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USS Des Moines (CA 134) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Des Moines (CA 134). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 39 crew members registered for the USS Des Moines (CA 134).

Dorian, TheodoreasSep 15, 1948 –sixthwas one of the pre commissioning crew assembled in the fargo bldg.and one of the men led by bm1 bailey who brought the ship down to boston for her commissioning
Anderson, James C. "JC" or AndyBOATSWAIN\'S MATENov 1, 1948 – May 15, 19501st
McGhee, Robert (Bob)DC3Nov 7, 1948 – May 10, 1952A fine ship, Not only a Class ship, But a Classy one. Plankowner*
Galla, JohnSEAMAN FIRSTNov 14, 1948 – Dec 28, 19495thShe is a awesome looking ship. ( Plank Owner )
Mc Grann, DesmondENGINEMAN 2ND CLASSDec 1950 – Jun 1954AThe ''DAISY MAE'' a great ship to serve on and many special shipmates i remember daily in my thoughts and prayers .Mac
Stolz, Miltonbt2Dec 29, 1950 – Oct 28, 1954uss des moinesthis was my father
McElroy, EugeneAE 11951 –Aviation Electrician's MateEugene L McElroy
Conklin, Charlie Or C.b.RM3Feb 1952 – Jun 1954CRServed aboard from February 1952 through Mid 1954 which I think was around June when I transfered to the COMCRUDIV SIX Flag for my remaining years at sea. The Daisy Mae was my first ship and I still think of her as my ship.
Myers, HenrysnMar 1952 – Apr 1952radarNow retiredl
Hovis, RonQM2Mar 1, 1952 – Nov 11, 1957NAVIGATION
Fenton, FredSFM21954 – 1959R
Kerns, JohnSEAMANSep 10, 1954 – Jul 15, 1958OI
Fordyce, Melville "Mel"RADIOMAN STRIKER1956 – 1958Was a member of OR Division and attend the Reunion at Pauls Place anually
Hall, BruceFT 2Jan 1956 – Nov 1957FOX
Nangle, Ralph (Jerry)PC3Feb 1, 1956 – Aug 27, 1957THE "DAISEY MAE" WAS A GREAT SHIP.....
Murray, MelvinBT2Apr 5, 1956 – Dec 28, 1959B DivNone
Nix, RalphSNDec 14, 1956 – May 19597Looking for old friend Dale Renz from Jefferson Wi.The last time I saw you was from the pier in Long Beach. CLG 6 was leaving for places in the pacific and I was about to leave for Boston. I am on the web. 1960.
Perez, FredSHSN1957 – 1964S-3Many great memories!!
Lammey, Jr., RoySNFeb 14, 1957 – Sep 28, 1960OIWhat a great life!
Oleson, Al "Ole"E-3Aug 1957 – Mar 19614th
Chiappi, BillEM3Sep 1957 – Apr 1958EMotor Rewind Shop, Power Gang.
MacFarlane, Thomas (Tom)RM2Sep 1, 1957 – Jan 1, 1961ORHigh speed CW operator.
Rhodes, Ralph profile iconSeamanNov 1957 – Jul 1958Personnel
Hopkins, Philip V.E5 / FT2Dec 1957 – Mar 1960FoxI was assigned to Spot 1, Spot 2, Forward Main Battery Plot and Aft Main Battery Plot. Close friends who transfered from USS Salem were Robert Olsen, Randy French. Others friends were, Dickerson, Francis, Howell, Masse,Bo Riley.
Chretien, Wilbur (Chris)RMSN1958 –OCFirst ship that I served on. Only on board for about 3-4 months temp duty. Left ship for London in Sept 1958. Great ship.
Clark, Bob profile iconSN1958 – 1961FoxLooking for Joe, Willy, Kirby, Al, any guys that played with "TRA-VELS". I was rhythm guitar. Please e-mail, would be great to make contact after all these years. Joe, still mad ?
Briglia, Nick profile iconMM2. E-5Aug 1958 – Oct 1960Mike DivisionMy 2 years aboard the Daisey Mae were unforgettable. What a wonderfull expierience for a young sailer Engineer. All my Buddies and visits to many many country's will Always be remembered. Also Shore Patrol Duty.
Alston, JohnFTG2Oct 1958 – Jul 1961FoxMy first ship, I was onboard for decommissioning Duty Station was Sky1, the Mk37 director above the bridge.
Myers, AllenSK3Nov 1958 – Jul 1961Supply S-1Trying to locate members of the band "TRA-VELS" and other friends on board the Des Moines. I was the lead singer with the band. Great times.
Kaier, FredMR31959 – 1961A
Mullins, Wittialetn31959 – 1960oe
Ferraiola, AnthonyGMSN1959 – 19616th
Bogart, JerrySeamanJun 29, 1959 – May 11, 1961Fox divisionStarted in 7th div,then boat div, finished my time in fox div, for 3 inch 50 antiaircraft batteries, mid port side and aft battery, director operator under FT 1 class Buck Young.
Charella, VitoSEAMANAug 1959 – Jul 1962looking for the Salerno brothers Joe the one who played the gettar.
Mason, StevesnJun 1960 – 19615thmy 1st ship out of boot camp
Hanes, RobertSNSep 1960 – Feb 1961FlagWas assigned to Flag Plot. Was a great show ship and it always looked great. Would like to thank QM3 Santos for his guidance. I stayed in for 20 yrs and made Chief Warrant.
Burcher, EricHT3Aug 12, 1993 – Aug 12, 1993I was not a crew member, but was allowed the honor of being able to conduct my first re-enlistment aboard her.

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