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USS Portland (LSD 37) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Portland (LSD 37). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 706 crew members registered for the USS Portland (LSD 37).

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Jackson, AlfedE-5/SH2(SW)1987 – 1991S-3GOOD TIMES on the Portland!
Roskilly, George ( Rosko )MS31987 – 1988S-2
Lee, Arthur EarlBT 3Jan 1987 – Aug 1990BGreat memories still have dreams. Great friends that I would like to hear from and hopefully get together with. Have thought about many of you from time to time and I see a couple getting ready for retirement. Congrats! Send me an e-mail. Later AELee
Mann, CarlSK3 E4Jan 1, 1987 – Jul 15, 1989storekeepersreally enjoyed my time on the portland. only way a small town boy could see the world. had some tremendous friends and remember bike rides to explore foreign ports. shout out to rich and john. just the right size to make connections.
Ruting, WilliamBT3 THEN GSMC NOWJan 2, 1987 – Jun 10, 1990BStarted at Great Lakes, after Portland crossreted to GSM, went to USS Ingersoll, Then Uss Benfold, Now at FTSCPAC San Diego.
McBryde, JayBM 2Feb 1987 – Oct 19911 ST & BoatSorry to see her gone. Would like to say hello to all my shipmates I served with, and to all who served aboard her for Desert Shield/Desert storm.
Metcalf, Jack (Doc)HM3Feb 1987 – Feb 1989medicalSweet Pea was a good ship,
Crawford, JohnDC2Apr 1987 – Jan 21, 1991Lots of great memories much of them underway
Eddy, JimE3/ICFNApr 1987 – Jan 1989E DivisionAmazing time in my life. More adventures and experiences in 2 years tha some get In a lifetime. Thanks for helping me become the man I am.
Crawford, JohnDC-2Apr 15, 1987 – Jan 20, 1990RReally miss some of the people I worked with feel free to email
Pierce, Bobby "T.j." R.PC3May 1987 – Jul 1989deck/adminthe greatest ship in the fleet...i'll miss her!sorry i missed her decommissioning..would have loved to have been there if i'd have known.
Nyerges, JamesBMSNJun 1987 – Apr 1990Deck/Gun
Ross, Don ( They Called Me Lou)MM2Jun 1987 – Nov 1991MWow. I had some good times and some great friends on Board the Portland. I met her in the Gulf and Desert Shield/Desert Storm was my last cruise. With a couple of Med cruises in between. I learned a lot. I hope you all are doing well !!!
Nyerges, JamesBMSNJun 6, 1987 – Apr 14, 1990deck/gunsBest time of my life was at underway.I miss shipmates.
Wagner, ScottMasterchief BTCMJul 1, 1987 – Jun 30, 1992B Division , Engineering Master Chief
Bush, Renato TerrellOS 3Oct 17, 1987 – Oct 17, 1991Navy
Pannell, MikeRM2(SW)Nov 1987 – May 28, 1991OCShawn Reynolds taught me to "skate", don't stay in one place for more than ten minutes and RM1/RMC D.D. Holmes taught me alot about Radio. Thanks guys.
Perry, SeanMM2(SW)Dec 8, 1987 – Oct 1, 1992Alot of great memories and good friends.
Haggard, Allen R. IIIBT3Dec 15, 1987 – Aug 15, 1990B - THE BESTHello fellow Portlanders. I was on there twive once ships COMP. as indicated above the with the LCACs Jan 94 - June (4 9 Somalia. Looking forwar to coorespondance. Cheers Fair Winds Folloeing seas.
Clark, RickEN31988 – 1991A-DIV
Caramagno, BrettBM31988 – 1991DeckHad some good times on the Sweat Pea! met some good friends
Reimer, AndrewBTCSApr 1, 1988 – Apr 1, 1992Hello Everyone. As you can see I made E-8 before I bailed out. I hope everyone is doing ok? Shout at me if you want to talk.
Huntington, GeorgeBM2May 1988 – Nov 1991DECK/BOAT/ SAR"PORTLAND LIVES ON" good times, great friends
Gonzalez, MarcRM3Jun 1988 – Aug 1990LETTING YOU KNOW "GONZO" IS STILL ALIVE.
Jackson, JerryENS/LT(JG)Jun 1988 – Mar 1991Comm/1stBeen a long time. Have both good and bad memories of that ship. Underway A LOT. 1st Persian Gulf War, Gitmo, Eng, Antigua and much more. Would love to get hear from some of ya. One I hope to never see again (he knows who he is).
Pickering, JamesET3Oct 1988 – Aug 1992OPSI'm so sad to see her decommed. She was home for 4 years. Miss all the guys I served with in the ET shop.
Albritton, DavidENS/LTJG/LTOct 1988 – Dec 1991B/3rd/CommoWould love to hear from some of the old crew. Fat, dumb and happy as a civilian since '98. Still in touch with some the DCA - Randy Veasley; LT Brad Christmas; LT Mark Schoemer.
Spencer, D'Angelo/"spence"MS3Oct 1988 – Jun 1991S2It was a true honor to serve with you all that I served with aboard Portland, it has been an experience that I will always remember and speak about often. Anybody that remembers me send me an email, and let's get a reuion committee going,
McNatt, MichaelBT3Oct 1988 – Apr 1991M and BSaw the Sweet P was set to rest after decomm. Wanted to see some old faces. See how life has been to the old shipmates.
Childs, PeterLT(J.G.)Nov 1988 – Jan 19912nd and BA great memory. Cool captains, lousy execs, great bunch of JOs and super crew. Med cruise 89/90; 2nd ship in the Atlantic fleet to deploy for Desert Shield. Got robbed by Pensacola for Battle E in 89!
Parcellin, PeterLTJGNov 4, 1988 – Oct 4, 1991B, A, CICGreat ship, Great Shipmates learned a lot about the Navy and life onboard USS Portland.
Criss, ScottSNNov 20, 1988 – Aug 17, 1989deck/boatbest and worst time of my life
Daniel, Lee profile iconmmfnNov 20, 1988 – Oct 25, 1992machinist matenot sure exact dates but close to it. nick name was charlie d. i miss being on the ship and people.
Bivins, Gary/ BivoBM3Dec 1988 – Sep 1992Deck 1st DivisionMan, to many good times to single out just one. The most awesome crew that a person could have served with, many ports, a lots of fun. Nothing like kickin it with the boys. Card games and shit talking and chasing women
Mansfield, Russ (Charlie)BT3Dec 1, 1988 – Dec 12, 1992ENG-Bmarg 1-90,operation desert shield/storm,unitas xxxiii,wow...learned alot..still a BT.sad to see her go..
Dyer, Josh AE-3 TO E-5 (IC2)1989 – 1992went to desert storm on board received acomandation .seperated from navy at end of term
Heinen, JeffBT31989 – 1992BWOW, it took that long to put that thing down?! Well, mysery spawns memories but i have some good memories too.
Crawford, PernellSK21989 – May 1990supplyGood people, great ship. A few of my partners need to contact me. You know who I am speaking of. THE MEMORIES!!!!!!
Lucas, TerryMM3-MMFN1989 – 1993Wow, had some great times, and had some bad times. Did alot of growing up on the Portland. It's strange to think she's been deep sixed after all the time spent aboard her. I always hated her, but, In a weird kinda way, sad to see it go
Jackson, FrankBT1Jan 1989 – Jan 1991B
Colvin, Edward(too Short)RM#Jan 1, 1989 – Jun 17, 1991OPS
Sparks, WillieRM3Feb 1989 – May 1992OPS
Christmas, BradLTMar 1989 – Jun 1992CIC / NAV / B / MI learned a lot on that ship. I'm shocked (well, not that shocked) that they sunk her.
Simmons, RicoPC3Mar 3, 1989 – Mar 3, 1991administrativeAboard the Portland was a true learning experience during the desert shield/desert storm era...I met some really cool dudes..if you guys remember PC3 Rico, hit me up, I would love to hear from you all (reunion anyone?)..
Schenk, TomSK3Apr 1989 – 1991I loved every day aboard \" peawee \" and I miss her and all I served with. Let get a reunion started !
Weaver, MarvinMSC(SW)May 1, 1989 – May 31, 1993S-2/5Leading CPO for S-2 and S-5 Divisions. In charge of all food services onboard. Obtain the highest score ever received by an amphibious ship in services. Awarded 1st Ships Blue E Award.
Vanavery, Johne-5Jun 1, 1989 – Jun 6, 1992m-divisionserved in aft engine room with Paul Gokey Glen Mccullaugh and many more that i can only remember there faces!!
Reynolds, Duaine "burt"BTJul 1989 – Mar 1993B Aft FireroomSaw Her On Aug 2 Before Decomm. Sure miss the good ole' days in Death Pit 2000. Hello to all my shipmates. Still a BT (only civilian) for the last 20 years. E-mail me would love to hear from anyone.
Mike, BarnesDKC SWAug 1989 – Jan 1992S 4Great Ship. Gators still rule
Callantine, JasonYN3Oct 1, 1989 – Apr 3, 1993nav/adminfind me on facebook
Reddig, Stacy D. (Reddog)BM3 (THEN) MA1 NOWOct 11, 1989 – Jun 6, 19921stShe sure was one "Hell of a good ship."
McCullough, GlennMM3Oct 19, 1989 – Jul 23, 1992M-DIVISIONTurn two - 6 and 6 full work days. snipes rule!
Callantine, Jason / BeefYNSNNov 1989 – Apr 1993Its been a long time. I've definately missed the crew and the ship itself. We had good and bad times aboard the Portland and I'm missing them all. If anyone wants to get in touch give me a holler.
Tarver, HazieRM2Nov 1989 – Jun 1992OCWould love to here from you guys. I know some are on togetherweserve, others I haven't heard from in years. I made 1st just after leaving, but because I was a fat boy I wasn't allowed to put it on until after I was already getting paid.
Paschal, MarkMM1(SW)Nov 10, 1989 – Jan 15, 1992Aft Engine, A OfficerThe best ship of my career. The Co was fantastic, the crew was the best, and we had a war to show the world we are the best.
Hickok, KenEN3Dec 1989 – Sep 10, 1992M & AStarted out nonrate in M & struck out to A Div. Proud to have served on her.

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