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USS Newport News (CA 148) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Newport News (CA 148). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 86 crew members registered for the USS Newport News (CA 148).

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Daniels, DavidFN1968 –RMy time aboard the News is something I still remember with great fondness. I went places I would never have gone to without the ship. I am proud to be a former Newport News sailor.
Gorman, DennisBM3Jun 16, 1968 – Oct 20, 1970Seventh divisionProudly served aboard this beauty 68-70 in 7th division.does anyone know of anybody that got approved for injuries from agent orange aboard CA 148...Dennis Gorman BM3
Jones, VictorMM2Aug 1, 1968 – Mar 25, 1973A Division AC GangLoved my time on board Ritired MMCS September 1987
Walker, WilliamSN/YN3Sep 1968 – Sep 1969Sidecleaners/Weapons OfficeVisit USS Newport News CA=148 on Facebook. Will never forget the Viet Nam Tour. I have been traveling since..
Crouch, Richard (Dick)LIEUTENANTSep 14, 1968 – Jul 21, 1971CommunicationsThree of the best years of my life! 2nd tour to Vietnam, NATO cruise to Helsinki, Calais, Kiel, Casablanca. Jamaica, Gitmo, Mardi Gras in N.O., NYC, FT Lauderdale. Been to two reunions, one in Norfolk and one in Boston. Onboard WA4END/mm.
Swanson, FordRD3Sep 20, 1968 – Dec 15, 1969OIGreat Ship / Good crew with a few exceptions / I like to hear from my "friends"
Arias, DaniloE4Jun 30, 1969 – Mar 2, 1973RadiomanIn loving memory of my buddies who lost their lives on the ship on 10/1/1979, (20). Going forward, life should never be taken for granted. Military life was very life changing and I truly am proud to serve my country the U.S.A.
Stinson, KarlE-3Aug 1969 – Dec 1969EXI was called Memphis Slim by the other sailors who knew me.
Cooke, Theodore CookiemanE-3Aug 19, 1969 – Feb 6, 1972fristi would like too meet some of my shipmates,hope everyones doing well. we give honor and praise to our navy men in iraq
Webb, William (Bill)SH2Sep 23, 1969 – Nov 30, 1970S-3worked in the laundry and barbershop, in yards most of time, just GITMO, NY & RI
Burdulis, Andy (Burd)RM31970 – 1973CommunicationsBest decision I ever made was joining the Navy (even though I didn't know it at the time). It was an honor serving on the Newport News.
Gaskill, TomMM2Mar 1970 – Mar 5, 1971M-DivisionServed on the Newport News March 1970 until March 5, 1971. I reported on board while in Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Was assigned to #2 MMR. Best duty i ever had, six section duty and tropical hours ( worked 7am to 1PM )
Schmitz, William BillETR3Mar 1970 – Sep 14, 1973OEOE Div. SPS-10 and SPS-29C radars, Test equipment calibration lab. My first helicopter ride was a medevac Oct 1, 1972. The Navy wouldn't issue me a wife, so I escaped Sept. 14, 1973.
Russell, BruceHT/DC 3Mar 1, 1970 – Feb 12, 1972RepairCame over from the USS SIERRA,was assigned to the Carpenter Shop,made to euro cruise ,Blue Nose,England ,Norway,Finland,Germany,Denmark,& Holland,South American visit,passed through the cannal to Hawaii& Subic Bay,mustered uot at TI Ca.
Heidinger, RayFTG2May 1970 – Nov 7, 1974FoxFor other Newport News members, there is a website for the Newprot News that is terriffic. Look it up by searching USS Newport News CA 148.
Randolph, GarryYN3Oct 1970 – Jun 1974EX - Captain's Office
Randolph, GarryYN3Oct 1, 1970 – 1974AdministrationMy time aboard the Newport News changed my life. All the events that happened in 1972 while serving in Vietnam...the death of my best friend "Mountain Mike" and the explosion that killed 20 shipmates, never forgotten.
Fallscheer, DavidE4Oct 10, 1970 – Sep 4, 1974Division RI would like to find any crew member, email and communicate with anyone from Division R
Gordon, Neil profile iconSM2Oct 10, 1970 – Jun 25, 1972CSRemembering the good times, while never forgetting those who didn't come back.
Smith, Smith1971 –
Cross, Ralphe-31971 – 1973sailmaker, sidecleaners
Esposito, SalvatoreE3Jan 7, 1971 – Aug 10, 1971A DivisionThe USS Newport News was a great ship to serve on and the commanding officers were stern but fair to the sailors aboard the ship. A Division was great and the people were great. hi to bert mann
Cosenza, SamCWO2Aug 1971 – Aug 1974weapons
McKee, William (Will)LTJGSep 20, 1971 – Aug 15, 1973S-3Serving aboard the Newport News was a life changing experience. I shall always treasure the memories of the many fine men with whom I served.
Holt, DavidE2Oct 1971 – Nov 19727 th Ship Website
Parker, JohnMM3Nov 25, 1971 – Sep 15, 1973A DIVISION AC GANGProud to have served aboard such a fine ship. The turret explosion of 1972 off the coast of Vietnam was devastating and my prayers will always go out to the men that sacrificed their lives and their families.
Bottone, Dominick  NEWBM3Dec 1971 – Jun 10, 19757thArrived Dec. of '71. Assigned to 7th Div., and Captain's Gig. Was aboard for the '72 West Pac tour and part of the decom crew in '75. I was honored to have served with some of the finest sailors in the Navy.
Buncab, FlorE-3 / FN1972 – 1975MI reported onboard the USS Newport News in 1972.The ship went to some deployments after returning from Vietnam in the late 1972 NATO cruise, Caribbean cruise and Local Ops.I was a member of the decomi crew in 1975.
Waters, StephenBT2Apr 1972 – Oct 1972B Div.
Carr, Edward "austin"RM3Apr 15, 1972 – Jun 16, 1975CRI couldn't wait to get off the ship and out of the bad I was just a dumbass back in the day. Wasn't as bad as I thought...kind of miss those years. Did a lot of growing up, just didn't realize it at the time. Smooth sailing.
Jones, ChrisMM31973 – 1974MFirst ship after MMA school Glakes. Remember Carribean cruise where we went to practice firing at ship towed to the firing range. It sank before we got there. Docked at Norfolk next to aircraft carrier. My memory isn't good anymore.
Gowacki, BillGMSNJan 14, 1973 – Jun 10, 1975second Div. T3
Gallagher, Chris/ 4 OhMM3Feb 15, 1973 – Mar 15, 1974MIm curious about your twenty. Same same ? we Lost twenty who are now on the wall, pannel W1. ( T # two, Oct 1972 ) I just met a 2 Star AdmiraI, who I hope to see again soon who served with you guys. '
McAnany, BobHT3Oct 1973 – Jun 26, 1975R
Montemurro, Vincent MonteIC3Oct 1973 – Dec 1973E
McGhee, RobertSNNov 8, 1973 – Jul 26, 1974
White, EdETN2Dec 12, 1973 – Oct 11, 1974OE
Robertson, Davee-31974 – Jun 18, 1975repair
Sanders, RodneyHTFNMay 5, 1974 – Jun 6, 1975R
Cantero, DaniloE2Sep 1974 – Jun 19757thFirst ship after boot camp. Did a lot of ship's work before I was sent to class "A" school.

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