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USS Rushmore (LSD 14) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Rushmore (LSD 14). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 35 crew members registered for the USS Rushmore (LSD 14).

Brown, J.l.em3Jan 20, 1944 – May 26, 1946USN
Lucarelli, DominickBM2Apr 14, 1951 –3rdam looking for anyone who served at the same time 1951 -1953 preferably in the deck force
Creutz, MartinR MNov 10, 1951 – Jan 3, 1954Radiowas assigned TAD to uss Shadwell LSD 15 for operation Blue Jay before being assigned to the rushmore . was on deck force at first then became a radio operator
Fischer, SamuelSK3Apr 20, 1954 – Jun 16, 1956SUPPLY
Harden, Charles profile iconmm11955 – 1959mim charles hardens grandaughter im not sure of the dates but i know he was on the rushmore in the 50s he passed before i was born and im trying to find out more about his navalcareer if anyone can help please do.
Kerr, James (Jim)SN1955 – 1958Division 2
Fischer, SamuelSK3Mar 18, 1955 – Jun 4, 1956SupplyI ran the Ships Store and made a lot of friends. I hope that some of them might get in touch with me. I am living in California, but from New Jersey
Ryan, John (Jack)etsnMay 1955 – Sep 1956operationssome mates: OB (O'Brian) Moose, DAB, Homer Riley, Rinehart. All blue noses. Live in TX now
Gregor, Billqm3Feb 1956 – Aug 6, 1957navigation
Ramirez, JosephYN3Nov 14, 1956 – Apr 24, 1960X divisionI ran the ship's post office for my entire tour of duty.
Gouldrup, Harold (Goldy)BM/SN 2ND DIVISIONMar 1957 – May 1960
Dunn, Bernard D. (Bernie)Lieutenant (JG)May 1957 – Nov 1958SupplyAssistant Supply and Disbursing Officer, established the USS RUSHMORE Association, retired in 1988 after 32 years active duty.
Janess, Robert (Bob)ET2Feb 1958 – Jan 1960OEI remember all the friends I made on board. We sailed to Cuba and Haitti, and to Thule, Greenland with stop in Nova Scotia, and "almost" to Lebanon during the 1958 conflict (settled before we arrived).
Klaboe, DaveQM2Feb 1959 – Jun 1962Navigation (N)
Phillips, JerrySM31960 – Feb 1962Communications SignalmanIntrested in contacting any crewmember.. especially the ones on the ships basketball team.
Grieshober, Bill profile iconBM SeamanJan 30, 1960 – Jan 1962Division 2Boarded as a very young boy and left as an "old salt" who had seen the world. Wouldn't trade those years for anything.
Barton, GeraldMM3May 1960 – Feb 1964A Div, M DivWorked for Pat Patterson in Refrigeration, them moved over to Main Control with MM1 throttleman.
Casey, Ronaldsh E4Jun 1960 – Nov 1962supplylooking for a cruise book for 1961, lost mine to a flood. be happy to hear from any one who remembers me and even those who may not. I was the ships barber,ran the gedunk, ships store.and was in 1st div as well.
Hall, DouglasSM3Aug 1960 – Aug 1963first Div and Ops DivBeing very young, the Rushmore is where I grew up. Was in 1st Div as 02 level, side cleaners, paint locker, bow hook on the LCVP with Stump Wiekle and later coxswain. I then transferred to the signal bridge to SM1 Layton
Murphy, DaveSF3Sep 1, 1961 – Jul 1, 1963RHard to understand BUT I miss that OLD Tub. I think of it often sitting on the bottom. Best friend was Larry Spring of E division.
Headd, KevinDC3Jun 15, 1962 – Apr 4, 1964R
McCoy, Larry profile iconSN1964 – 19663rd divisionMed. cruse to North Alantic. Home to get married Sept 1965. Then to Gitmo. Sure was Hot-Cold-Hot. Met many friends that I would like to contact someday.
Applegate, MichaelMM31964 – 1966Engineering
Feldman, WilliamUSS RUSHMORE1965 – 1966R
George, RegisSNNov 1, 1965 – Jun 2, 19661st DivisionServed aboard for a Med Cruise - 1965-1966. 1st Division, left Mamma Ru to attend BEE, RD A school at the Great Lakes Training Center.
Hatland(Loftesnes), Vivi Benediktadeck1966 – 1971Marine/NavyANYBODY on USS Rushmore in REYKJAVIK/ICELAND about 1967 that also would know of a young man by name JOE B. QUINTUA (QUINTAU)?(Not sure if last name is correct spelled) OLAUG LOFTESNES a norwegian girl met my father there.He left duty 1971
Sneed, LarryFIREMANFeb 28, 1968 – Sep 0002BOILER ROOM
Renner, Tommr2Apr 1968 – Jan 1970ahad a great time
Sanborn, ArvidsBT3Sep 1968 – Aug 1970engenering boilerman
Erwin, Arvil Ray profile iconFNSep 1969 – Dec 1, 1969MOn board only a couple of months. began Med deployment, left command upon arrival at Rota, enroute to Nuclear Power School. Spent most of it as mess cook.
McCormick, James/mackBTFNOct 10, 1969 – Jun 1, 1970BI was a BTFN in the Starboard fire room working with Snead, Reiley, and Jones
Hagat, FredMMNov 14, 1969 – 1970MLooking back,had a great time. Did not think it was great at the time.I remember all the guys from M-DIV...O'Dell,Altizer,MacKeithen,the Kendalls,Braezeale and others
Gossett, MichaelPC3Jan 1970 – Aug 1970Personel
Kijewski, PaulPNSNJun 8, 1970 – Jul 31, 1970I got on board the day the Rushmore pulled in for the last time and helped wiht the decommmissioning process. I worked for PN1 Robert E. Willett - great guy. I worked wiht a PN3 named Richards. Both good men.
Van Luvanee, RobertE-6/BTMay 8, 1992 – Oct 31, 1995EngineeringThe first BT to be assigned to this ship and to become EOOW and import EDO.

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