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USS Chicago (SSN 721) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Chicago (SSN 721). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 183 crew members registered for the USS Chicago (SSN 721).

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Steele, GeorgetmcApr 1993 – May 1995torpedo/ deckwell i enjoyed it and miss all the fun
Barnes, DwayneEM1/SSMay 1993 – May 1995E-DivAll I need is a good cup of dancing goat coffee.
Atencio, DougICC(SS)Jun 1993 – Jun 1995ICRetired in 95. Gave up the uniform, short hair and long hours. I have been in Law Enforcement for almost 10 years am now a Sheriff's Sergeant and have a uniform, short hair and long hours! (Hey Boyd! Remember that truck ride?!?)
Perin, KevinET2(SS)Nov 1993 – Sep 1997NAV/OPS
Gillet, Steve "G Man"ET1(SS/SW)Dec 23, 1993 – Nov 10, 1997IC RocksHey Fellas! How bout those West Pacs! Remember the pier in Japan! Had a great time on her and many thanks out to the 721 club for support. In Italy now on the staff of CNE-C6F as EKMS Mgr/EA Controller. Retire in 12 months YeeHaaa! Stay in Touch
Lowman, TerryEM2Dec 30, 1993 – Dec 8, 1997Lot of great and awful memories. Too bad I didn't know how to behave while I was there.
Denk, KennyIC2 SSFeb 1994 – May 1996ICLast Sub, 706-614-721 IC-MA out 00 worked telecom install-construction electrician >9/11-GM2 USNR deployed to Iraq 07-08 detainee ops, Gulf of Aden 2 Battle Pirates, 💌Now I'm a Paramedic FTO 🚑 & GM1 EXW/SS GONAVY
Howe, KellyFT1 (ss)Jun 1994 – Oct 1997FT
Bagley, BryanMM3/SSAug 10, 1994 – Dec 6, 1998MachineryDoing well as member of CivPac. Got a B.S in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M and am now a Consulting Engineer in Houston.
Schmoe, ChristoperETCS/SS (RETIRED)Nov 1994 – Mar 1999RCGreat ship, good memories (and bad like the first CO that I had there)
Congdon, JayMM1(SS)1995 – 1998MachineryInteresting is the best description of this tour...
Kennedy, Terrymm1/ss1995 – 1999a
Rodriguez, Anthony (Tony) "Chachi"TM3 (SS)May 1995 – Jul 1998TorpedoGreat times & Good friends! I miss the WestPac's and the fun we had! Currently living in San Antonio, and getting married in Feb 06.
Stark, CraigET1(SS)May 1, 1995 – Jun 26, 1996Reactor ControlsWestPac95 -- Australia,Scuba diving in Guam, Japan and being in the bridge during the maneuvering watch is what I remember. Fair Winds and Following Seas...
Guillemro, Art / GitmoSTS3Jun 1995 – Jun 1998Sonar (Shower Tech)Freakin NUBS!!! Out in San Antonio now. I am a Recording Engineer / Music Producer writing and recording jingle's for commercials. Happily married and loving life.... Take care shipmates. Miss it all... for the most part.
Whitt, Jeremy---"Shooter"MM3Jun 7, 1995 – Aug 15, 1998A-gang
Christensen, MikeET3/SSJul 1995 – Jul 1997NavOpsWestpac '95 was a blast. Left 721 for a year in Groton only to hit Westpac '98 on the 771 and 2 more years of clean-ups and field days. I miss the people and the good times, not the BS. Now Working as an engineer for a TV station.
Rogers, DarrenETSN - ET2/SSJul 7, 1995 – Jun 11, 2000Still can't believe I made it off the boat in one piece after 5 long years.
Thompson, JeffET3/SS1996 – 1999RadioJARTGO Chicago! Graduated from NCSU with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. Now working as a consulting engineer in NC.
Girard, JeffreyFTCJan 1996 – Jan 1998Fire Control/1ST LT
Larson, EverettET3Feb 1, 1996 – Jan 2000NavOps
Nunn, MarkET1(SS)Apr 1996 – Jun 1997Reactor ControlsRemember on the Chicago, no good deed goes unpunished! Currently Unit Supervisor at Turkey Point at Florida Power and Light in Miami.
Gillaspie, Conrad J.MMCMApr 1996 – May 1997My father served on 6 subs during his 26 years of service; Chicago was his last. He passed away on Feb. 2, 2000 from lung cancer. If anyone has any stories I would love to hear them. Thanks and God Bless! Connie
Meyers, ThomasET3/SSMay 1, 1996 – Jun 13, 1997Navwow, nobody from the old days LOL.
John, JimET 2 (SS)Aug 1996 – Aug 1998ET (14QM)Hey Everyone - Things are going great for me. I'm still in the reserves in St. Paul, MN (ET 1 now). Since I left the Chicago I have graduated with a degree in Business and I recently bought a house in Minnesota. Drop me a line if you remember me.
Croom, EdwardMMSS E-1Aug 1, 1996 – Dec 9, 1998A divion
Cantrell, Derek "Old Man"STS2/SSNov 30, 1996 – Jan 3, 2001ST/DECK LPO5 long years! Visit to see what I am doing now.
McVeigh, Tim profile iconETCM(SS) (Retired)1997 – 1997COBWho says you can't file a lawsuit against the Secretary of Defense and win?
Grimes, Matt / WormdirtTM3Aug 1997 – Aug 2000TorpedoRemember the Pinkage... And DMP
Groenwoldt, DerekMM2/SSAug 1, 1997 – Nov 1, 1999I can't believe that it has been almost 10 years from my 10 years ever!
Whiteman, JasonEM2/SSNov 1997 – Feb 2000EI am now at the University of South Carolina, as a Senior, going through NECP.
Gilbert, PhilEMC(SS)Nov 1997 – Nov 1999E
Way, MichaelE-5Nov 16, 1997 – Jan 2, 2002Egraduated from University of California, San Diego June 2006 (BS in Physics). Got Job working for NASA as a flight controller, coordinating operations on the International Space Station. Don't miss the shipyard.
Velgara, ManuelET2Nov 24, 1997 – Jan 6, 2001Nav
Abate, NickMM2Dec 17, 1997 – Apr 2, 2002A GANG
Wilkins, BennyTM1/SSFeb 1998 – May 1999Torpedo
Draper, JohnSTS1/SSFeb 27, 1998 – Dec 31, 2002SonarHey everyone, doin great I hope. Just thought I would drop in to say hi. Miss some of ya. Drop me an e-mail if you get the chance
Brennan, ThomasMM1/SSMar 1998 – Feb 2002MachineryWorked at Pfizer for a bit, worked my way to Maintenance Eng and plant moved overseas. CONGRATs to Sergent for graduating! Miss you guys
Sergent, MarcMM1/SSApr 1, 1998 – May 1, 2002MachineryGraduating in August 06 from The Ohio State University. Currently looking for next job opportunity after college. I miss all the fun times and all the great friends from the boat. I do not miss drydock however.
Miller, JoshSTS2(SS)Apr 3, 1998 – Jul 14, 2001SonarNo more field days.
Zamora, Raul "Z"STS 3 (SS)Apr 7, 1998 – Aug 26, 2002Sonar
Berryman, Bryan BarberrymanSTS3/SSMay 1998 – Sep 23, 2001SonarWhat up Chicago? Well its been 4 years and I dont miss field days. I'm a Deputy Sheriff with Riverside County now and am going back to school for a degree in public admin. Hooya shipmates. God bless.
Hilburn, Kirk "Lunchbox"FTSR(SS)May 4, 1998 – May 9, 2003Fire ControlNone needed...
Stoller, Eddie (El Guapo)STS2/SSAug 1998 – Jan 2003SONARThat which does not kill you (Chicago), only makes you stronger. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Boehning, JerrettFTC(SS/DV)Dec 27, 1998 – Jan 8, 2001FT, DV, and some TMHooyah Chicago

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1988 | 1989 – 1992 | 1993 – 1998 | 1999 – 2003 | 2004 – now

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