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USS Opportune (ARS 41) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Opportune (ARS 41). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 179 crew members registered for the USS Opportune (ARS 41).

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Haught, JohnEM1945 – 1946Aboard when commissioned and shake-down. Then to Puert Rico until discharged. Any other "plankers" around?
Martin, Kenneth EMMM31945 – 1946PacificThis was my dad`s 3rd ship he was assign to by the Navy. the other`s were, USS Appling AP-58 USS Gilliam APA-57 anyone remember the ships mascot itchy? have a picture of him and the dog.
Davis, Arthurs/n1948 – 1951salvage diver
Thomas, Benjamin DeaneSM-11948 – 1950OpsMy dad took flying lessons while assigned to the Opportune in 48. I have his Pilot Flight Record and Log Book. I will add more info as I obtain it. He died May, 83. Also served aboard USS W Va at Pearl Harbor in 1941
Guinnessey, Richard1951 – 1955
Sexton, Cloyd E.yeoman 3rd class1951 – 1952captain secratarythis was my father and i thought he should be part of this. he passed away in 1992.
Volk, WalterIC2Nov 18, 1951 – Nov 26, 1954ElectricGreat ship, great crew, great home port (San Juan). Kept a daily log of ships' movements and .look at it now and then. Good times
Rimboch, JamesME2Jan 1, 1952 – Sep 1, 1954Eng.Served on Opporrtune and Escape . Feb .,1952 to june 1955. Sea sick Every time we left port ! Home Port was San Juan P.R. I've spent a life time in the welding and sheet metal trade useing what I learned aboard ship. Great times !.
Boutilier, JamesFN2Jan 5, 1953 – Apr 6, 1954
Nowak, BillEN-3Feb 15, 1953 – Nov 15, 1955EnginemanI enjoyed the privilege of serving on this vessel. All aboard !
Rowell, CarlEM31954 – 1955EngineeringCarl was an Elect. Mate 3rd Class responsible for electrical salvage equip. In Aug 1955 while enroute to Bermuda the ship road out Hurricane Carol. The ship and crew were so battered they returned to Norfork VA for refitting.
Wiles, Anthony J.SNMar 1955 – Apr 1956DeckHome Port was Agencia New Foundland, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Norfolk, Va. Onboard with the first African American diver. Commander W.W. Smith, Ensign Colgate
Ritchie, Garrollpetty officerSep 1955 – Aug 1958alantic fleet
Murphy, Ready Killa Watt/ GeorgeEn-3 Sec class petty1959 – 1962Electric Battery GuyLooking for old Buddy's I loved that ship!
Larson, William / BillLT(JG)May 1959 – Aug 1962Supply, Communications, XO(1962) (was ships Navigator)As Ships Navigator Ops included towing Drydock to Holly Loch Scotland for Polaris Sub base, Artic ops in Thule and Argentia, NF, Ops in Bermuda ASW listening devices. Agadir, Morocco dlvd supplies to earthquake survivors in 1961.
Marler, Ray / RebSN1960 – 1963Deck76 years old now. Would give anything to go back and relive days aboard Opportune especially trips we went on.
Penkowski, JamesEN-3 petty officerJun 10, 1961 – Aug 25, 1963Main Engine Room
Hendricks, Steve profile iconEN / EN-3Sep 1961 – Mar 1963Engineering1ST cruise PHs shooting new USS Long Beach, EWS Bermuda, supported cable layers off Barbados and Maine,divers recovering AF crash, Cuban Missle Crisis, downrange Canaveral,best mate: Steve Hines,good liberty on E coast.
Evangelista, RogerE3/TNDec 1, 1961 – Feb 15, 1962SupplyDid not go anywhere with this ship; I got sick and spent a few months at Newport News Naval Hosp. If you're prone to seasickness, you don't want to be in this tub.
Yarbrough Jr, Williesn1962 – 1965deckhandlooking for stanley stanowski
Sigmund, BillRD-1Oct 1962 – Jun 1963OPS
Street, BobbyENGINEMAN/3Jan 1, 1963 – Jun 20, 1965EngineeringI am looking for people who served on the Opportune ARS 41 during the years of 1963 and 1966. I left ship June 1965. But the people I am looking for did not leave until months or maybe years later.
Kelley, CurtisRM2Jul 15, 1963 – Aug 20, 1966OperationsWas aboard when the identity of the Phantom Dumper was discovered....Aboard during the round-the world cruise Sept 65 thru Mar 66. Email and palaver
Carroll, JimRM3Sep 1963 – Sep 1966OperationsWas onboard during round the world cruise. Curtis Kelly ,Jim Allen and I had a lot of good times. It was a great crew.
Durrill, TerrenceSNOct 15, 1963 – Apr 16, 1965DeckI was on board for abou 18 months. I found it to be pretty tough duty, but hey, I was on deck force.....what can I say...BM1 Thompson, BM2 Cripe, BM1 Gayden were great guys to work for.....HA, HA, HA!
Brittingham, DanEm 3May 12, 1964 – Aug 5, 1967NavyI was on the tow around the world world cruise also the target towing off Cuba and the space shots @ Cape Canaviral. The opportune also did sonar towing for the under water cable laid in the Atlantic and Thor hookup
Nazaroff, DaveEnsignJun 1964 – 1966Operations Officer, Asst NavigatorWorld cruise one of the highlights of my career. Surprised this site exists. Glad to see a familiar name listed QM1 Pace. Remember him well. Shot stars every AM & PM for eight months.
Washington, William (George)YN2Oct 1964 – Jan 26, 1967Operations (Ship's Office)Hello to all aboard the Opportune during the time I served. Had a wonderful experience, especially when we navigated the globe towing British Liftcraft from Scotland to the Phillipines.
Crawford, JamesSeaman Apprentice1965 – 1967deckI'd like to hear from anyone who served on the Opportune.
Pace, Denzil (Ray)QML & QMCMar 1, 1965 – May 1, 1967NavigationEnjoyed my time aboard. The one big standoutwas out trip around the world from Norfolk. We departed for 6 weeks to Iceland to assist the USS Thor .and returned 8 months later. Our mission was towing a lifting craft for use in Vietnam
Pace, Denzil (Ray)QM1 & QMCMar 1, 1965 – May 1, 1967NavigationEnjoyed my time aboard. best period was an around the world trip made while towing a lifting craft from Scotland to Subic Bay for use in Vietnam. Left Norfolk for 6 weeks to assist USS Thor lay a cable and returned 8 months later. Certainly
Allen, JimQM3Nov 1965 – Apr 1967NavigationEnjoyed fellow shipmates on liberty. The world cruise was a chance of a lifetime. No regrets...........
Perreault, Tim/redMR4Feb 1, 1966 – Jun 1, 1967Machine shopI ran the machine shop and had a blast! Mad great friends but never kept in touch with any. Sad ! Spent lots of time in the Carabian and rescued a destroyer in Cartehina Colombina,learned to dive and helped in mess hall
Foryst, James FRD2May 8, 1966 – Oct 1967OperationsOn the Opportune May 8 1966 to Oct 1967 check out photos at /USSOpportuneARS41# if you have trouble getting in email Enjoy
Corn, TerryEM31967 – May 11, 1968EngI was transfered from the USS Bushnell a sub tender. Big change. This was a vaery close crew, and it was great.
Long, GeneE-31967 – 1969DeckI was station on this ship longer than most. We worked hard, played hard and always got the job done. The big "E" painted on our side proved that. As a sea detail helmsman I took pride in being the best, we all did.
Danielson, SteveEN3Jan 5, 1967 – Aug 12, 1968Engineering
Gregory, GordonEM3Apr 1, 1967 – Aug 1, 1970Electrican
Schwindt, LeeRM3Jun 1, 1967 – 1968

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