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USS Roanoke (CL 145) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Roanoke (CL 145). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 39 crew members registered for the USS Roanoke (CL 145).

Olsen, VernGunners Mate (GM)1949 – 19525thMount 33 and Mount 37
Hazelton, BenjaminFIREMANApr 4, 1949 – Dec 2, 1952"A" and "L"Even though I somehow managed to get myself into trouble offen,, I still count my time on the Roanoke as one of the most pleasureable of my life..
Simon, BobSK11950 – 1954SupplyMy dad and I shared many stories about our time in the Navy. He being surface and me being nuclear submarines. He passed in 2014.
Tosko, GeorgeE-3Feb 10, 1951 – Oct 15, 1954CM
Youngblood, DouglasSN1952 – 19546thMy dad passed away on Feb 09, 2009. He loved talking about this ship to me. He loved the Navy and wished that he had never gotten out. He always talked about his friend Patrick Long. Wish that I could have all these years back. Thanks.
Burnett, JoeFT31952 – 1954Foxgreat time in my life. 2 Med cruises. Gitmo. good timed in Norfolk.
Cusson, RichardEMCJan 21, 1952 – May 3, 1958EMy first ship and the BEST ever.Shipmates I'll always remember,Gus-Gus,Dan Alball?,Jim Worsick,to name a few.great memories.
Bragel, Raymond (Sonny)SeamanMay 22, 1952 – May 9, 1956NavyRegistered to honor my dad who is currently under hospice care. Trying to find any old Navy pictures. Thank you for your service.
Nestor, MikeEM2Jul 1952 – May 1956E DivisionMy first ship and only ship, I will never forget all the shipmates on the Roanoke especially those in the E Division. All lthe memories of all the ports visited is forever in my memory bank I hope they stay their forever
Seaman, EugeneAug 1952 – Dec 1952
Hopkins, Roy (Hoppy)Petty Officer 3rd classOct 1952 – Nov 1955B
Schreffler, LarryMMR21953 – 1955AI am doing this for my dad that is still alive.
Ingram, DeweyQm3May 1953 – Oct 1955C.S. Division
Russell, VictorFT2Sep 1953 – Dec 17, 1956FoxMy first and only ship. I'll never forget her. It's great that we still have Roanoke reunions.
Godbold, WillieSEAMANSep 1, 1953 – Mar 22, 1956
Godbold, WillieSeaman 1st ClassSep 1, 1953 – Mar 22, 1956FifthThe Roanoke was the best ship in the 6th fleet. The best crew! I wish it could have been kept for a museum. I also proudly wear the title Ship Ping Pong Champion.
Wheeler, Ronald (Doc)LEFT AS HM1Apr 1954 – Nov 1954HCame aboard as HM3. Had just left 1st MarDiv in Korea. Two promotions caught up in 1954 and I was sent to Recruiting Duty in Houston Texas
Ramirez, AlCS3Sep 20, 1954 – Sep 26, 1958S3Lots of great memories and ship mates
Domagala, Stephenrd3Dec 23, 1954 – Dec 6, 1956radar
Cox, DonaldFT 31955 – Jun 18, 1958Fox
Wosko/bevan, Thomas ( Wosk)RM31955 – 1957ORGreat ship..Great experience and now great memories
Murphy, Rian ..murphIC31955 – 1956EI RAN THE MOVIE BOOTH ON 02 LEVEL...
Daniels, HowardIC2Jun 1955 – Oct 29, 1958EThey were good days with good company
Falls, William SHSN-----RET. SHCJun 1955 – Oct 1958S-3 Reported to 3rd div. Worked under BM1 Jones.. Transfered to S-3 Div. Worked in the laundry and soda fountain . Made 2 far east cruises. Put ship out of commission at Hunters Points Oct. 1958.. Re-up 1959 and retired as SHC 1979.
Famolaro, Felix (Phil)ET2Oct 1955 – Mar 1956ElectronicsThe USS Roanoke is a beautiful ship, and I am proud to have served aboard Her. Am interested to know if it is still in commission, and whether there is an an annual reunion? ET2 Phil Famolaro;
Brown, GeorgeYN2Oct 25, 1955 – Apr 10, 1958XWorked in Captain's Office
Patton, NoelDec 15, 1955 – Aug 5, 1957OR-2ndAdmin-Captains Office
Gallimore, Chasity (Granddaughter Of Harvey Puckett)FT11956 – 1956FoxLooking for anyone who would remember my grandfather, Harvey Puckett. I know he was on the USS Roanoke in 1956, but that is all I know. I would love any information or any photos anyone may have of him. Thank you!!!
Kerlin, GuyFT2Jan 1956 – Nov 1958fox
Clifton, GeorgeFT2Feb 1956 – Aug 1957FoxCame aboard as FT3 in Feb,56.Assigned to After Plot as PO in charge. This was the best ship in the Navy. Left the ship for discharge in August 57. Served with some of the best people in the Navy. Loved every day aboard.
Miceli, JamesseamenJun 6, 1956 – Dec 29, 19591st divisonSpent 3 yrs abord the ship till we put it out of comision in 1959. Best 3 yrs of my life.
Clay, RobertE31957 – 19585th
Martinsen, Thomasseaman1957 – 1958signalmanLooking for shipmates.
Shore, RonFTLSN1957 – 1958foxI was a nineteen year old snot nosed kid in 1957. Now, i am a 78 year old snot nose retired in Henderson, Nv. , with fond memories of the Roanoke.
Yaros, PaulUS MARINE PFCSep 1957 – Oct 1958marine detachmentenjoyed our westpac deployment. served with good marines and ships crew.
James W. Gonzales, JimYN 3Sep 13, 1957 – Oct 1, 19583 RD came abroad as seaman in Hawaii, and assigned to 3RD division worked to YN3 in Education and Information office, transfer the crew when we put HER out of commission, at Hunters point San Francisco late 1958. many fond memories
Palomares, JohnUSMC SGTJun 17, 1966 – Mar 28, 1968Marine Detachment 7th DivIf any of you Marines are still around call me 757-373-0747 I am in Norfolk, VA
Hadnot, OrlandoOS2Apr 21, 1990 – Nov 12, 1993OIServed with some great people and learned so much. CIC was the place 2 be!

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