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USS Indianapolis (SSN 697) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Indianapolis (SSN 697). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 156 crew members registered for the USS Indianapolis (SSN 697).

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Pond, ThomasMSSN (SS)1988 – 1990SupplyWas onboard through all of overhaul at Pearl Harbor Naval Ship Yard. Left just before Westpac.
MacLean, JohnRM1(SS)-RMC(SS)Mar 10, 1988 – Sep 30, 1990CommunicationsSpent entire tour in No Kai Oi (vey). Made Chief and then xferred to the Hell Boat (San Fran). Indy had a great crew and managed to survive the shipyard. Shout out to Jose, George, Rook, even Harkins!
Randleman, GregSTS2Mar 22, 1988 – Oct 31, 1992SonarTook ship through overhaul and first westpac after overhaul
Jones, NormICJun 15, 1988 – Jun 15, 1991ICSending you all a hello and hope we can connect. V-12, Sully, Craig Stevens, Williams, Dave L. and the rest of the crew... too many to name!! "Bloody Mary Sundays" and where is Don Lombardo???
Gilbert, PhilEM1(SS)Aug 1988 – Oct 1991E
Hinchley, MarkMSC1989 – 1991MS
Remley, TomLCDRJan 2, 1989 – Apr 19, 1992ENGI must've forgotten how bad it sucked 'cause I came back to be eng in overhaul. Joe West-Pac.
Taylor, TomIC2(SS)Feb 11, 1989 – Jun 5, 1992ICWent thru eternal shipyard,then sea trials,Eastpac,Westpac, and then transferred to USS DRUM in San Diego. Got out in 1994.
Perez III, FrankMSSNMar 1, 1989 – Feb 28, 1993SupplyMiss the old Indy days...Hope all are doing well that remember me...
Brown, MarkETCMar 27, 1989 – Sep 1, 1993Reactor ControlsHey lets have a divisional unity day when Stallin Dahlin has duty!!
Hower, PatrickMM1(SS)Apr 10, 1989 – Apr 6, 1992Chem / Radcon
Van Der Linden, Bill V-12IC/3 SSMay 18, 1989 – Sep 18, 1992ICGentlemen many good times on westpac 92 wut up Frank Perez Gonzo Bobby Mooney Brian Tom Taylor Sully Mr.McLean.Jim Crookham and everyone else.Hope to talk to you guys. V-12
Gomez, JoseRM2(SS)Aug 17, 1989 – Jul 31, 1992RADIONO CAN DO Shipyard, Eastpac 91, Westpac 92, Thailand and Phillipines back to back, by far the best of times.
Perez III, FrankMSSNSep 15, 1989 – Jan 11, 1991Supplygood old days flew on by fast..... Reggie Cully-Dogg, Robert Mooney, Jesus Magana, Jose Gomez, IC3 Jones, MS2 Lafleche, MS1 Fitz, MS3 Weaver, MS1 Duest....Miss all of you guys, Hope you are all doing great.
Moenning, MartySTS2(ss)1990 – 1992Sonar
Cusick, Craig (Stick)MM2Jan 1990 – Mar 1994Reactor LaboratoriesHaven't been in contact with you guys in a long time until Pete Smith and I ran into each other on a Bahamian cruise 20+ years later.
Welch, JustinQM2Apr 1990 – Jun 1993Nav/OpsHow's everyone doing?
Dixon, Micheal profile iconSNApr 1990 – Oct 12, 1990Electronic Engineering
Arnold, KevinYN2(SS)May 1, 1990 – Jul 15, 1992AdminI could not wait to go to shore duty after West Pac due to just serving onboard the USS Skipjack. In fact the day the boat arrived from West Pac I transfered that same day in my whites and lei around my neck.
Black, BertE-41991 – 1993Executive DivisionI'm looking to reunite with Navy buddies. I'm currently in Indiana and travel to Indianapolis every week or so it seems.
Emmett, JohnFTG3/SS1991 – 1993FTSailed with many good sailors; that made a good crew. Should have won the Battle E the year Turbo Tom skippered. No regrets. Hope all are fairing well.
Backer, JeffEM2/SS1991 – 1995E-Div
Doty, CharlesMM2Sep 1991 – Dec 1995MAnyone heard from Sinnokrot or Dave Taylor? I saw Matt Isley about a year ago in Raleigh, NC.
Richmond, ChrisEM2Nov 14, 1991 – Jan 10, 1996ElectricalPotter, you was SCARY Lee..not CRAZY Lee.... Spent the last 4 months on board assigned by Tenkate to go behind Cud and "re-repair" stuff he'd worked on. Hey Brad Anderson, it's me Ned Ryerson!! contact me if you are bor
Delgadoguzman, EladioSTS2(SS)Nov 29, 1991 – May 25, 1995SonarTroy, Sex Fiend, Mongo, Bill, Sun God, Spakester and those that escaped my mind: good times... good times
Cleary, RobertMM2/SSDec 3, 1991 – Feb 26, 1997
Green, BilSTS1(SS)1992 – Jan 1997SonarLoved serving with you all. Wanted to steal the peace sign smoking pass but days before the end of my last underway it vanished, I was pissed. Just glad my buds had my back and took it and gave it to me before I left the boat, stil got it
Tran, HungMM3/SSFeb 1992 – Feb 1996ELTOh to be young again.
Braaten, Rod (Mongo)STS3/SSApr 1, 1992 – Jun 12, 1996SonarCame to the boat in Guam of 92 and stayed until 6-96. Send me an email and lets talk. If you email me watch the language, its a work account.
Apeldoorn, Brian VanET3/SSJun 1992 – Aug 1995Nav/Ops
Quam, CharlesMM1/SSJun 1992 – Dec 1997A-GangerI are A-Ganger
Munsell, JamesMM2Jun 1992 – Dec 1995M
Tilton, KerryRMCJul 1992 – Nov 1995RadioThe most difficult/challenging tour of the five boats I served on... of my entire Naval career. Made LDO and retired in 2000. Took a couple of years off traveling in my RV but now working as an Engineer for Gen. Dynamics.
Grata, JoeRM3/SSJul 16, 1992 – Jun 16, 1995Radiohad some of those good times...
Grim, ScottMM2Sep 1992 – May 1997A
Moore, TracySTS3Oct 15, 1992 – Oct 15, 1994SONAR
Brown, RustyICC(SS)Nov 1992 – Nov 1994IC
Trowery, Todd/ Hip HopMS2Nov 15, 1992 – Jun 5, 1997MS I missed out on the ZachPAC because i was declared a liberty risk a week before deployment but made the one with CDR Johnson. I was "Scary Lees" roomate and would often awake to him fighting wind spirits. I keep in touch with a few of the guys
Traynor, StevenIC31993 – 1997ICJust been wondering what everyone has been up to. I
Clemons, Anthony "Radar"RM3(SS)1993 – 1994RADIOShort time - was only here for quals but it was a great boat!
Dodgion, JamieQM31993 – 1994NavigationJust thought I'd say hello to everyone. I'm a mechanical engineer now. Graduate from OSU May 2010.
Lockett, TomEM11993 – 1996Electrical
Tenkate, RaymondEM1(SS)Feb 1993 – Apr 4, 1997ElectricalGood times had by all
Smith, PeteMM1/SSMar 1993 – Jun 1997Reactor LaboratorySome of the best times with the best friends ever. Still in contact with some (Tyrone, Honez, Matt Berry, Cull, Miller, Dizzy, Bags). Hit me up if you are ever in Colorado!
Walker, KenTM3/SSMay 1993 – Jul 19, 1996Torpedo
Anderson, Robert (Brad)ET3/SSMay 1993 – Oct 3, 1995RCI remember being stuck in Quam with a typhoon coming in with the reactor shut down and having surgery in Australia.
Josh, MaloneRM3(SS)May 1993 – Dec 1998RADIOAlot of names bringing back alot of memories. Still tell stories about some of you guys. The certain Mahu in the red probe. you kow who you are! Australia madness and missing the boat in tasmania. Kool World and Metropolis are the best!
Rock, TyrusYN1(SS)/E6May 10, 1993 – Oct 19, 1997Administration
Carpenter, Michael JamesMM1/SSMay 27, 1993 – Jul 7, 1998MachineryBeen There, Done That. If I can't fix it, it must be broke.
Holcomb, GaretFT3/SSJun 1993 – Oct 1995Fire Control

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1981 | 1982 – 1987 | 1988 – 1993 | 1994 – now

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