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USS Shadwell (LSD 15) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Shadwell (LSD 15). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 40 crew members registered for the USS Shadwell (LSD 15).

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Gipson, Ralph (Gibby)2ND CLASS COOK1944 – 1945My grandfather was aboard the USS Shadwell toward the end of WWII. He was a cook 2nd class and enlisted at 36years old. He passed away in 1984. Does anyone remember him?
Ludwig, Andrewnot sure1944 – 1946not sureI am the granddaughter of Andrew "Buddy" Ludwig who served on the USS Shadwell. I don't have a lot of information outside of this so I am just looking for anyone who might remember him.
Roberts, ClydeYN3Sep 30, 1950 – Aug 22, 1952C DivisionAssigned to Executive Officer's office. Stood radar watches underway.
Creutz, MartinSNMay 18, 1951 – Oct 16, 1951TAD temp.assigned dutywas with boat unit during operation blue jay. the crew of the shadwell was great .ended up on the uss rushmore lsd 14 became a radioman
Decker, Quentin "tarbox"PN3Jan 1, 1953 – Jul 1, 1953Ship's OfficeWas petty officer in charge of ship's office with four strikers. Sailed to the usual Caribbean spots and to Goose Bay, Labrador. Struck a small iceberg on our way back to New York. It punctured a hole in the bow, but was repaired at sea
Snyder, ArlingtonGM2Mar 10, 1953 – Oct 1, 1956Gunnery
Thomas, Anthony TonyMM1Jan 1954 – Aug 8, 1958M
Kruse, H.c.BT3Nov 1954 – Oct 1957B DivisionI'd have to say my tour of duty aboard the Shadwell was a great learning experience for some one entering the service at 17 years old. Making 2 Arctic cruises, several cruises to the carribean, Cuba and a Med cruise.
Marchant, Gerald "moe"ET31955 – 1957OperationsI enjoyed my time on the Shadwell. I learned a lot about life as an 18 year old and being away from home for the first time. Wouldn't trade the experience for a million dollars.
Mengel, Woodrow (Woody)CSSN-E3Sep 1955 – Jun 1959Commissary
Reeves, Gerald N. ReevesBTFNSep 20, 1955 – Aug 17, 1958boiler operatorserved as "oil king" for 16onths.
Caruso, Jerry, DomEMMay 15, 1956 – Apr 16, 1960We were a sea going group when I was aboard. Two Med crusies, Nefoundland, Porto Rico, Havana, Caribean, Atric Circle, Gitmo, just to name a few. Many places more than once.
Baker, Eugene "Gene" Or "bake"1957 – 1962Would love to reconnect with any former shipmates.I currently reside in West Milton, Ohio. I have limited access to email. Currently daughter is facilitating email forwarding.
Mixon, Jackie "jack"RD-21957 – 1960Radar
Cross, CharlieRD-3Jan 9, 1957 – Jan 7, 1959"O"A Great Experience. A Big thanks to Tony Sullivan who steered me into becoming a Radarman. Hello to all from that Great Crew.
Sayer, DavidPO2Dec 29, 1958 – Mar 1959BWith much pride an gratitude to have served in the Shadwell. Remembering Tillot, Pease, Phillips,Totten,, and meny others.The best dressed sailors aboard. Brave to have served in such hazardous ,hot, noisy 90db condition
Cummings, Rich profile iconMR3Apr 1, 1959 – Jan 1, 1962A
Kuehl, John "Toad"MR2Apr 2, 1959 – May 20, 1960A DivisionIn the machine shop
Cole, WilliamBoiler 2nd classSep 1959 – Apr 1962BReunion planned in Baton Rouge Louisanna April 23-28th, 2010....
Esarey, Johngm3Sep 1959 – Feb 1965gunneryLive in Florida
White, Robert (Whitey)BT21960 – 1964B
Spenard, ReneQM1Apr 11, 1960 – Apr 11, 1966Navigation
Corrigan, James/jimEN3Jun 15, 1960 – Oct 16, 1962engineeringI had a tour aboard the SHADWELL, spent a lot of time on the chopper deck. We also had a great time in MED.
Spenard, PaulQM2Oct 13, 1960 – Apr 11, 1964NavigationProud to have been a part of the ship's crew. Never would have been able to see some of the sites if not for the crusies we took.Been to a few of the reunions, great to see some of the guys from the ship.
Flotow, RobertQM3Aug 29, 1961 – Aug 28, 1963NavigationProud to have served under JFK in the Cuban Missile Crisis
Reed, BarryIC31963 – 1965ENGINEERINGserved in the electrical gang, a fun group, with Al Knoblock, John Pfalzgraf, Lanny Sudik, Cliff Bata. Danny Spicer was a deck ape friend.
Kopczyk, FrankSH2Jul 1963 – Apr 1968SupplyIn my almost 5yrs onboard I had never ran into a better bunch of shipmates. The crew worked together like a large family. The SH,SK,CS,DK and SDs worked so good as a team that there was no obstacle that could stop us.
Pfalzgraf, JohnEM3Aug 1963 – Jan 1965E DivisionLarry McCullum and I boarded the ship on the same day. We still attend ship reunions every year. Barry Reed, Lanny Sudik and I were inseparable friends.
Thomas, Michael (Mike)RadarmanAug 10, 1963 – Jun 10, 1965O Div.Great time, 2 med cruises, great crew, enjoyed every minute.
Nagle, JamesEN3Jun 1964 – Feb 1966A DivisionNavy taught me a trade. Chief Clemons inspired me to the best I could be. Every man in our gang was easy to work with. I learned the meaning of teamwork, made friends and loved the life onboard.
Thomas, George (Flash)BM3Jun 15, 1964 – Dec 8, 1967First & SecondThe Greatest experience for a 17-year-old leaving home for the first time! My deck division shipmates, and others in the ship's crew, were some of the best people, I ever met.
Cale, StanleyMMFNSep 1964 – Apr 1967MThe best and worst time of my life. I want to thank MM-1st Class R. Pachardo for his support to make a man of me and helped me advance in my life.
Miller, Kenneth, KennyEN3 Jul 22, 1965 – Mar 13, 1969AShadwell was a great experiance for me. I learned a good trade that later turned into a profession. Can't say enough about the shipmates I worked with.
Haynes, Gus E HaynesCWO 2Aug 1966 – Jul 1969First division officer/ships BoatswainMy first ship after making warrant officer.Left ship a few days before her collision with the Cambria
Vlaardingerbroek, ArieSH3Sep 1966 – Sep 1968the navy allowed me to see my relatives in holland where i was born. thank you
Hollander, PaulMM3 / MM21968 – 1969MWas Top Watch in Starboard Engine Room at the time of the collision. Throttleman kept relaying the reports from the lookouts. With the finally one being, "See, I told you they were going to hit us."
Horne, ThomasJan 1968 – 1970
Robichaux, JohnRD2Mar 1968 – Mar 1970OperationsOn duty the night of the collision in CIC. Knew we were in trouble the minute I took the watch. Of course, I enjoyed the extra time in Malta while in dry dock.
D'Archangelo, Nick profile iconMM3Sep 7, 1969 – Jan 14, 1970M DivisionAfter decomishining the USS CASA GRANDE I decomishined the USS SHADWELL.

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