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USS Topeka (SSN 754) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Topeka (SSN 754). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 153 crew members registered for the USS Topeka (SSN 754).

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Vermilya, DanSTS31997 – Apr 21, 2001SonarI've got some paperwork for you to sign Shaw!
Robinson, Eric "Mudfish"TM2(SS)1997 – 2000TorpedoHey guys. Whats up?
Rzepka, JoeEM2(SS)1997 – Oct 18, 2001Met some real characters, still keep in touch with a few. Most of the really bad memories are fading now, just left with the good ones. Really helped shape me into who I am today.
Smith, Fred "Big Dog"MM11997 – 2002M-DivHey fellas! Good to see some familiar names. Paul Grein started a Facebook alumni reps group, why not add your name to the list?
Whitford, ShaneE-31997 – 2000A- GangI enjoyed the time i was on board. I am in Kings bay GA at TRF right now.
Rhodes, PatrickMM3(SS) WEAPONSFeb 1997 – Aug 2000TM
Abernathy, DocHM1Apr 1997 – Jun 2000Executive / MedicalMy first of two boats. Ended up retiring from NUMI in Groton in 06. Still work for the GOV though. Had a lot of good times and met a lot of good people on board the Topeka. Thanks
Robinson, Eric (Mudfish)TMSNJun 9, 1997 – Aug 11, 2000TMMiss you guys
Gregory, Tom (Silverback)ET1 / E-6Aug 1997 – Oct 2001NavigationHard Work, Good Friends, Good Times.
Grein, PaulEM2(SS)Aug 1, 1997 – Jan 7, 2002I only remember the good stuff! Oh wait, I still remember three-section duty. That'll take a few more years I guess.
Schreiner, JeffSTS2/SSAug 22, 1997 – Jul 10, 2001SonarGreat Boat, excellent learning experience. We had good times and real shitty times but I will never forget the crew.
Gregory, Tom/ SilverbackET1 ? E-6Aug 29, 1997 – Oct 2, 2001NavigationHard Work, Great friends, Seems like a long time ago. I will never forget the sailors of the USS Topeka .
Belcher, TomFT1/SSSep 7, 1997 – Dec 14, 2001FT
Broach, BrandonMM3(SS) WEAPONSOct 7, 1997 – Apr 22, 1999TMDang,l it's good to be a civilian!! But yes, I never thought that I would....I actually miss the boat.
Frazer, Malcolm W.ET2 (SS/DV)Oct 20, 1997 – Aug 15, 2002Reactor ControlsGreat place to have come from....... *************************************************************** Remember the Swim Team!
Smith, FredMM1Nov 1997 – Nov 2002MachineryThe best boat I've ever seen or heard about, I'm at PMT PH so I know.
Lurie, Mike754Nov 1997 – Aug 1999QMStarted out on Topeka & met some great folks. Keightley, Camarillo, Weeks, Big Rich! You guys were great. Peter "Captain Pete" Bailey, if you're reading this, you were a horrible ANAV! It's people like you that ruin the Navy!
Vance, JimmyMM2Dec 1997 – Dec 2001A gangIt was an interesting four years, in which I greww up fast and met alot of great guys
Hickman, ToddLTJan 1, 1998 – Jan 15, 2001Mechanical - NavGreat Crew / Good Deployments
Polidore, MarquisE-4/MM3Apr 25, 1998 – Mar 9, 2001A-GangIt was a good experience for me but i had to move on. Jimmy what's up? I did some time onboard the USS Dallas and now I am an Instructor at NAVSUBSCOL Groton CT. MM1 now and I get out March 2007.
Gibbs, Shanemm2/ssJun 1998 – Jun 2000a-gangHad a great time with the fellas in a-div. Burke, Hughes, Foss,Nappy, Bakes, Doug, bigga Jimmy, Hasselbach, Walt , Roscoe, all you guys. Forbes, how much ya bench?! Would like to hear from any of ya.
Lyles, FarrinE5Jun 1, 1998 – Sep 14, 2001Weapons- SONARGood Ole Topeka,
Patton, MarkCDROct 15, 1998 – Dec 7, 2000SkipperOnly Golden Millenium Shellback crew for the next 1000 years. Great to see some old shipmates in this list are doing well.
Fuchs, ChrisET2/SSOct 28, 1998 – Aug 7, 2002RCGood times and bad, bad chiefs then good. I miss the friends and the island, but not so much the boat and anxiety.
Moran, EddieET2Nov 28, 1998 – Aug 10, 2001Reactor ControlsFree at last, free at last, Thank God Almighty I'm free at last.
Olivas, JoeMM21999 – 2003MWas a stupid kid then, but I learned many life lessons while on that boat, from some great people, that will always stick with me; and have helped me find success outside the Navy. Props to M-DIV, RL-DIV, and IRIS!!! Golden Millenium, baby!
Walker (Aka Phipps), TophE-5Jun 1, 1999 – May 1, 2001RCIf you are in Houston then send me an email.
Joseph, ChadMM3 TORPEDOMENJul 7, 1999 – Mar 4, 2001
Steber, ChristopherFT1/SSSep 18, 1999 – Jul 30, 2004FT
Miles, BrandonMM2/SSSep 25, 1999 – Jan 16, 2004TMHey it was boat life but I miss all the guys and hope too see you guys soon again in San Diego.
Jarvis, ThomasSK2/SSOct 1999 –Supply
Nelson, TanorET3 SSOct 1, 1999 – Jul 25, 2000Nav ETI thaought that the toe picker gave me a raw dea as it did to every one else who thaought that they could have an enjoyable navy experience. F the topeka but love the crew.
Montez, Edward "Monty"E-6/MM1Oct 15, 1999 – Oct 15, 2003Reactor LaboratoryBeing on a submarine gives you two things: A unhealthy dose of stress, anxiety, and frustration and an opportunity to become friends with amazing people. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their FREEDOMMMM.
Dayton, Michael (Winthorp)MM2/SSMay 1, 2000 – Dec 6, 2004A-GangI met a lot of great people and had a good time. I hope everyone the best. Thanks Finley for pushing so hard, it's paying off.
Crowell, JoshMM1May 8, 2000 – Jul 29, 2004M
Nixon, DavidMM2/SSAug 14, 2000 – Sep 12, 2003a-gang
Morris, Kevin B.LTSep 15, 2000 – Jun 6, 2003SupplyEye opening experience
Jump, BrentETDec 2000 – May 2004
McKimmy, NickET22001 – Sep 23, 2003RCI went through dmp on the paSadena and theN came back for mOre on the Topeka. I guess I waS NOT the smartest but I had fun in SaN diegO. I'm currenTly in Portland OR, making my own schedule as a Realtor. Drop me an email if you are in the area.
Ferrier, GrandpaCS2/SSMay 20, 2001 – May 1, 2006culinary specialistdone alot on the boat thanks guys
Ruby, JordanMM1/SSJun 2001 – Oct 2005MWe had a great division and were successful at everything we did. Had a lod of good times.
Dennis, LeviMM1Jul 5, 2001 – Jan 6, 2006BABY!!!Now that I am not there anymore, the ship is Awesome. I miss the guys, and I can tell you that no other boat I've seen since going to NRMD Pearl Harbor comes anywhere close to the abilities of topeka's crew. Good luck to the guys still there.
Pearl, Justin/ Aka Nancy STS2(SS)Aug 10, 2001 – Aug 21, 2005Sonar
Pearce, Brian (Baby Arm)FT3(SS)Oct 2001 – Jun 2003Fire ControlGood group of guys. Best time I had in the Navy.

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