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USS Racine (LST 1191) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Racine (LST 1191). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 304 crew members registered for the USS Racine (LST 1191).

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Dewey, TimE-5/IC21991 – 1993ElectricalHaze Gray and Underway - Who said reserve (TAR) ships never leave the pier. Lots of deployment both good and not so good. Most memerobal - 50th Anniversary of Guadal Canal - Great crew and a fine bunch of Marines.
Godeschalk, PeterLTJG1991 – 1993CIC
Carney, Joesa1991 – 19931stPlank owner great ship great crew
Rousey, Steven profile iconENFN1991 – 1992engineeringJust looking for fellow shipmates and friends.
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High, ShaneEN2 ESWS1991 – 1993main prupoulsionHey Randy Erdman, i have not forgotten you. I have been trully inspired by you and not a day goes by i dont think of you. we experienced a lot together. Love you fellow brother.
Borgen, DanE-5 / EN2Jan 1991 – Oct 1993Number 2 Main Engine Room
Vanarsdale, Charlesbm3Jan 1991 – Oct 2, 1993deckhello to all.been a long time.had alot of great memories on that boat.can be reached at
Rose, SeanDC2Jan 1991 – Oct 1993RepairWow, I can't believe they even have a website for this. Crazy. Sad about DCC. I last emailed him in 2007. Hope everyone is doing well.
Hill, AltonET2Feb 5, 1991 – Oct 2, 1993OEGreat crew, and good times. Had a great time on the Coral Sea commemeration cruise. Decommisioned the ship and moved on to a Naval Instructor spot, Got out of the Navy in 96. My nickname (although I didn't much like it at the time was "The h
Cartwright, CharlesENCMJun 10, 1991 – Oct 1993MGreat ship and a great crew, had some of my best times onboard, racine and the crew were the highlight of my career, fair winds and following seas to all that served aboard. ENCM (SW) Chuck Cartwright.
Spencer, KevinPO3/SK3Jun 23, 1991 – Jul 6, 1991Master at armsI was on board for the Peleliu cruise in June of 91 as the Mess Decks MAA. I injured my back while the guys were swabbing the mess. Spent the next few days on bedrest and left the ship in Pearl. Anybody remember this?
Moon, DonaldSK3Jul 30, 1991 – Oct 2, 1993Deck & SupplyI came onboard in deck dept. and struck as an SK. I was the last Master Helmsmen to pull her into port while she was commissioned.
Lowe, ScottLTJG (THEN)Aug 1991 – Aug 199125 Seabees, including me, detached from our battalion, NMCB 4 (deployed to Subic Bay, PI) to cruise with the Racine to Pohnpei, FSM to perform construction for the island residents. It was great to integrate the Seabees with the crew.
Waddingham, CoryOS3Sep 1991 – Nov 1992CIC
Budomo, Arvin (Doc Bud)HM2 (WHILE SERVING ABOARD)Sep 20, 1991 – May 30, 1993X MedicalServed with an excellent crew and have been to many wonderful ports with them. I left in 1993 to go to BOOST...then NROTC then Commissioning. Enlisted life was truly more memorable. Fair winds and fallowing seas, shipmates.
Gomez, JohnDC3(SW)Oct 1991 – 1993R-DIVWhats up all you guys ! Anyone heard from DC1 Tui ? Man Guadalcanal was awesome,sure wish i took more pictures of all that history. Those were the best times , never thought i would miss being underway! RIP DCC(SW) Q !!
Adams, StephenDC3(SW)Oct 1991 – Oct 2, 1993RAmazing to see the names on here and remmeber them. It was sad to read about DCC. Remember my first Thanksgiving there and how he took me in. He will be missed
James, Robert Boe profile iconCaptain, USNOct 1991 – Aug 1993Commanding OfficerGreat ship. GREAT CREW. Great deployment. Commemorated 50th anniversary of WW II events. Visited Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands; Sydney, Australia; Tonga; Fiji; New Caledonia; Niue; more. Best cruise and assignment ever..
Lacson, AlexanderSN(SW)Oct 10, 1991 – Sep 11, 1993DeckI had a great time in the Racine West-Pac. The best crew. I still remember it all, Farewell and walk tall.
Mike, StanleyIC3Oct 13, 1991 – Oct 24, 1993Met alot of great people on that ship. Will never forget Austalia, and Shellback ceremonies.
Droste, DavidLCPL/CPL1992 – 1992India Co. 3rd Bn 9th MarinesWe took a tour of the South Pacific. We did an island hopping campaign to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of WWII. It was one of my highlights of being in the service. Anyone have any pics or information of that tour? Maybe a tourbook?
Ryan, IsraelEN31992 – 1993
Cope, GeorgeET31992 – 1993OEFirst and Only ship while I was in the Navy. Learned alot and made some great friendships.
Alvarez, Oscar1992 – 1993had a great time, any body remebers maldonado ?
Lightsey, BulbBM2(SS)1992 – Oct 3, 1993Deck
Sanchez, FrankCPL1992 – 19921st MAR DIVMaint. Chief for the AAV crew attached to Task Force Guadalcanal. It was an awesome experience! Semper Fi!
Kite, JasonE-41992 – 19932/3 MarinesLooking for shellback cert. for crossing made about 92-93. None handed out. Believe ship was going from Australia to Cali. Brief stop in Nuie. We hitched ride from Tonga to Hawaii. Help greatly appreciated! Thx!
Fulmer (Loterbaugh), DavidRN21992 – 1993RadiomanReally enjoyed meeting new people, Sydney, Australia and going through shellback initiation.
Broadwater, DavidEn3Jan 1992 – Oct 19933 MainMy first of many ships in the navy. I live in Chicago now got out after 9 years. I am still a mechanic. Anyone wants to talk my email is
Hochhalter, HowardSgt/E-5May 15, 1992 – Sep 15, 1992Task Force Guadalcanal, AAV SectionTask Force Guadalcanal was one of my most enjoyable and meaningful deployments. It took me places that left an indelible impact on me and altered my life path forever. I am grateful I was "volunteered" to go. Semper Fi
Lopez, RobertE3Jun 1992 – Sep 1992first marine division
Swart, DanICFNJun 5, 1992 – Oct 1, 1993EngineeringHad alot of fun and some great experiences while on board. Will never forget the Jun, Jul, Aug 92 South Pac to Australia. Hey Stanley, do you remember Porky's in Kings Cross, Sydney? Hey Dewey, any idea where Chief Lambert is or how he is?
Barrow, RobertLTCOLJun 15, 1992 – Sep 15, 1992CO Task Force GuadalcanalIt was a great crew on a great journey to honor great men. 50th Anniversary of the Marine's landing! Aug 7, 1942.
Kilzer, JeffE-3Jun 22, 1992 – Sep 24, 1992Task Force Guadalcanal 1st Mar Div 1st PltTask Force Guadalcanal was one of my most memorable tours of duty.
Adams, Earl ScottLCPL, E-3. MARINE CORPS COMBAT ENGINEERJul 7, 1992 – Sep 14, 19921st Combat Engineer Bn, 1st MarineTask Force Guadalcanal. Early Party to load ship. Had alot of fun with my fellow Marines and Sailors.
Lamson, TonyMA2Jul 7, 1992 – Sep 14, 1992Loved the entire float. A lot of memories still milling around.
Carver, SheldonOSSADec 1992 – Feb 1994Ops
Gunn, QuillianEN3Apr 1993 – Oct 1993E wasn't on here long but made some lifelong friends
Ganahl, Ian ThomasSKSNApr 20, 1993 – Oct 1993SupplyWas only on the ship for 6 months after the Fresno Decommissioned. But hey, I still had a great time, and learned how to surf!
Jorge, FrancoE-3Jun 1993 – Sep 1993first divisionI was there for the decommissioning proccess. It was alot of work.
Lopez, RobertE3 LCPLSep 1993 –First Marine DIV, Co "C" 1 Bn, 9 MarinesServed with the Marine compliment of infantry. It was a memorable experience for all of us. im on Facebook under the 1/9 walking dead 1989-1993 page.

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