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USS Barnstable County (LST 1197) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Barnstable County (LST 1197). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 174 crew members registered for the USS Barnstable County (LST 1197).

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Hardin, David profile iconSA1988 – 19891st
Romano, CheezeE4Jun 8, 1988 – Nov 8, 1990Operations
Hockensmith, MikeRMC (SW)1989 – 1993CR DivisionGreat times on "The Barn" especially the Express softball team. Currently High School teacher in Norfolk, VA
Greg, DashET11989 – 1993OEenjoyed my time on the Barn, great people, got to see and do things i would have never had the chance to otherwise
Henry, JonathanGMC1989 – 19923rd Division (Gunnersmates)Boy was that one #### tour of duty. Great shipmates, great ports. West Africa was a blast. My division the greatest. Cold water showers Ouch. What a memory, Made chief on board at sea. Best real initiation ever 7 dwarfs!
Coyne, KeithE6/ HT1(sw)1989 –RepairLCDR Trotta was a hell of a good DCA. Many good times. Sad she was sold off to Spanish Navy and now rasor blades.
Mathews, JohnMS1Feb 7, 1989 – Mar 6, 1993S-2
Ross, KevinEN3Sep 10, 1989 – Aug 6, 1992A GANGcant forget the BARN had alot of fun chief pope was the best ! we did it all. GRIZZ SMITTY COLE EVEN camron. WE WENT EVERYWHERE!!!! loved it hated to see her go!!! 3 six month cruises. WHAT A BLAST!!GIVE ME A SHOUT 740 864 2177
Ferguson, TroyE-5/RM2(SW)Nov 1989 – Oct 1992Operations
Schmidt, Melvin. Schmixtdoge-2Nov 1989 – 1991deck
Burslie, MikeOS2Dec 28, 1989 – Apr 10, 1994OICame there as an E-1 left as an E-5. I was on the ship back when you could smoke anywhere. No computers that got in the way of work and a pink belly was a right of passage and was not considered hazing. Sure do miss those days.
Blanchard, MichaelEN3Mar 1990 – Nov 1, 1993I was an Oil King in M-div. Best time of my life.
Abernathy, Chris (Abbo, Ab)IC3 AND A 1/2Jun 3, 1990 – May 18, 1993Always at sea. I'd like to say what's up to the whole gang. Thanks to Chief Pope, Hutzler, Main and the rest. We had a lot of good times aboard ship and out at sea. Never forget those Gator squares off the coast of W. Africa Look me up.
Clark, Robert (Lizard King)EN3Jul 10, 1990 – Jan 5, 1994M and A gangI would like to say that I am proud and happy to have been a part of that great crew on that great ship,also thank you Chief Pope,Chief Main,and Chief Hutzler for all the help and guidance along the way.
Green, Gary (Trini)SK3Nov 15, 1990 – Jun 29, 1994
Ciesielski, ChrisE-31991 – 1993
Halstead, DanET2SW1991 – 1994OEAfter Decommissioning served at Sima Norfolk until discharge in 1997.
Howell, JerryQM31991 – 1993x divAmazing over 20 years later, still remember those names and faces. A proud veteran to this day and hope to get a chance to talk to you all again. Currently a truck driver for givens out of Chesapeake, va.
Baldwin, BillyE3 radioman1991 – 1994CommunicationsLooking for rm3 Antoine prescod
Guice, Johnny JoeEN2Feb 17, 1991 – Feb 19, 1993A DivisionThe hardest two years in the Navy. Learned alot about the engineman rating. Had some great days! Also the were I became a shellback. You got love that!
Counts, DaleOS3 E4May 1991 – Jul 1994OperationsGood times on the Barn. Hit me up guys.
Mateychuk, James WRM3May 1, 1991 – May 3, 1994oc01I had a great time serving on the "Barn", it seemed we were always haze grey and under way.
Bryant, Davideo3May 15, 1991 – Oct 17, 1994a gangOne hell of a ride on this old gray bastard, took me to places I never dreamed I would ever see in my lifetime, Learned alot from senior leaders on that bitch, would do it all over again if given the chance.............
Moore, RobertYN2Jun 19, 1991 – Aug 24, 1994NAVThis is Slo-Mo anyone that remembers me I would love to hook up and have a reunion
Jose Lozano, Joe/"Sheriff"E6/MA1(AW)Jun 30, 1991 – Nov 10, 1992Chief Master-at-ArmsEnjoyed my toour as the "Sheriff" onboard ship. She had a good crew and I am proud to have served with them all.
Dray, JeffSM3Nov 1991 – Jun 1993What a great time on the Barn. Hit me up guys if you are still around.
Miles, MarkFTM(SW)Dec 1991 – Dec 1993FoxAh the mighy Barn. Never saw any other crew overcome so much, it was only the crew that made the final command of this ship worthwhile. Many memories, even some good ones. Rhodes Greece was awesome.
Santana, JohnE3 (BM)1992 – 1994DECKServed on the USS BARNSTABLE COUNTY. I have video of various ops including shellback initiations. I was in deck dpt and it was tough!!!!! Want to sa y hey or have a question my E-mail is
Vaughn, JackET1Jan 1, 1992 – Jun 1, 1995ET
Boyer, Marvin TEN1(SW)Jan 15, 1992 – Jun 1994M&BI was part of the decommissioning crew and have alot of fond memories from this ship and it's crew.Im currently stationed onboard the USS Bataan LHD-5. If ENCS Main is out there thanks for your guidence. The best Chief i ever had the prevledge to
Chsteen, MikeE-3Apr 1992 – Jan 1993bmwow, like long memory. yea cwo brennan you put on the pressure all the time, but i would do it again right now. so many people to mention. thanks everyone/barnstable for the memories.
Langlois, KirkE-3 (BMSN)Jun 5, 1992 – Feb 17, 1994Great times on the BARN! Deck division was tough at times, but I'd do it again! Anyone who has any video from this time frame or pics from the Operation Restore Hope cruise, contact me!
Cress, BillMS3Sep 1992 – Jun 1994supply
Robertson, Jimmy/ "Robby"E-2Oct 1992 – Jun 1, 19941st DivisionHad some good times and some crazy time on that ship.
Chapman, KenHM2Oct 22, 1992 – Jul 16, 1994MedicalGood times working in Medical. I miss my buddies ET3 Mills and FN Langer.
Timothy B. Jackson, TimSM1 (SW)Nov 1992 – Aug 1994CommGreat memories, some of the best men I have ever worked with.
Padua, David / Sgt / UsmcSgt USMC1993 –Bravo Co. 1Bn 2nd Mar, 24th MeuSocI was the Marine Sgt responsible for the exterior security of the ship and also ran live shoots from the Aft of the ship.It was Operation Restore Hope
Bush, DeanSK1Apr 16, 1993 – Jun 30, 1994SupplyI retired on the BARN.
Duffy, JohnSAApr 24, 1993 – Jun 2, 1994Learn alot small arms weapons while I was there. had a great time.
Gysin, Gene (Etc, Emo)ETCMay 4, 1993 – Aug 1, 1994OELast EMO and 3M Coordinator. I loved the Barn and my brothers in the CPO Mess, we were truly a Band of Brothers
Allred, KennethET3May 4, 1993 – May 15, 1994OECurrently ET1 in the NECC reserve component. 1 deployment in support of OEF 1 for OIF and OEF
Evans, CharlesseamanJul 1, 1993 – Jun 1, 1994deck
Sedgwick, DarwinBT1Mar 5, 1994 – Jun 29, 1994MI wasn't onboard long. I was the only BT on the ship. Did the sub escort to the ditch and had a great port visit in Key West then Decom. Wish I could have stayed longer. I hope the spanish are enjoying her.

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