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USS Albany (SSN 753) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Albany (SSN 753). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 169 crew members registered for the USS Albany (SSN 753).

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Smith, DickMM1/SS1986 – Jun 9, 1991mi am a plankowner on ssn 753
Durrance, EricEM1/SS1987 – Jun 24, 1991Engine Room/ElectricalI will never forget swim calls in the middle of the Atlantic, parties in Puerto Rico and all of the good times. I still dream about starting up that engine room (lol). I would love to get together and have a re-union.
Warner, JoeEM1/SS1987 – 1990ElectricalPlankowner
Knight, TomMM1(SS)1987 – 1989M-DivPlankowner
Mullins, RichardE5Mar 23, 1987 – Mar 23, 1993Electronics / NavigationHad a great time .Miss everyone
Aguirre, RichardETCM (SS)Apr 1987 – Aug 1991RC01I was on the initial new construction crew and commissioning crew. I rode her down the rails on her first trip to sea.
Clowers, BobMM1 (SS)Apr 1987 – Feb 1991MachineryGot out the end of 1994 under the TERA program. Currently work for a boiler OEM and living in PA. Run into some former shipmates once in awhile. Miss playing hoops and darts during the first couple years. Hope to hear from you guys.
Johnson, BrianSTS2/SSApr 1, 1987 – Jan 15, 1993SonarThere were too many characters to mention, but there was never a dull moment. I enjoyed every minute and have nothing but fond memories. I'm sure there were some not so pleasant ones, but they were far outweighed by the good ones. Thanks shipmates
Kingsbury, Thrust BearingETC/SS (Retired)Apr 3, 1987 – Feb 15, 1992RCWe had a blast, Best command, Job was hard work and about the same, It was the personnel that made it Great and plenty of Good Times,
Rediske, RobertFTC/SSApr 24, 1987 – Dec 19, 1991FTDick Smith, Got your email but the return email address for you kicks back. Please send again and include your address in text.
Crabtree, GregLTMay 1987 – Jun 1990RC-Div/E-Div/A-GangPlankowner. A memorable ship and crew. Went through initial criticality, RSE, sea-trials, commissioning. Some of the finest sailors/officers I ever worked with. We worked hard and we played hard.
Weintraub, EvanEM1 (SS)May 30, 1987 – Jul 7, 1989ElectricalMember of the PCU who rode her down the rails. After receiving my commission as a NFO and going to the VP community, I can honestly say she was the only sub I ever lost contact on.
Reynolds, GeorgeMM2/SSJun 5, 1987 – Aug 17, 1990A-DIVI am a plank owner. I was also a diesel mechanic.
Meyer, ThomasSTS2(SS)Jul 1987 – May 1992STWhat can I say...Best bunch of guys I ever served with. "Go get some EB Green!"..oh the
Glenn, PatrickSTS3(SS)Aug 1987 – Nov 1991SONARPlankowner, had some great times between all the drills and field day!!!
Dixon, JerryTM3Dec 13, 1987 – Dec 13, 1991WeaponsI was part of the commissioning crew--plankowner-- and I remeber well the the sea trials and endless shipyard testing--There wasn't a better group of guys than what we had on crew at the time. Hope everyone is doing well. Feel free to email me.
Day, LorneET31988 – 1991NAVETA great first boat!
Mullins, RichardET21988 – 1993electronics ESM/NavigationSome of the best times i ever had.Really miss everyone .
Sherwin, SeanFT1(SS)Jan 1988 – Dec 1992FTIt is going to get better....
Gesford, MichaelTM3Feb 18, 1988 – Jun 15, 1991Torpedo DivisionThe first boat is always your favorite. Had a lot of good times in the Shipyard. With Kenny "O" incharge and Howey at my side, we were the king of lower level.
Tobias, RaymondQMC(ss)Apr 1988 – Jan 1992QuartermasterPlankowner
Graves, DennisMM1/SSJun 1988 – Mar 1992RLPlankOwner. Lots of memories, mostly good. Miss playing Spades with Dick Smith, Jamie DeLisle and "Baby" Jim Smith. Playing darts with Steve Henry in the trailer. Damn, can't believe it was so long ago.
Branch, GaryET1 (SS)Dec 1988 – Jan 1991NavigationI have a lot of scars on the top of my head from this boat, but a lot more good memories and good times.
Georgia, ScottRM2(SS)Feb 28, 1989 – Jul 22, 1991RadioPlankowner. Great times. Probably the best boat out of the four I was on. Got out of the Navy after 13 years in 2000. Too much politics. Made 1st in 93 and couldnt make 7 without kissing ass. So I'm outa here. Live in Hawaii now. Shoot me an email
Pankey, SteveSK3 (SS)Jul 1989 – Jan 1993SupplyThe Albany reminds me of beenie-weenies at midnight, having your coffee cup pufferized, sneaking movies as a non-qual, being taped to the overhead, sucking rubber for fire drills or boarding an abandoned ship at Naples.
Hillstad, LarrySTSSN(SU)-STS2(SS)Jul 12, 1989 – Apr 14, 1994SonarGood old ALbany, One good deal after another!
Hillstad, LarrySTS2Jul 12, 1989 – Apr 14, 1994SonarJune 18th 2005 is tentative schedule for a 15th Anniversary of the Commissioning of the USS Albany. Contact me if you are interested in attending.
Liesener, KenMM1(SS)Oct 1989 – Dec 1991RLPlankowner. Had some great times! Spent the first gulf war 'on the blocks' for PSA. Couldn't have been in a better place; cold wet layup and 7 day duty rotation. Good boat - hell of a crew! Drop me a line guys... kliesener@hotmail.c
Stevenson, KendallNC1(SS/SW/AW)Oct 1989 – Sep 1991NAVFormally ET3(SS)..Plankowner of the best Command and crew i have served with for 20yrs. I had a blast when we pulled into port (Middy Ops in Florida or sound trials in Puerto Rico). But hated the drills and field day.
Phillips, ScottE5/ET1990 – Jul 1994RCLots of good memories!
Serban, JerryEMC(SS)Mar 5, 1990 – Apr 4, 1994EThis does bring back alot of memories. I remember Seal Team 69 and being woke up to stand outside wardroom with others awaiting XO. I also have the Engine Order Telegraph that we took from the Russian Destoyer one night later
Byrne, George ByrneSTS3Apr 5, 1990 – Jun 26, 1992sonarI can tell you for a fact that every shower on this boat works fine!!!!
Shaffer, Bille-4Dec 19, 1990 – Jan 11, 1994RCplankowner still have the russian clock from seal team 69
Chancelor, Lee Leon!!!!MM2/SSApr 1991 – Sep 1995ERLL port/starboard with Kappy for ORSE workup!! The crew is what makes a boat. NO ONE should ever forget that. The brothers you have from the boat are a special family with binds that can't be broken. Only the ones who were there will understan
Kapalin, Matt "kappy"MM2/SSApr 1991 – Apr WOW. Lots of names bringing up both good and "bad" memories. Not sure I have ever been as drunk any other time in my life as my time spent here. . . . right Ski?
Stannard, ChrisEM2May 1991 – May 1996Never thought I would say it, but looking back on it, it was a great five years.Seeing all of these names brings back a lot of memories. Anyone remember "Seal Team 69"?
Lucky, SamRM2May 15, 1991 – Jun 6, 1994CommsAhh, the fun with some of the guys in the radioshack and the fights with some of the same guys. Great guys before me, with me and hopefully after me.
Overfield, NormMM1(SS)Jun 1991 – Apr 21, 1994RLAhh, the good ol' days... Naples, La Mad, Gibraltar, Bergen, Faslane... great beer and better times in all of 'em!
Carlon, Stuart "Stu"QM3(SS)Oct 1991 – Aug 1994QMbest crew ever. we had some killer times. email
Kapple, BrianFTG3/SSOct 30, 1991 – May 5, 1993FTWork as EB tester now; worked 753 this year. Remember listening to whale song for a couple days, when whaler hit one of them. Novoa didn't appreciate clubbing baby seal joke when I tried to lighten the mood. I guess timing is everything.
Sisco, ScottMS2/SSDec 13, 1991 – Apr 21, 1996It was a great experience I will never forget, however I could never go back to that Hell bent lifestyle.
Miller, DavidSTS2(SS)Dec 21, 1991 – May 6, 1996SONARI laughed, I cried, it became a part of me. Now that I'm allowed to sleep I am no longer grumpy.

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Bob RediskeApr 3, 2020Embassy Suites - Hampton, VAHey Plankowners (and the rest of you too). Next April will be 30 years. Time to get together. For details go to the USS Albany Facebook page. Also email me at to get on the distribution list. Will be limited to ~230 people so don't hesitate.

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