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USS Irex (SS 482) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Irex (SS 482). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 31 crew members registered for the USS Irex (SS 482).

Westfall, Harvey/wesYeoman First ClassDec 3, 1947 – Jul 15, 1949AdminSignificant operations during this period: Snorkel evaluation: 3-1-48 to 3-27-48; Ports of call - Bermuda, Boston, Portsmouth,Charleston, St. Thomas, Kingston NY,
Avery, Robert ( Ave), ( Bob,)SN1949 – 1950QuartermasterWhen I was on Irex she still had 40mm guns and the 5"X25 gun aft with only a partial sail. One time our periscopes were smashed into by a destroyer while we were on maneuvers and attempting to surface. A very close call.
Brown, Haines "howard"ET1 (SS)Jun 1956 – Aug 1958Visit my Irex web page:, where there are links to other Irex sites. This page is under construction but links back to the orginal Irex site.
Caye, KenSTCM (SS)1957 – 1958SONAR
Hahn, AlIC31957 – 1960Squadron 8I am the USS IREX Record-keeper for the boat, the Editor of the USS IREX newsletter, and the coordinator of reunions for the boat. If you are a IREX shipmate and do not get the newsletter contact me at
Richards, DavidIC3 SSMay 15, 1957 – Sep 15, 1958Electrical
Toma, PaulET2Dec 1957 – Sep 1, 1960sublant 8
Larson, EricEn 3 ssAug 16, 1959 – Sep 1960M
Souden, RobertQM3(SS)Jun 1960 – Jul 1962Operations
Ruth, JackQM-2 (SS)Sep 20, 1960 – Feb 20, 1963A great time in my life. Many friends made. Great trips, Northern run, Med, England, Bermuda, and islands.
Flaherty, VinceDec 20, 1960 – Sep 15, 1963ElectronicMy service on this submarine is one of the highlights of my life. The boat had a great skipper Grant Apthorpe, a terrific wardroom and crew.
Kilduff, KevinIC3(SS)1961 – 1962ElectricProud to have served.
O'Neill, Gerald / ScottyTM2(SS)Nov 16, 1961 – Oct 3, 1963SQUADRON 8BEST TIME OF MY LIFE "GREAT CREW"
Wheater, Don WheatsIC1 (SS)1962 – Mar 1964EngineeringI thoroughly enjoyed my service on the IREX. I would go back aboard today if I had the opportunity. I often replay in my mind how it was after morning quarters and getting underway for parts unknown. Thank God for my exp
Mendes, JamesICFNOct 1962 – Sep 1963DeckMade the cruise to PR and Virgin Islands Jan 63, then the Philly Shipyards. Went to Nuc school in Sept 63. Hung out with Chris D'Anoy
Musil, EdMm fn1963 – 1964A gangOf my six years in the Navy, my time on the Irex was the best.I was a 9901 designated nuke and went on to nuke school and SSBN 645. Then 31 years in nuke power.
Habeeb, Rickem3Jul 1963 – Jul 1966sub pac atlanticlooking for crewmembers
Garry, JamesETN2 (SS)Jan 1964 – Jun 1966OperationsThe Irex was a great boat and so were the crew. Reunions are always something to look forward to when they are scheduled.
Condon, GeraldEN2Jan 1, 1964 – May 8, 1967EngineeringAfter serving active duty on ss482 I joined a reserve unit in RI on the uss Lionfish. I am now retired and traveling to bases accross the states. Victor Alvarado was a shipmate of mine aboard the Irex.
Geltz, John/gommer 66-68/johnny 69-74MMFN (SS)Jan 6, 1964 – Jul 30, 1964EnginemenQual boat, left early for MM “A” school then on to another boat (Tinosa SSN 606). Worked for Swoop Mitchell in the after engine room & John Gavin (fwd engine room).
Driscoll, KevinMM3(SS)Jun 1964 – May 1966Engeering
Skrzat, TonySS-4821966 – 1970
Myers, JayMM1 (SS)(Dv)Apr 1966 – Jul 1966AuxI came from the SSBN 610, but didn't have enough time to make a 5th patrol before I had to report to First Class Diving School in July. I was happy to get some diesel boat time and qualify on her too.
Goulet, GeorgeMM3 SS (DV)May 1966 – Oct 1967A GangGreat time with great people!!! And I learned real teamwork here along with a good work ethic to serve me well for my lifetime.
Sanders, Rick profile iconRM 3 SS DVSep 1966 – Oct 1968RadioHi guys: I completely agree with George's comments. I will always remember those times and hope you are all well. Still married to Peggy. Live on the Oregon coast. Still some diving and surfing.
Golowach, RayETR2SS1967 – 1969Deck/Radar/Sonar
Delahanty, CliffordSTS 2 SSJan 31, 1967 – May 21, 1967SONAR
Beavan, Les BeavanSK31968 – 1969
Cowan, CharlieTMSN (SS)Jan 1968 – Nov 1968Weapons
Busch, SidSTS2(SS)-STS1(SS)Dec 20, 1968 – Sep 22, 1969Weapons/Sonarwhat can I say,made a memorible Med run on the Irex,man landed on moon while we were underway.My last diesel sub before forced to go to nukes.last I saw of her she was on the marine railway being scrapped.

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