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USS Courtney (DE 1021) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Courtney (DE 1021). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 41 crew members registered for the USS Courtney (DE 1021).

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Kelley, Charles E. [chuck}STCJul 16, 1956 – Oct 24, 1958OP'SPlank owner- commission crew at Charleston SC Naval shipyard Ship was commissioned on my birthday 24 Sept. 1956 Had bad time at shakedown- equip. failures due to nuts and bolt left in equipment by shipyard workers.
Trout, BobEm3Dec 1957 – Feb 1961RFirst and only ship right out of Em school could not ask for a better bunch of guys, A Cash, Gordon, Miller, Crigger, Buck, left Navy went into Air Force as a lineman 3 tours Nam got out after 12 years total.
Walker, JohnET3Jan 1958 – 1960Operations
Kennedy, Ron (Jake The Jew)BT3Nov 20, 1958 – Jun 29, 1960Fire RoomI missed a lot, Got sick in Guantamo, went to school for BT missed more, Did ride out Hurricane Donna at sea
Jones, KennethSO21959 – Dec 1961FoxIn with the discovery of the Soviet subs & freighters prior to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Also in the first 2 cruises around South America. The ship also received 3 Efficiency awards during my stay.
Venanzi, Jim (Ace)RM3Apr 1962 – Sep 1965Radio/CommunicationsCame aboard from Radio School. I was ship's Artist. Loved the ship, loved the life. Exciting, educational and fun. It was a great crew and my best friend was Steve Vokoun from Chicago. Loved to hear from anyone. Go Navy
Noel, John. A.EN3Nov 5, 1962 – Nov 5, 1964R Div.Looking for crew members from R and M Div.
Smith, Daniel (Dan)RD3 (RET DPCS)1963 – 1964OIHomeported in Newport, RI. Loved the original Jazz festival in Newport. I went from wog to shellback on the Courtney's UNITAS IV South American cruise. Came back through the canal.
Gatford, MalcolmTM-2Feb 6, 1965 – Dec 2, 1967FoxLooking to hear from old buddies in Fox division
Cramer, JohnRD2May 11, 1965 – Oct 20, 1968
Buchanan, BuckMM3Sep 1965 – May 1967M1st Ship of a 27 year tour in the Navy, what a great way to start with a lot of great memories.
Griffin, John M. Jr.E 5Oct 12, 1965 – Nov 17, 1966supplyThe Courtnry was my first duty after Great Lakes. It was stationed in Newport, R.I. I lived at 12 Catherine St. I do rember a few guy's Gibson, Gutz, LaPrade Went to Fargo Bldg, Boston then to the Wright CC 2 in Norfolk. Live on Cape Cod!
Griffin, John MsnOct 20, 1965 – Oct 28, 1966skJust thinking about the old days on the Courtney in Newport, RI. Hey Gutzs, Gibson, you guys still alive? I just watched a video of battleship cove in Fall River, Ma. and it brought back memories. Where did the years go?
F0ster, Kennethmm fn1966 – 1968mmy pets name bear
Morton, TomSTG3Sep 1966 – Feb 1969FOXThis was my first ship post Vietnam and SONAR school Key West. I had a great time on it and enjoyed every cruise. Remember well the barge sinking leaving Hamburg Germany. Sea & Anchor post was the Fathometer.
Letcher, RobertBT3Jan 1967 – Sep 1969m
Whiddon, Bill profile iconSK2Mar 20, 1967 – Jan 28, 1970SupplyCan't remember the other SKs. I believe the DK was named Silverman. Any help can be sent to ........thsnks Bill
Thomas, KenE3Feb 15, 1968 – May 30, 19701stI remember pier incident . Leaving for Prudance Island to off load ammunition. Had a change if of command few days after incident. Great memories of the entire crew and Boston Shipyard for retrofit.
Florio, JohnBT3Jul 15, 1968 – Oct 30, 1969EngineeringI was a Boiler Tech although I had friends in other divisions.Dave Metzger,Tim Aurand,Forrest Wheeler.BTs Lovett,Letcher,Hadfield.I remember the Captain ramming the pier and the ship sustaining bow damage.
Pushard, DaleE4 RD1969 – 1972OIReported aboard early 1969 - Newport, RI. Rammed pier on day we were to offload all ammo prior to being towed to Boston Navy Yard for refit. Gitmo - pure hell. Naples, Italy - homeport. Many med cruises and port visits. Played with Russians
Watanabe, Glennstg31969 – 1970weapons
Lamont, Dalee3Feb 1969 – Sep 19701stgreat crew hi danny and rick. the jg your looking for is lt connet ( spelling ?) had alot of fun but needed a captain that knew the job and a xo that knew anything. remember gm1st morvant. and hello to all you guys
Hollenbeck, RickFTG3Mar 15, 1969 –I remember Courtney's Corner ~ the day we went full ahead into the pier. Smooth move Capt. I am looking for a Lt. JG - can't remember his name.
Dennis, DanE3Jun 10, 1969 – Jun 6, 19701 st.
Van Stone, RayYN#Dec 1969 – Nov 1971OpsReported on board just in time to got to Boston for overhaul and conversion to ITASS. Gitmo, then the Med and Naples homeport. Roomed with RD2 Pushard out of town in Lucrino. Loved those trips to Capri.
Simpson, JackRM1/RMCMar 1970 – Jul 1972ITASS/ORAssigned to OPNAV Special Project Than transferred to Ships company after the Liberty incident (capture). Naples was great homeport.
Wroolie, ClarenceMM2Oct 1970 – Aug 1971MCaught the Courtney the morning she was leaving Newport headed for Naples Italy and her new homeport. It was a great time in my life.
Silverthorn, DavidOS31971 – 1973OperationsHomeported in Naples. Rode her back to the states. Lived in Licola del Mare.
Hilliard, HowardE41971 – Oct 31, 1973em3based in naples italy untill de commissed at norfolk
Dupre, WayneSTG 21971 – 1973FoxCame aboard in Naples but wound up in Naval Hospital when ship went back to the states. Had to fly back.
Boyles, DanMR3Jan 1971 – Nov 1972A GangHad as much fun as we could get away with...underway fires, hangman's noose's and playing tag with the Russians. Having the steering go out just after refueling was pretty exciting.
Dallner, MarkSTG 3-STG 3Jan 1971 – 1973FOXCame on board in Naples Italy and then took the ship back to Norfolk. What a wonderful time with tha small crew
Lacey, Nicksh3Apr 10, 1971 – Jan 6, 1974ship servicepicked up Courtney in Naples. Made the last trip on her to be decom
Casimier, JosephRM2Jun 1971 – Oct 1973OC
Krajewski, DennisOS31972 – 1973operationsCame aboard in Naples cruised the Med helped take her to Norfolk on her last cruise across the Atlantic
Rathel, Donald R , JrSK3May 14, 1972 – Dec 14, 1973S-1LIKE TO HEAR FROM SHIPMATES
MacHen, Hugh MacFAJun 12, 1972 – 1973ENG Hull techhomeport Naples Italy, Watched reds change shift ( SUBS ) several times aboard for drydock what a smell swim call in the middle of the med old man wanted to shoot a whale with the 5 in road back to states
Froehle, RickMM3Sep 1, 1972 – Oct 27, 1973EngineeringArrived in early Sep 73. Crossdecked to USS Cascade when Courtney went to Norfolk for decom.
Hardison, RichardQMSNOct 1972 – Dec 1973OC

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