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USS Harlan County (LST 1196) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Harlan County (LST 1196). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 435 crew members registered for the USS Harlan County (LST 1196).

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Hemenway, RandyFC31992 – 1993DeckHello to all who served on the Darlin' Harlan. I was an FC3 for a short time on board but hd some great times and met great people! Stayed in the electronics field after leaving the Nav and currently I am a Field Integration Engineer with Nokia.
Turner, SolomonMS11992 –Supply Departmentlooking for anyone who might have served aboared the county during 92-95 time frame...
Papa, MikeRMSR-RM2Jan 1992 – Mar 28, 1995OpsWhat a memory. What a ride.
Havard, JasonMSSNJan 1, 1992 – Aug 1, 1993SUPPLY
Pirich, Dean "sammy"SNFeb 1992 – Jan 1994DeckGreetings Folks...Hope you are all happy,healthy, and doing well. I'll never forget partying in Barbados with Johnson and Wemlinger and that "Grate" cabby who showed us around. Lellock,Ottwell,Dow,Henderson, Johnson- you're all my
Hejnal, ChuckOSCMApr 15, 1992 – Apr 15, 1994OIOne of my best tours, and my last sea duty. Had some great shipmates and golfing partners. Remember alot of my shipmates, but FC1 Mulhollen, GMGC Klingborg, and ENC Bartels were my buds. Had the best XO ever.
Mike, ClarkMSCMay 15, 1992 – Apr 15, 1995supplyHey whats up all!!
Welgos, TomSFCSep 1992 – Nov 1992embarkedSOF package to PAP Haiti.
Evans, ToddSSGSep 1992 – Nov 1992EmbarkedSOF Package PAP Haiti
Cason, RandyLCDR/CDRNov 1, 1992 – Apr 1, 1994Executive OfficerGreat crew going thru REFTRA at GITMO and Haiti Operation. Will tell you stories about the CO over a beer. Met, got engaged, and married my beautiful bride while XO - just celebrated 26 years. All the best to the crew!
Morgan, Richms3Nov 18, 1992 – Apr 15, 1995supplywhats up all??
Taylor, AndrewBTFN1993 – 1995M
Wood, RonaldBM31993 – 1995Deck
Clemons, DarbyQM1993 – 1995
Valdez, RussellSN1993 – 1995DeckWow...what a ship.. Lots of memories from the 94 Med Cruise!!! Khelmer, Woodall. Wiping his feet on the damn rack curtains!! Hahaha!
Meade, FredLT1993 – 1995SupplyWas decommissioning Supply officer and retired from this duty station
Tripp, MauriceSH21993 – 1995Supply
Phillips, StephenENS-LTJG Jan 1993 – Apr 14, 1995A/EMy first division officer tour as Auxiliaries and Electrical Officer. Wrote my Masters Thesis on the "Harlan County Affair" - the ship's role in Joint Task Force Haitian Assistance Group (JTF HAG) in October 1993.
Schwab-franco, JohannEN3/FNJan 15, 1993 – Feb 18, 1994Engine Room 3Wut up all.. I remember going to Key west, Barbados, PR, Hatit, Bahamas. It was fun and hard work at the same time.. Thanks to all the fire crew and FN Little that help me put out the fire while we were in Hati. Johann
Collier, ChrisFRJan 18, 1993 – Apr 1995MThat "94" cruise was a cruise to remember ,I miss you all.To my boz in the B-Shop SHSN Wade and SKSA Long and EN3 Alston now ENC stay up.To all that ever served onboard "The Harlen Darlin" much love to you.Feel free to contact me.
Gorton, DanPN3Feb 14, 1993 – May 1995NXHey guys. Found this and thought what the heck. Been a long time. Hay to all who served on the darlin Harlan! Hope all are doing well.
Reddig, Stacy (Reddog)BM3 THEN (MA1 NOW)Mar 10, 1993 – Sep 7, 1994SeaBeesGreat Ship! We were embarked and the crew made us feel welcomed. BMC Martz God Rest him. A great mentor and leader.
Gonzales, Enrique ( Gonzo)E-3Apr 1993 – Aug 1996ENMet a lot of cool people, working in 3 aux. and num 1 engine room. Best time of my life...
Beard, WilliamBU2Jun 1, 1993 – Sep 25, 1993NMCB 7 SEABEESI was with a U.N. Mission headed for Porta Prince, Haiti
Stallard, ChadOS3Jun 30, 1993 – May 20, 1994OIWent to Key West, Made a good trip to Barbados
Smith, Kenneth SmittyENFNAug 1993 – Apr 1995MP EMO-1I served on the Harlen darlen right out of boot. she was a good boat. EN1 l Murry was my lpo so hellow to all my bros. kenny from Daytona Beach FLA.
Kavanagh, EddieSM3Aug 1993 – Apr 1995OperationsGreat group of guys. Miss the friendships not the navy
Blaszczyk, Paul. Blast ManseamanAug 1, 1993 – Sep 1, 1995deck 1stLeft a lot of friends on that ship . Had to leave in a hurry before it got underway to make my school time frame.
Jean, MarcSNAug 20, 1993 – Jun 10, 1996DeckI was initially assigned to Deck Dept., then moved to Supply Dept.
Otwell, AndrewSNSep 1993 – Apr 1995
Sandsnes, Jeremy "Sandy"SNSep 1993 – Mar 1995BoatsThe Harlan- I recall Otwell taking a dip in the ocean while we were underway. Dow and Henderson in Casablanca. And there was always Giffin saying "Are ya Hot", just to get you more spun up! Med Cruz 94!
Bertoson, AaronENFNSep 1993 – Apr 1993EM02Great time! It was my first command out of A school. Right before it was decommisioned I was sent to C school and then onto Mine Swepers. What A great crew.
Hoots, JoshuaSNOct 1993 – Apr 14, 1995Deck 1st and Admin MedicalServed as decom crew from 1993-1995. My memory of the Harlan Cnty was the fact that on the Med cruise we went DIW like 3 times and had a fire in Main control while inport. If anyone wants to catch up my email is
Beal, ScottSNOct 1993 – Dec 1994DeckWhat a cruise.........Did I see Woodall's kid calling him a mentor to us? HA! Thats like saying Khemler was a saint also......whatever....Hated it when I was there - Missed it when I left.
Neely, RoyEN1(SW)Oct 15, 1993 – Jun 15, 1995MPWhat a ship and outstanding crew. retired from the navy in 1998. living in North Carolina.
King, EdwardE3/SNNov 1993 – Mar 19952ndMy first and only ship. Hated it when I was there, but missed it once I was gone. R.I.P. Woody and GOD BLESS THE GATOR FLEET!!!
Cooke, MarkBM3Nov 11, 1993 – Mar 31, 1995DeckEnjoyed the friends I made and could not stand a bunch!! Some of the biggest morons I ever met but yes I miss it everyday. I went to the USS Inchon and had a blast.. To contact me
Gehle, RobLCPL1994 – 1994I was a Marine with 3RD BN 2DMAR DIV Kilo Company 1ST PLT. Met a bunch of good people. Had nothing but respect for the Navy afterwards. Did the d-day anniverdsary thing. goofy guy in charge of chow, but he was cool. cant remember names.
McNabb, ChrisENFNJan 1994 – 1995Engine roomMiss the true friendships that were made but not the Navy! Can't wait to hear from the people that I have thought about throughout the years. Look forward to hearing from you guys.
Huey, QuentinLCPLApr 1994 – Nov 1994Damn Marine
Cornell, Jerime "Sparky"RM3Apr 16, 1994 – 1995OPSI serverd on the Harlan Darlin for my first ship and gained my sea legs during a med cruise. Then we decommed her. Thanks for a great ride.
Acker, JasonSNMay 1994 – Apr 14, 1995DeckI got onboard just in time to catch the 94 Med Cruise.I was also on the decom crew.Then I went home early.Looking back I enjoyed it very much.
Johnson, ScottDCFN Then, DC1 NowJun 1994 – Apr 14, 1995RepairGood to see a couple old friends on this list.
Leonard, KennethE-6/SK1Oct 1994 – Apr 1995Supply DepartmentDecommissioning the ship.
Flynn, GaryDAMAGE CONTROLDec 25, 1994 – Sep 28, 1995engineeringgreat group of guys

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1972 | 1973 – 1975 | 1976 – 1977 | 1978 – 1980 | 1981 – 1983 | 1984 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – now

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