigation/AdminThe FORT was my first ship - had a great time & stayed for a full run in the Navy. Scheduled to hit 30 & retire in May 09.
Dever, PaulHT E5Dec 1979 – Jul 1983R divisionGo to a Facebook group that was created by a fort fisher mate named Lennie Snider that has 189 members plus photos. I think this is a good place to meet old friends and post some pictures. Its USS FORT FISHER LSD 40 join and enjoy.
Sanderson, SteveBT2Dec 20, 1979 – Jun 18, 1983BWHAT A LONG FOUR YEARS
Sedillo, George1980 – 1991AdminI had the best time onboard. I was Command Legal Yeoman YN2.
Cook, Tommy1980 –
Reck, EricBT21980 – 1985engineering forward fireroomBest job I ever had Greg if you see this leave a message Would like to see you again
Giesbert, JohnHT31980 – 1981RServed on board with Brad Conklin, Pete Cole, and Jack Webster.Was on board when jack jumped over the fantail. Crazy times
Jelinek, BernieSnJan 1980 – Jul 1980DeckI do remember some people like Mayfield, Hager, Donahue, Grimm, Doby Gelliss, I was only there 6 months. Also, a couple characters in Walter Henning and Skeeter Goswick. What happened to sn McClendon?
Sides, EzraFR TO MM2Jan 2, 1980 – Jun 21, 1983M-Aft (the engineroom where everything worked)Geez - some of these names bring back memories (and nightmares)!! Bill Pulvermacher, Dan Kinley, Bob and Steve Armstrong, Scott Oldre, Frank Pelton, "Wierd" Bob Torre, "Liver-Lipped, Whale-Bellied Son-of-Bitch" LeRoy Montgomery, Randy
Conner, Marcus Rede1Mar 1980 – 1983MM Machinist Matehello old shipmates hope all is good, still in Georgia for me,m doing fine with 2 kids and machining motors, anyone herd from nick?
Anderson, RonGMG2Mar 15, 1980 – Mar 29, 19813rd
Bott, TroyMM3May 1980 – Feb 1984AC&RLot of great memories.Would sure like to talk to some shipmates
Krzyzanowski, Robert "Ski"OS3May 1, 1980 – Feb 25, 1983OIHey Rick - Where the hell is Jeff Sierzant! Started in 1st div. and struck OS. Still remember the midwatch on Chistmas in Inchon. Brrrrr! Looking for GMG2 Morgan too!
Overton, David-ot  NEWSNMay 1, 1980 – Nov 1, 19821stAllright now! Let's go to the oasis or the harbor house!
Bott, TroyMM3Jun 1980 – Nov 1984AC&RWish I was smarter then and thinking alot about people i met onboard
Staengel, JamesRMSNJun 19, 1980 – Aug 8, 1983OCCHARLIE, I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE. YOU TOO, MR. RM1PETTY.
Mitchell, WilliamSNJul 10, 1980 – Jul 25, 1983DeckJust looking for e-mail from people who were in deck division from 80-83.
McIntyre, William (Mac)YNSNAug 30, 1980 – Sep 20, 1983Admin
Laloggia, DominickMM3Sep 1980 – Jun 28, 1983M2 & AThis is so cool to see some of your names here. We should have a re-union. I'm now living in Waukesha, WI. Working in the hole was hot, but sure enjoyed A-gang. What ever happened to Snake-bite Kamm??
Board, KennethHM2(SS)Sep 1980 – Jun 1981MedicalCame aboard in Sept 1980 and made the trip to Hawaii. Was at sea when that HT jumped off the fantail after Capt Mast. Went into the yards and took my discharge after she was refloated out of the dry dock. Wasn't a submarine, but good times
Cornell, RussMR1Oct 10, 1980 – Oct 17, 1980engpart of a selres crew aborad prior to refit
Grimes, ClintonGMG2Nov 20, 1980 – Oct 9, 19813rdMuch of the time was spent in dry dock but after the overhaul it sure was fun firing the 3"50 guns. Anyone who remembers me can email me at

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