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USS La Moure County (LST 1194) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS La Moure County (LST 1194). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 420 crew members registered for the USS La Moure County (LST 1194).

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Gainer, RogerBM31971 – Jul 1974Deck forcePlankowner I have fond memories of her worked hard on the deck force but driving boats was the best
Achterfeld, DannyBMSN and BM31971 – 1975DeckGood to see some names I know. I retired after 30 years. Anyone hear from or know what happened to BMC Zoll?
Sisco, Dannie DanSH 21971 – 1975Supply
Sisco, DanSH21971 – 1975Supply S-1Looking for shipmates, see how life worked out and reminisce
Jacques, EdwardYN2Feb 1, 1971 – Sep 1, 1973OXPlankowner
Morris, BruceEM3Mar 10, 1971 – Dec 1971R DivisionPlank owner. Sea/Anchor detail in after steering. Gitmo and partial Carib cruise before getting early out in February 73 due to budget cuts. Great bunch of commissioning crew at PreCom at FAAWTC Dam Neck and Norfolk NOB
Clausius, EdwardE-3Jul 26, 1971 – Jul 26, 1974EngineringPlank Owner
Clausius, EdwardE-3Jul 26, 1971 – Jul 26, 1974ENG.Good crew and good friends. The Captain said I am a good Captain because I have a good crew, with all the letters looks like he was right. Live long and happy. ED ps I am also a plank owner.
Buchan, MichaelEN3Aug 1971 – 1972Eng. Log roomI am a plank owner and I came on board after returning from TF 116 in Vietnam. I left and was on the commisining of LST 1197 in 1972. I remember the wave we hit out of NC with all the Marines onboard.
Johnson, Merle R.QMC {retired QMCS}Aug 1971 – Aug 1976OCoutstanding ship&crew one of the best in my 27 year career,fair winds&following to all my fellow plankowners.would like to hear from any of plankowner CPOs
White, SkipYN2Aug 1, 1971 – Sep 30, 1973OXPLank Owner
Vradenburg, FredOS2Sep 1971 – Feb 1975OIPLANKOWNER
Winkelsas, DennisET1Sep 15, 1971 – Jun 25, 1975OIPlankowner
Hutchinson, BillSK3Sep 17, 1971 – Aug 27, 1973S-1 SUPPLYWild rolls at sea, drinking a warm beer with (Warren CS3) in the storeroom below decks. All the good times with the guys in the ocean view bars just outside the gate, you know who you are.
Rice, WilliamYN2Oct 1971 – Oct 1973OXPlankowner
Schmehl, KeithETN2 WHILE ON SHIPOct 1971 – Oct 1975OPsplankowner
Southard, RobertDCFN; HT2Oct 1971 – Sep 1973R Division
Speer Jr., LloydE-3Oct 17, 1971 – 1973EnginemanI was aboard when commissioned,worked in engineroom#2&3 Plank Owner
Minor, MikeGUNNERNov 1971 – 1974GunneryPlank owner, I still think about that grand ship, there none like here. I still try to look up some of the old shipmates. Gainer, Campoli, hell the whole deck division.
Novicki, RickSD / ETDec 1971 – Jun 1974SUPPLY as SD OPs as ETPlankowner! From the 1st day I came aboard to the last day I saluted her; many good friends and lots of great memories. It would be cool to reunite with my shipmates again. Where on earth is everybody? We should use this site to form a club
Vejr, TerryBM3Dec 1971 – Jul 1972DeckPlankowner
Stratakos, FrankBM3Dec 1971 – Jan 1973Deck/1st divPlankowner/I have lots of fond memories of the ship and my shipmates during those first couple years in the carribean/Gainer,Barbour,Campoli,Collins,Cozenza/Wish I could remember more names.
Doyle, WilliamEN2Dec 1971 –engineering / auxiliaryPlank Owner - commissioned and sailed through Panama Canal to Ampib. base in Va.
Kahler, James/ JimEM3Dec 1971 – 1975R division
Wells, Robert / BobE-3 & E-6Dec 16, 1971 – Jun 8, 1998ri'm part of the commissioning crewin 71 i came off of the USS Sphinx ARL 24 from viet nam and was also on the precom crew and left her in 73 when i got discharged then stayed out and went back on board in 95 to 98 when i retired off of her
Jim Desroches, DesiSK2Dec 17, 1971 – Jan 17, 1974SupplyEnjoyed my time aboard the ship, I am aPlank owner,. Love to hear from past shipmates. Currently own an RV resort in Oakley KS, and happily semi-retired. Pandora, where are you?
West, ThomasEN3Dec 21, 1971 – 1972engplank owner
Fox, RichardEn21972 – Jan 1975agang,engrm2&3&boiler&small boatsIt was a great time
Cole, Garyem-31972 – 1974E
Lawrence, FloydRMSN ON BOARD RETIRED RMC(SW)Jan 1972 – Jul 1973OCJust short of being a plankowner. Came onboard as Navy Reserve. Liked it so much I reenlisted Regular and stayed for 25 years. The La Moure Cty was the best ship of my career. Great crew. Great cruises.
Lee, PhilipSK2Feb 4, 1972 – Aug 30, 1975deck force , supplyI started on deck force with chief zole, the I got lucky and got into supply department with chief Harper. I enjoyed working in supply, I learned a lot and that experence helped me get a job when I got out .I am retired a age 50.
Ballinger, William (Bill)RM1Feb 19, 1972 – Mar 9, 1974OC/ORNever forget the pickup at Moorehead City to take to Newfoundland and storm we hit at Cape Hattris. Also some of the best liberty ever in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Wahl, JackRM2Feb 22, 1972 – Jul 24, 1975Radio ShackI reported to the ship in Guantanamo and before I got on board a postal clerk who picked me up had me half looped from beer. I think Captain Rogers gave him the riot act. Nice ship with good memories. I still live in Norfolk.
Miller, David (Squeak)EN2Feb 22, 1972 – Feb 22, 1976ENGWorked with Mumbles & Pollack many good times and memories
Harden, ClemeroyEM3Sep 1972 – May 1979R
Kocina, DougHT4Sep 25, 1972 – Aug 23, 1975R
Aleman, RobertoE4Oct 1972 – Sep 26, 1975third division & supply in my last yearI always renember the time i work and live in the ship .last night looking photos in my cell phone ,i learn about LA MOURE COUNTY end.I feel very sad about it.I live in puerto rico & my g mail is
Miller, KennethSm3Dec 10, 1972 – Oct 16, 1974CommunicationThe county was a year old when I boarded her for the first time She was never home, always on the move. I do remember that one bad storm and she took a couple bad rolls I thought she was going over that night. God bless
Labarge, CraigRM21973 – 1974OPS
Geiger, JimSKSN1973 – 1977SUPPLYI've enjoyed reuniting with my crewmates Murph the Surf, Les Jonsson, and Dale Cloud this year!
Hatfield, David profile iconEng. e-31973 – 1974Oil KingBest of times, made some good friends, miss the times we had on the LaMoure County. Was saddened when she was run aground and had to be put down...
Browning, EddieE-3Jan 1973 – Nov 1974Gunnery
Simons, DocJan 1, 1973 – Jan 2, 1975hmc1for all who served with my dad, he recently passed and my mother is trying to contact all his friends. emailme if you knew him.ty
Daniels, MichaelEnineman 2nd Class Petty OfficerJan 1, 1973 – Jun 7, 1976M & A DIVISIONGreat working with Cannon, Miller, Weslowski, and the rest of the gang. Always liked going to sea.
Cannon, Bob { Mumbles}EN2Jan 13, 1973 – Nov 12, 1975ENG.
Bertagnole, Hal "Doc"HM2Jan 15, 1973 – Jan 20, 1975Worked alongside Doc Simons for two tours to the Caribbean, one Halifax, and one long Med trip. Sickbay would never be the same after we left. Hi Eddie.
Jonsson, LesBMSNFeb 1973 – Feb 1975Deck ForceI have pictures and the Med Cruise scrapbook. If we served together let me know and I'll share!
Overby, GlennEM3Aug 1973 – Sep 1975Electrician ShopMostly good times I'll remember my buddies.
Wesolowski, David (Pollack)EN-2Aug 10, 1973 – Sep 2, 1977NO.1 ENG. RM. A-GANG AC/R SMALL BOATSHAD A GOOD TIMES, STEAMED WITH MUMBLES AND SQUEAK.
Poynter, William/billBT2Sep 1973 – Dec 1974BJust wondering where our crew is at and what they are doing?
Lawrence, CraigET3 (E4)Sep 15, 1973 – Jun 15, 1974Ops
Hall, Peter profile iconHm3Oct 1973 – Jun 19742ND AMTRACK DIVISION/FMF/CORPMANI worked with Hal and Simon along with three other FMF corpmen,during Med Cruise.Doc Whistle Hall
Michael, HarmonQM3Dec 3, 1973 – Sep 10, 1975OperationsWhere I grew up
Bennett Jr., GeneSMDec 10, 1973 – Sep 8, 1976

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